605 Page Item. How to Safely send me message

Please try going into this Post instead, which is now far better, and easier to read.

My own views, are always only influenced, by the Bible – as clearly spoken to us.

Address you use, will only be seen by you, and no-one else.

This means, that you can safely Blog me messages, by using a False name. This name you use, means, that no-one will be able to know or learn the name, unless you tell them. As long as you do not tell other people, then you are secure.

This Post/Page will explain, how to send me Blog messages. Please try this, to see if it works for you, so that I can see – or advise my helpers.

I have almost completed about 4 0 0 messages now. I will first explain, how to get into these messages, and then explain – what to do, to send me a message.

1. How to get into my message.

(a) Go into my Main Page of Last Days Watchman Blog.

(b) Go to very Bottom of the page.

(c) Go through the cream colour, until you get to white area. In white area, you will then be able, to:

Press and open up red messages. Then choose the message you want to read. Example, try choosing this:

2020 Updated: Babylon Empire, Catholics Anti God

2. How to send me a message.

Open the message you want to read. This will give you the full message of say:

2020 Updated: Babylon Empire, Catholics Anti God

Please read this page first. Then, when you want to leave a message, please first Scroll down the whole page. Go through short white, and then through the whole of cream (this full page colour), until you get to “white area” again – at bottom, with red writings.

You will then see this message, just before white area, at end of cream area.

Leave a Reply.

White open page says, “Enter your comment here”. So now, Enter your comment, and then press “post comment”.

New details found today 2 9 May 2 0 2 0. This reveals, how to send me messages.

I have now learnt, that you will be asked, for your Email and Blogging details – to continue. I have now worked with all this, and can explain things, very clearly to you.

Although you give your email details, they are secretly entered, and never revealed to anybody – outside on the Blog. They are simply needed, as accepting the writing requirements.

All they will actually use, show and reveal, will be an invented name – that no-one except you, knows.

Here is an example, of what everyone, who goes in – will see. It is completely safe.

Sebastian (made up name, that no-one will know, is you)

Thank you John

Very clear and informative.

By using the inventive words, above in full, this will send your safe message to me – regarding your thoughts, on this specific message.

That message will only appear, on the Blog page, that you want to leave a message, such as page 3 1 4. I will be able to see your left message, and the fake address ONLY, on that page. I will never see, or be able to know, your password – or who sent me the message.