601 Page Item. This Whole Blog and me

Jesus wants to reach out, and save you ALL.

Please try going into this Post instead, which is now far better, and easier to read.

My own views, are always only influenced, by the Bible – as clearly spoken to us.

New important message.

This Blog, has now saved on 0 8 Aug 2 0 2 2, exactly 3 9 6 individual pages to read, with other pages to be added later. These will be added to this blog as Page Item, in Sep 2 0 2 2 onwards.

In March 2 0 2 1 to say Aug 2 0 2 2, I started improving the Blogs 3 0 1 to 4 7 6. I have now, totally completed 3 0 1 to 4 7 6 and especially 4 5 3 to 4 7 6.

This will include making the pages easier to read, by changing the wording/colouring of the whole pages. It will add the colouring, of the other peoples comments.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bicycle-injury-on-road-san-diego-2.jpg
This is not actually me, but is another picture. It is however a good image of my experience.

You can now fully read pages 0 0 1 and 0 8 4 to 2 8 5. This is good to fully read. Pages 0 0 1 to 2 8 6 are very strong. Please open these pages.

First of all, please be aware, Number 0 0 1 is a special Blog that should be read now. Numbers 0 9 9 to 1 4 9 have finished in 9 0 3. Numbers 0 8 4 to 0 9 8 are now complete in 9 0 4. Also numbers 3 0 1 to 4 7 6 are now complete, with 3 0 4, 3 0 6, 3 0 7, 3 1 0 to 4 7 6 in 9 0 5.

Note that 0 0 1, 0 8 9, 0 9 2, 0 9 5 to 0 9 7, 0 9 9 to 1 0 0, 1 0 2, 1 0 5 to 1 0 7, 1 0 9 to 1 1 3, 2 3 5 to 2 8 6, 3 0 4, 3 0 6 and 3 0 1 to 4 7 6 contain my best blogs. Please also read these. These can all be read, but only within pages 9 0 3 to 9 0 5.

My most important messages are now ready to read. They are numbers 0 0 1, and 0 8 6 to 4 7 6.

The Saved pages, also include government plans now, that you can now read – about new Covid19, Corona Virus. These are planned, to weaken everyone, to become Anti-God people.

Please go down, just a little less than a 1/4. Go down about 1/4 of this blog, to explain email addresses, that you can use, to send messages to me.

Other change I have now made, to be explained.

Please be aware, that finding Blog Pages, is much easier now – by adding spaces between numbers. For example, if I want to refer to another Blog, like 6 0 2 whilst in 601 now – these spaces, now helps me to find 6 0 2 much easier, and below 601.

This is all difficult to explain, but best if you try it out. I have made the changes, so now a Blog number, is much easier to find. Although it would be better, to not add noughts, it will not work. If you could not find the Blog page you want, that would be worse.

Note, newest Blogs to read, are now 1 5 0 to 2 8 6. This now also includes massive changes, to cover the entire readings of 3 0 1 to 4 7 6 too.

I have now posted total changes, for all these older blogs 3 0 1 to 4 7 6. Everyone can now get in and read the whole of these, in an almost perfect and much better way.

Please read this, as a very serious message, on the year known as 6 0 0 0 – that we are soon going into.

This blog discusses 6 to 7 0 0 0 years of the Bible and Especially of Jesus.

Please check and read 9 0 2 and especially read 9 5 0 to 9 5 1 easily. Also 9 0 0 to 9 0 5. Note that item 9 0 3, has just been completed from 0 9 9 to 1 5 0. These reveal, most of all my blog messages, fully complete now of about 3 9 6 – at the moment.

Page 9 0 4 includes 0 0 1 and 0 8 4 to 0 9 8. All these are now complete, and ready to read.

Page 9 0 5 will be completed later. It relates to the Blog Pages 6 0 0 to 9 5 1.

All my writings, can now be seen in entirety, from: 0 0 1, 0 8 4 to 0 9 8, 0 9 9 to 1 5 0, 1 5 1 to 2 8 6, 3 0 1 to 4 7 6, 6 0 0 to 9 5 1. This last list in Purple, reveals every single one of my Blog messages.

There are also others, to be completely checked.

However, rather than take longer, to search out specific messages – I now list every single Blog (about 3 9 6), in 5 places. These will be much easier to open and find now, but possibly take a bit of time, to find specific messages.

You now have the option, to try both methods. Both are now listed, below here.

The new method, can be found within Blog Pages 9 0 0 to 9 0 4. Pages 9 0 0 to 9 0 4 have been completed. I am now, presently changing Blogs on 9 0 5. You can now read these pages. Completed soon, will be 9 0 5.

For 9 0 0, please click on:

900. My Newest Blog Pages, 4 0 1 to 4 7 6, have now been Totally completed, during July 2 0 2 1 to June 2 0 2 2. They are ALL within here

For 9 0 1, please click on:

901 All my most latest blogs, from 3 0 1 to 4 0 0 are placed here. Please read Recent 4 0 1 to 4 7 6, on Page 9 0 0. Already posted

For 9 0 2 Please click on:

902 Contains all my new Blogs from 1 5 1 to 2 8 6. Plus more later of 2 8 7 to 3 0 0

I have now completed, 9 0 3 and 9 0 4, and am now developing – the Blog 9 0 5.

See 0 9 9 to 1 4 9, for 9 0 3.

See 0 0 1 and 0 8 4 to 0 9 8 for 9 0 4.

903. This Contains all my new changed Blogs. From 1 5 0 to 0 9 9

904 This relates to My Blogs 0 0 1 to 0 0 3 and from 0 8 4 to 0 9 8. Please see Message 9 0 5 for my Blogs of 6 0 0 to 9 9 9

905 Full Latest Explanatory Notes, of this FULL BLOG, up to July 2 0 2 2. This also includes, all my very Serious Blog Pages, of 6 0 0 to 9 9 9

Please try sending me email messages, to any of these 2 addresses below here, that work best for you. Receiving emails from you, about my blog, will help me immensely.


If you send me Blog messages and not emails, you may Face some difficulties.

On the Blog, I have now learnt, that you will be asked for your email address – and your Blogging details, to continue.

I have now worked with all this, and can now confirm and explain, that you will not be harmed – if you just enter, False Pretend Names. Only you, will be able to get in, if you Print it. No-one else, will ever see your details. These can only be seen by you.

Although you give your made up email details, they are secretly entered, and never revealed to anybody – outside of this blog. Any pretence names you enter, are perfectly safe. This is proved by friends, who have tested it out for me.

These questions are simply asked as needed. But the program alone, will only allow you in, by you giving some PRETENSE made up details.

These are made up details, that allow you to go in. No-one will learn, of these hidden made up details, apart from you. As they are made up, they make you completely safe, but please ensure – that you do use these made up details. Do not use your own details. These need to be kept secret, and hidden from others.

I have presently completed everything, within 9 0 2, as 1 5 0 to 2 8 6. But, I only copy 1 5 0 to 1 5 4 below, for you to start getting used to.


151 There have been, Bad and Faulty new Bibles produced, since about 2 0 1 0. I now Advise, which Bibles are safer to Use, and how Christians should protect Themselves

152 This Proves, why the Earlier Bibles, until say 1 9 8 4, were Inspired. They were the Inerrant Word of God. Bibles were Put together much better. Not so, since 2 0 0 0

153 This Proves, why the Earlier Bibles, until say 1 9 8 4, were Inspired. They were the Inerrant Word of God. This page continues from 1 5 2, with First Two Questions

154 This Proves, why the Earlier Bibles, until say 1 9 8 4, were Inspired. They were the Inerrant Word of God. This Next page after 1 5 3, now Answers questions 3 to 6

My full list, contains: 2 0 2 0 updated and especially Written after 2 0 1 9.

These Blogs, include the Blogs written/changed in year 2 0 2 0. But these were first written, before my accident in November 2 0 1 7. That is: from 3 0 1 to 4 7 6.

Secondly are listed my newest Blogs. These started to be first written in 2 0 1 9, up to 2 0 2 2. They include these no’s 0 0 1 to 2 8 6.

These individually can all be opened, to see about 3 9 6 Blogs. These I have written on about 6 0 pages. Please open these 6 0 pages, to see the full list of Blog messages.

Please now jump down a little bit, to my full loaded list, regarding – how to open “2 0 2 0 updated” and “Written after 2 0 1 9”. 

I have about 3 9 6 pages, that you can now open and read.

At present in August 2 0 2 2, writings are now almost complete, and much easier for you to read – from 3 0 1 to 4 7 6.

Please now open all these, which are now totally up to date, on 0 9 Aug 2 0 2 2

600 Page Item. Full Explanations here

600 Post Item. Full Explanations here

601 Post Item. This Whole Blog and me

601 Page Item. This Whole Blog and me

602 Post Item. Important Details to use here

602 Page Item. Important Details to use here

603 Page Item. Corona Virus and Covid19

603 Post Item. Terrible suffering in World Now, re Corona Virus, Covid-19. This Explains Everything, and how to be saved

604 Post Item: How to Use Computer to find Changes

604 Page Item: How to Find Changes

605 Post Item. How to Safely send me message

605 Page Item. How to Safely send me message

The following, have not yet been set up, to open properly yet. Please do not yet, USE, ANY OF THESE – next items. You can still read the words, beneath these red numbered lists.

000 moved note to read from top page

000 Very Latest Written Blog

0000 Just explains some details

00000 moved this important note to read from top page

001 to 099 All blogs 001, and 084 to 099


These next ones below, are all my brand new messages, written between 2 0 1 9 to 2 0 2 1 – until today. These are the pages, that you can now open, which contain Pages 0 0 1 to 4 7 2 Blogs. These relate to 4 0 opening pages (as below),  but with these new names. These page titles, you can now open, but within are many more other pages – to read.

These are Blogs, that you can still open, but these names may be changed a bit, later. When they are changed, I will try to inform you, of the new places you can open them. For the meanwhile, you can still open them here.

Please first go, to far right hand side, of white area above here, where it states

SEARCH: This in black, under: Visit Site

Then go into here, and add appropriate messages, that I have written – within the new Search message, on left hand side.

Example: Bible reading.

This will help you, to find, Old and New messages – very speedily.

This section, includes Details, that you may want to read – but they are different from the above.

It also gives main reason, why I write, which is to explain much – about how Jesus, is still working here on Earth, now.

Since my near death accident, I have learnt more, of the closer power of God – in my life. This includes details, of how God has given me an important message, for you to also read about.

This now Explains my Serious Accident, which Nearly Killed me. But it also includes, my Miraculous Recovery by God, and his miraculous revealing – to me since.

I explained the below before, but I now need to remind this again.

Many people do not realise, the dreadful difficulty, that I have been through in the past – or that my writing is getting much better now. My first set of writing, may not have been as good, as it is now. Therefore, I have now been through, my entire Blog again, with massive improvements.

You really need to understand, the suffering, that I have been through – and the amazing power of God. This should help you believe, even more keenly, my messages. By reading, you will find out, how God in our day – reveals so much to us, if we open our hearts to Him.

My story, of what happened to me.

You may know, that I almost died in: Dagenham, Essex, England in November 2 0 1 7 – when I collided with a car, that knocked me off my bicycle, and put me in comatose.

I was placed in hospital, and was fully asleep, until February 2 0 1 8. I suffered with, diffuse axonal brain injury, or known as traumatic brain injury.

I did not come out of my sleep, until the end of February 2 0 1 8. My fuller explanations, of my suffering, are explained below in red. You all need to be fully aware, of what I am still actually suffering, in 2 0 2 1.

My consciousness came back, in February 2 0 1 8, but most of my memories – at that time, were lost, for about 1 year.  As mentioned, I was diagnosed with diffuse Axonal injury. This is a severe type, of traumatic brain injury, that leaves the patient in a vegetative state.

Although much of my life, is still ruined by the accident, the restoration should be evidence – that God still has a purpose for me, on earth, over a number of things. For example, this Blog.

I know my messages on this Blog, are from God, and are VERY True. I need people, to seriously read them.

The Lord Jesus, has miraculously brought me back to life. He has healed and enabled, much of my failed body parts, and helped me remember my old writings.  Fact is, He is alive, and is truly in control of all things. He will always make sure, that everything turns out well for us, in the end.

If what I say is not good, and causes problems to people on Earth, then why is God amazingly working with me – and helping me to recover from my difficulties? Reason is, that God still has a purpose for me on the Earth. Therefore, the message that God now gives me, should be considered much more carefully by you – and never reject the miraculous power, that God is doing in me.

God wants me/us to allow Him, to come into our lives more, and allow Him to do far more.

Many people want to believe, that I no longer need help anymore. That wrong and False belief, is because of this massive ability, I have now been given by Jesus – to write better messages, very well. However, writing is all I can do, but my writing is very good. This does give them the wrong impression, that I am better than I am.

However, my body is still so messed up. I do need people, to try to help me live a better life, in my weakness – but this is not being given to me. Why?

I am so glad, that God has given me a real power of writing. But I need people, to acknowledge/write this down to me, and show that my life is useful to others – by demonstrating this to me. I will still write, and hope that more people, will still read.

Describing my Difficulties, before explaining what to do.

The above is evidence, of how ill I am, and why I need help – and greater understanding. But I give as much as I can, of the Glory, to the living God.

These experiences, are why God has given me this ability, to still write – and convey all this. This is all I can properly do now. The writings are not in order of difficulty, but in an easy/harder explanations order.

My serving God now, and why!

God has miraculously brought me back to life, and helped me remember, most of my old life and writings. Although much of my life, is still ruined by the accident. This restoration should be evidence, that God still has a purpose for me, on the Earth – over the things, where He has enabled me to massively grow.

My messages from God, I now know are True. I need people to seriously read them. This is why God has given me this ability, to still write and convey all this.

Although some people, wrongly believe I am recovered, they do not know many things about me. They only know about, my massive ability (given to me by God), to still write.

This Blog, goes into all my Blog messages, of my miracles – and mostly talks about God. It also describes my difficulties, in full. Writing in this way, is all I can do, but it is STILL – a very good way, to try to speak to you all.

I now explain my problems, before I discuss the power of God in me. These experiences, are why God has now given me this ability, to still write and convey all this.

1)  I cannot See very well, as eyes are all messed up. I have double vision in my left eye, and I cannot see the floor properly, when I am walking – as vision keeps changing. However, I am now using better glasses

2)  My Walking is very difficult. I need help to walk, by someone being with me, or I may sometimes Fall. Although, I am now gradually getting a bit better.

3)  My Memory, has become almost impossible to use well. I can only use it poorly, without forgetting what I am talking about.

If conversation is changed, when I am talking, I should not be disturbed. This is because, I need help, not to keep forgetting too easily – very important things, that I am saying.

This is why the computer is becoming more important to me, as it helps me to remember discussion far better, what I am saying and doing.

The computer helps me to read and understand very well from people, and reply very well.

4) I cannot Sleep on a Bed, but need to Sleep on a Recliner chair, because my head needs to be higher. This extra height, is needed, to prevent me from coughing all night – and help me to sleep okay.

5) I have a real problem Talking, I cannot talk very well, because of some Bad teeth, now knocked out. Also, because of these next reasons.

For example, I can only voice myself, and get my words out – by raising my voice. Some words are more difficult than others, especially if I believe, they are very important words.

Some of these words, are very difficult to describe, as much as I would like – with my voice. I find them very hard to explain properly, so trying to do so, causes me to raise my messed up voice, to be able to speak out my words better.

This means, that some people think I am angry and shouting.

This is not true, but has now become, a real difficulty for me – to be able to reveal my discussions better. This raising my voice, is the best I can do, and I am not shouting at them – but trying my best to communicate my words properly.

All people, need to realise this.

I have found, that I cannot voice my words very well, and I easily forget what I am saying, if I try to speak with a lower tone.

Basically, I am explaining some of the great difficulties, that I am now going through – so that the position of my Godly story, can be understood better. This will help people, to be more concerned and caring, to seriously listen to the voice of God – speaking through me.

However, whatever I say, God is still allowing me – to find other/better ways, to still communicate with many people. This is because, HE wants me to do this.

You may ask, why God has not healed me, of all these things.

It is hard for me to fully understand this. But I can see, that in our day now, God wants to use this situation. He now uses it, in a much better way than ever, to use me far more – in speaking to more people.

I am finding, that I now have much more time, and allowance – to write far better, and reach far more people, about Jesus/God, than ever before in my life.

Reaching far more people, is now much greater. This is now, what has increased my JOY.

Re my Old Blog.

I again, give my Old Blog contacting address, so that you can read it.


This Old Blog, can no longer be used, for newer messages. It will no longer allow you, to write to me, or allow me – to write to you. But my old messages, can still be read, but not changed. This is why, I have now opened, THIS NEW BLOG – which we can now communicate together on, much better.

Please advise me, if you can still read my Old Blog. However, I will only see your replies, if you send your reply – to this NEW BLOG. If any problems, please advise me.


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