603 Page Item. Corona Virus and Covid19

My own views, are always only influenced, by the Bible – as clearly spoken to us.

Your terrible suffering in the World Now, caused by Corona Virus and Covid-19. This Blog Explains how Best to Face it all, and be saved.

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I need to understand first, about the great suffering, that people are now going through – on this Earth now, in 2 0 2 0 to 2 0 2 1. This is regarding the Corona Virus and COVID19. I also explain things, in best possible way.

I also explain, about the suffering World, through the Earth destruction team. They are probably the ones, who are planting the Virus’s, on Earth.

This second coming, if we are ready for Jesus, will resolve all the difficulties – you are now going through. This Blog, in many other places, tries to get our minds focused – in the right direction. It includes discussion, on the great blessing we will soon receive, if we put Jesus first in our lives. We must do this now, as soon as possible.

Please bear all this in mind, as you now go on, to read all my Blog pages. I have about 5 0 0 pages, that cover information on these things, and masses of others. Please use the wordings, included in 6 0 2, to find out – how to open all those pages.