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482 John Mackay. Creation, Young Earth, Noah Flood and Carbon Dating. All Globally true with Evidence Proof shown. Part 2.

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Why did God require, Animal Blood Sacrifice, to Forgive us of Sin. Bible Explains all this, as revealed here.

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Creation, Young Earth, Noah Flood and Carbon Dating. All these have Global proof, that they did happen, and in this order. Evidence given, by John Mackay

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Proof that Creation Model, over last 6 0 0 0 years, is TOTALLY True. There is great Evidence, that Evolution is not correct. Things happen faster, than they can ever imagine.

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The Bible does not Disprove Dinosaurs, but Proves them True. Bible mentions earlier Dinosaurs, with names of Behemoth, Tannin and Dragon. Part 1.

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Neandertal Men and Cavemen, both lived as Human Beings, in Bible Times. Proof is Given, of this TRUTH, and how VERY Human they were.

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Bad Evolution Teaching, with no proof. This compared to, Great Proof found, of Strong Creation Growth, in its place. PART 1.

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Bad Evolution Results, in bad teaching. But Greater results and Proof Found, of Strong Creation Growth, PART 2.

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Animals Spread over whole World, after Noah’s Ark Landed. This was soon after, the Earth was totally covered, in Water, near to Ice-Age time.

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Bible proves Dinosaurs as TRUE. Bible uses different names for them, as: Behemoth, Tannin and Dragon. Part 2.

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John Mackay. Why did God require Animal Blood Sacrifice, to Forgive us of Sin? Bible Explains all this, as revealed here!

Sunday, 1 2 September 2 0 1 0
Why God required Animal Blood Sacrifice, in the Bible?
I was asked the following question:  Why did God require a Blood Sacrifice, including the Eating of Animals, with the live Blood still in them?  Also, what does  “The Life of an Animal, is in the Blood “ MEAN?
In researching the ANSWER to these 2 Questions, I noticed these being asked many times.  I thought you may find it useful, to learn the answers to these questions, so I write this article – with the Answers.  This includes whole implication, of why Live Animal Blood Sacrifice, was necessary.
God makes it clear, throughout the Scriptures, that it is only by the shedding of Live Blood – that Sins can be Forgiven.  So the primary purpose of Blood Sacrifice, is to:
– Cover Our Sin
– Cleanse, and Wash Us
– Totally Deliver, and Set us Free, From Sin.
This Article will now tackle, why God holds such importance, in the Blood. This to make sense, of why Blood could not be eaten, and why:   “The Life is in the Blood”.
Let us First Read, Leviticus 1 7: 1 0 – 1 4, which says:  “Any Israelite, or any others who are living among them, who EATS any dead Blood – I will set my Face against that Person, who Eats Blood, and will cut him off from his people.  For the life of a creature, is in the LIVE BLOOD, and I have given it to you – to make atonement, for yourselves on the altar.  It is the Blood, that makes atonement for one’s life “.
“Therefore, I say to the Israelites “:   ” None of you may Eat Dead Blood, nor may others living among you, Eat Dead Blood.”  Also,  “Any Israelite, or any others living among you, who hunts any Animal or bird – that may be Eaten, must not DRAIN OUT the live Blood, and cover it with earth.  Because the life of every creature, is its Life Blood”.
That is why, I have said to the Israelites:  “You must not Eat the Dead Blood, of any creature, because the Life of every creature – is its Blood.  Anyone who Eats it, must be cut off.”
First of all, these verses are saying, that neither Israel –  nor those who lived with them, could Eat the Blood of Animals.  It is not saying, that they could not Eat the Flesh of Animals, because they were permitted to Eat Animals, BUT NOT THE BLOOD.

So why, could they not Eat the Blood?

They could not Eat the Blood,  because the Blood represents its Life Source.  Let us keep that at the forefront of our thinking, i.e. There is Life in the Blood.
Before I give a Scriptural, and Spiritual Explanation, Let us just look – at the scientific evidence, that Life is in the Blood of Animals, and Humans. This is a summary for Humans, but surely it applies to Animals also.  Blood Contains:
– Proteins
– Nutrients
– Oxygen
This needs to be Circulated, to all parts of the Human Body, to allow every part of the body – to be supplied with Food and Oxygen.  If that wasn’t happening, the tissue would die, and this can cause infection – and other problems, re the Blood.
This reveals so clearly, how LIFE is more vital to BLOOD, and why we need Blood – more than you could ever imagine. However, it is just the living parts of the body, that needs oxygen etc.
Your Hair (Fur?) and Toe-Nails,  do not use oxygen, and nutrients – because they are not Living Parts. The Franklyn Institute  provide this information:
“ The average Adult, has about Five Litres of Blood, living inside of their body, working through their vessels. They are delivering essential elements, and removing harmful wastes.  Without Blood, the human body would stop working.
Blood is the fluid of Life, transporting oxygen from the lungs, to body tissue – and carbon dioxide, from body tissue to the Lungs.   Blood is the fluid of growth, transporting nourishment, from digestion and hormones – from glands throughout the body.
Blood is the fluid of health, transporting disease fighting substances, to the tissue – and waste to the kidneys.  Because it contains living cells, BLOOD is alive. ”

So in the natural, or scientific, there is LIFE in the BLOOD!

From Genesis through to Revelation, much is said, about these:  Blood, Sacrifice and its Spiritual Significance.  Let us now, start looking at all this, within the starting lives of Adam and Eve (First) – and those soon after them.  See Genesis 3: 2 1.
God covered over Adam and Eve’s First Nakedness (Sin), by providing them with Animal Skins.  Abel received a type of Revelation from God, that sacrificing a Live Animal to Him, was a more acceptable sacrifice, than given by Cain.
Hebrews 1 1: 4.  “ By Faith, Abel offered God a better sacrifice, than Cain did.  By Faith, he was commended as a righteous man, when God spoke well of his offerings. And by Faith, he still speaks, even though he is dead. ”
It is not, that Cain’s sacrifice was not appreciated, but Abel’s belief was much stronger.  Abel spoke Spiritual Volumes, about the Eternal covenant of God. Abel’s Sacrifice reveals, a hidden redemption, through the Blood of Jesus.
How did Abel even know, that the live Blood of Animals, would be accepted by God – as a sacrifice for Sin?  This must have been, a direct revelation of God, to Abel! The Book of Hebrews, indicates this.
This Blood, has always been a Representative and Forerunner, to the death of the Messiah. This Temporary Death of Jesus, would result, in an Everlasting Covenant – to Eternally Forgive our Sins.
When God made a Covenant with Abraham, this also had to be done by Blood, and Sacrifice.  That is, a Blood Covenant:
Genesis 1 5: 9 – 1 0 and 1 7 – 1 8, says:   ” So the LORD said to him,  ” Bring me a heifer, a goat and a ram, each three years old – along with a dove, and a young pigeon”. Abram brought all these to him, cut them in two, and arranged the halves – opposite each other ” 
” When the sun had set, and darkness had fallen, a smoking fir pot – with a blazing torch appeared, and passed between the pieces. On that day, the LORD made a Covenant with Abram “
Then we have Abraham, in Faith and Trust in God, about to Sacrifice Isaac. Genesis 2 2: 8 says:  “And Abraham said:   My son, God will provide himself a lamb, for a burnt offering”.  Jesus said, to the Jews, in John 8: 5 6:  “Abraham saw my day, and rejoiced”.   This means, that at that moment, as Abraham understood it  God HIMSELF, would be Sacrificed for Us.
Now the examples I have given, were leaving these starters, in the Abraham covenant – as a:
– Principle
– Foreshadow
– Precursor
These were left, BEFORE the Law was given by God, to Moses. The New Testament shows, that the Law was just a shadow (symbolic), of the things to come – In Jesus.
As a conclusion, God Forbid, the Live Blood of Animals – from being Eaten, because of what it represented.  It represented the Blood and Death of Jesus. The Blood was to be used, for only one purpose, and that was to atone for our Sins. To use it for other purposes, would be to dilute the power, of what the Blood Represents.

The Blood symbolised Cleansing, Forgiveness, and LIFE.

How could the people, decimate this symbol, by “Eating the Blood”?  It was the Blood, that was poured upon the altar. The Blood, was the life source of the Animals.
It was God, who created Blood, with the “Life” in it.  Only the Life of One Sacrificed, would be sufficient, to cover over our Sins.
The Whole Sacrificial System, was to serve as a temporary measure, until the Total Fulfilment in Jesus. Note: God would not allow abuse of the Blood.  This Abuse of the Blood, would empty it, of its power – BEFORE Jesus was Sacrificed for us. 
Ultimate Sacrifice, was of Jesus.  Jesus is the  “Lamb of God, who takes away the Sins of the World”.  He now has, and always will be, the Eternally Heaven Existing “Lamb, who had been Slain”
Revelation 5: 6 – 9.  “Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing in the Centre of the throne – encircled by the four living creatures, and the elders.  He had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God, sent out into all the earth.
He came and took the scroll, from the right hand of him, who sat on the throne. And when he had taken it, the four living creatures, and the twenty-four elders – fell down before the Lamb.
Each one had a harp, and they were holding golden bowls, full of incense – which are the prayers of the saints.  And they sang a new song:    “You are worthy to take the scroll,  and to open its seals,  because you were slain – and with your Blood, you purchased men for God, from every tribe and language and people and nation”  ”.
I have mentioned a number of times, in this Blog, that the Word SAINTS – always refers to the late Jewish believers in Jesus.
All these reasons, are why God needed to keep the Blood of Animals Holy, in the Sacrificial Process.
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Creation, Much Younger Earth, Noah Flood and Carbon Dating. All these, have now proved to be true, over the whole World. Evidence given, by John Mackay

Wednesday, 2 4 February 2 0 1 0
How Carbon Dating, Actually Prove: Creation, A Young Earth and a Global Noah’s Flood
Scientists use a technique called Radiometric Dating, to estimate the ages of:
– Rocks
– Fossils
– The Earth.
Many People, have been wrongly led to believe, in the incorrect radiometric dating methods – used outside. These can be wrongly applied, to suggest, that the Earth is much older. This is not true, as there is much greater evidence, Proving how Young – the Earth Really is.
The False Teachings, has even made many in the church, wrongly believe the Earth Age. They have wrongly, changed their Biblical thinking of time.  Especially, they have now considered, the meaning of the word DAY, as given in Genesis 1.
With our Focus on one particular form, of Radiometric Dating (carbon dating), we will see – that it actually strongly supports a Young Earth. It reinforces the Bible, as accurate and true.
Contrary to a popular misconception, carbon dating is now not used, to wrongly date Rocks – at Millions of Years Old. Those who wrongly teach, that Rocks are Millions of years old, are just guessing. They do not know the Real Truth, but are STILL willing to mislead us, into believing the lies – of wrong thinking.
I will not go too far with the details, of how radiometric dating methods, are used.  But I will look at some first ideas, from chemistry.  This with Protons, Neutrons, Electrons etc.
This is because, most people would not understand, reading everything. Therefore, I will cut things much shorter, but will still show some of the important things – that you need to read, and become aware of.
I will start by saying this.
Atoms, are the basic building blocks, of matter.  Atoms are made up, of much smaller particles, called: Protons,  Neutrons,  Electrons. Protons and Neutrons,  make up the centre (nucleus), of the Atom.  Electrons form shells, around the Nucleus.
The number of Protons, in the Nucleus of an Atom, determines the Element.  For example, all carbon atoms have 6 Protons.  All Atoms of Nitrogen, have 7 Protons, and all Oxygen Atoms – have 8 protons.
The number of Neutrons, in the Nucleus, can vary – in any given type of Atom.  So a carbon Atom, might have 6 Neutrons, or 7 – or possibly 8.  But it would ALWAYS have 6 Protons.
An “isotope”,  is any of several different forms, of an element – with each having different numbers of NeutronsThe illustration below, shows the three “isotopes” of carbon.
Some “isotopes”, of certain elements, are unstable. They can spontaneously change, into another kind of Atom, in a process called “Radioactive Decay.” Since this process presently happens, at a known measured rate, scientists attempt to use it – like a “clock”, to tell how long ago, a Rock or Fossil formed.
There are two main applications, for Radiometric dating.
One is for, potentially dating Fossils, after living things use Carbon-14 dating.
Two is for, dating Rocks, and the age of the Earth, which uses: Uranium, Potassium, Other Radioactive Atoms.
The Atomic number, corresponds to the number of Protons in an Atom.  Atomic mass, is a combination, of the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. The Electrons are so much lighter, that they do not contribute significantly, to the mass of an Atom.
In 1 9 9 7, an eight-year research project was started, to investigate the age of the Earth. The group was called: The RATE group. They used Radioisotopes, and the Age of The Earth. The team of scientists included:
Larry Vardiman, PhD Atmospheric Science
Russell Humphreys, PhD Physics
Eugene Chaffin, PhD Physics
John Baumgardner, PhD Geophysics
Donald DeYoung, PhD Physics
Steven Austin, PhD Geology
Andrew Snelling, PhD Geology
Steven Boyd, PhD Hebraic and Cognate Studies
The objective, was to gather data (commonly ignored or censored), by Evolutionary standards of dating. The scientists reviewed the assumptions, and procedures, used – in estimating the ages of rocks and fossils. Every judgement they used, was simply, just guessing.

Note from me:

The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations of Evolutionists – who never tell us, that their estimations are just guesses. They always tell us wrong things, including timescales, as if they were facts. Those, who deliberately conceal/withhold truth, are lying!
They are all VERY WRONGLY telling us, that the Age of Earth, is Millions of years old.  The reason they are doing this, by telling LIES, is because they want to tell everybody – that we cannot trust the Bible.
The FACT IS they are wrong, and we CAN trust the truth of time, as given in the Bible.  This whole exercise proved, we can trust the Bible’s account, of say 7, 0 0 0 years. With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal seriously that the Bible is True.  It is far more reliable, in its details, than from mere men.  Mere men, try to figure things out, with imperfect and finite minds.
When the Bible is revealed to be true, it SHOULD THEN IMPACT US, to Trust in God – who effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible. We should then realise, that God knows about His Universe, and infinitely more – than what we can think.
Please read this article of mine, below, which proves why the Bible can be trusted – and why it IS indeed, the Word Of God.

The above relates, to teaching, from John Mackay.

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John Mackay. This amazing Bible man, had enormous real information, about how the world – was really made

Thursday, 1 8 March 2 0 1 0
Evidence for Creation Model, and For Speedy Evolution Process
Is there evidence, for considering, if the creation model is true?
I have Proof, that this Earth, is only about 6 0 0 0 years old – and not as some think, to be a much longer time, of Millions of Years.   Millions of years, is now proved, to be Lies.
I will show the proof, of a much speedier growing Earth, than we have EVER been informed about.  I will show, that the time involved, is FAR less – than you will ever imagine.  I will first, consider a few things.   For example:
When God first created animals, he created them according to their kinds, with the ability to reproduce – and with instructions, to increase in number, and fill the Earth and Seas.
Genesis 1: 2 0 – 2 2,  2 4 – 2 8.
After the Flood, we had land animals and birds, that had been preserved on the Ark. They were reproduced, to fill the earth.
Genesis 8: 1 5 – 1 9.
Historically, Evolutionists have wrongly told us, that changes in living things occur – at a very slow pace. The truth is, that things around 3 0 0 0 years old, cannot be measured very well – for true time.  Exact life times, cannot be trusted very well. Yet we are wrongly lied to, and told, that they are very trustworthy.
These LYING World leaders, are not at all trustworthy, to measure true time – very well. There is no proof, that they ever can be trusted.  The truth is, that time moves MUCH faster, than they ever admit to. The Creation model clearly requires, that significant changes, CAN be made – and do Occur very rapidly, if necessary.
This rapid change happens,  just as animals multiply and fill the earth, very fast. Today we see animals, that have adapted to a variety of different environments, and niches.  Is there any scientific evidence, that animals can adapt so quickly? Indeed there is! Let us now look at these, below.


These are Creation Scientists, who work to identify created kinds. These have determined, that many animals (represented by a single breeding pair on the Ark), have diversified – so that today, they are represented by a Whole Family.
For example, the Family is believed to be made up, of different animals – but joined from ONE Baramin (not many). That is, a single created kind. This family includes:
– Dogs
– Wolves
– Coyotes
– Foxes
– Jackals.
It consists of 3 4 species, from 1 4 genera, that are widely distributed – on every continent, except Antarctica. This confirms, that they have indeed increased in number, and multiplied on the earth.

Cystic Fibrosis:  Genesis 8: 1 7.

The Bible mentions these:  Dogs, Foxes, Wolves, Coyotes and possibly JackalsBoth Dogs and Wolves are first mentioned, after a short while, after the Flood – indicating, that Diversification, occurred very rapidly.
Historically, Evolutionists have wrongly told us, that changes in living things – occur at a slow, deliberate pace. Yet the creation model, clearly shows, that things happen much much Faster.
There has been significant changes, that have occurred very rapidly. These changes include, animals multiplying much more speedily, than expected – and then filling the earth, much more speedily, than expected.  Today we see animals, that have adapted, to a variety of different Environments – and Niches.
Is there any Scientific Evidence, that animals can adapt so quickly?  Indeed there IS Evidence!  One example, in lizards, appeared in the proceedings – of the National Academy of Sciences, earlier this year.

What They Found.

Off the coast of Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea, there are a number of islands.  Near the island of Lastovo, are several smaller islets.  One islet, Pod Kopište, has long been home – to a particular species of lizard, called Podarcis Sicula.
In 1 9 7 1,  researchers moved Five adult pairs, of this species of Lizard – to a second islet (Pod Mrčaru).  After some 3 6 years, researchers conducted a detailed study, that indicated – that this discovered species, had not only thrived, but had also undergone, significant adaptive changes.
The Lizards on the Second islet (Pod Mrčaru), had these changes in their bodies:   Longer, Wider, and Taller Heads.  In addition to the increase in size, there were also distinct changes, in Head Shape.  An increase in bite force, was associated with these changes, which appear necessary – to allow the lizard to adapt to a diet, that is significantly higher in plant matter.
The Parent Population, on the first islet, has a low level of plant consumption. That is, 7% of diet in spring, 4% in summer.  But, the lizards on Pod Mrčaru, have a much higher level 3 4% and 6 1%.  Roughly half of the plant matter, that consumed on Pod Mrčaru,  is of high cellulose content – such as leaves and stems. Animals don’t have the ability, to digest cellulose by themselves.
In some animals, the micro-organisms, ferment the food. This happens, while many others are hindgut fermenters.  That is, the beginning portion, of the stomach – as in:
– Ruminants
– Kangaroos
– Wallabies
– Leaf Eating Monkeys

Has Evolution, really Occurred???

We need to see, if Evolution has really taken place, which I have shown clearly – has not.  It is the Creationist Model, that shows the much Faster Changes. There are a number of examples, in the available literature, that Demonstrate the RAPID ADAPTIVE changes.
These changes happen, when animals, are fast introduced, into a new environment – or the environment quickly changes.
Most people wrongly think, that all life on earth, has arisen – from a common ancestor, over Millions of Years.  Obviously, no one has ever lived on Earth, long enough – to be able to observe, how true this is.
Our lives in 2 0 2 2 at the moment, have only lived 1 0 0 to 1 2 0 years, at VERY most.  So No-one, can correctly know now, what happened in life about 6 0 0 0 years ago!  It is not possible, to calculate correctly, or know how fast the true changes – really took place.  No-one should be allowed to suggest, that things are MUCH, much slower now!!!
The studies demonstrating adaptive Evolution, do not show, one kind of animal – transforming into another. There is enough evidence, to show, that this has never happened.  Animals have never ever changed, from one distinct animal, to a totally different one. For example, a monkey, into a cat.
Yet Wrong Evolutionists, try to use Bad thought, to support the common thought idea – of all life. Furthermore, the incorrect concept, that all biological life – shares a common ancestor, denies the Correct Biblical account, of history.   It does not consider the possibility, of a Creator God, that does still have interaction – with the real world.
In reality, there’s is a view, that never considers the REAL TRUTH – and does not allow, other thoughts, to ever be considered.

Testimony, of an Awesome Creation Believer.

Christians should be encouraged, by the increasing number of articles, which show Rapid Adaptive Changes.  As more detailed evidence is presented, it should be very interesting, to watch Evolutionists –  attempt to explain these changes, in their wrong, long-time way.
What we truly see in these examples, of Animals Adjusting Rapidly to new environments, confirms the Bible’s Testimony – that we truly do have an awesome Creator.  Please note: God/Jesus created life, to inhabit the earth.
The purpose of this message, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations of Evolutionistswho never tell us, that their estimations, are JUST UNPROVED THEORY.  They always WRONGLY tell us things, including timescales, as if they were Facts. The truth is, that there are NO FACTS, they can use, to oppose the REAL TRUTH.
If they Deliberately and wrongly conceal/withhold, and hide Truth, they are LYING!!!
With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true.  The Bible is far more reliable, in its details, than mere men can ever give. Mere men try to figure things out, with imperfect and finite minds.
When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in God – who effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible. They therefore realise, that God knows about His Universe, and HE knows about it – infinitely more, than what mere men, can think about it.

Please read this article, which proves, why the Bible can be trusted – and why it IS indeed, THE WORD OF GOD.
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This is John Mackay. He had an amazing understanding of the World, and of Bible times. The Bible does not Disprove Dinosaurs, but Proves them True. Bible mentions earlier Dinosaurs, with names of Behemoth, Tannin and Dragon

Wednesday, 2 4 February 2 0 1 0
Why Dinosaurs do not Disprove, but actually Prove the Bible

Next part of this message, can be found in 4 7 1. First of all, please read this:     It includes these words, that you need to be aware of, before you read on.

Dinosaur-like creatures are mentioned in the Bible.  The Bible uses ancient names like Behemothand “Tannin.”   Behemoth means: Kingly,  Gigantic Beasts. Tannin is a term, which includes, Dragon-like animals – and the great sea creatures. That is sea creatures, such as, Whales – giant squids, and marine reptiles like the plesiosaurs, that may have become extinct.
The Bible’s best description, of a dinosaur-like animal, is recorded in Job chapter 4 0. “Look at the Behemoth, which I made along with you, and which feeds on grass like an ox.  What strength he has in his loins, what power in the muscles of his Belly!   His tail sways like a cedar. The sinews of his thighs, are close-knit.  His bones are tubes of bronze, his limbs like rods of iron. 
He ranks first, among the works of God…(Job 4 0: 1 5 – 1 9).
After reading this, you will now be aware, that the Bible was written in days – before the word “Dinosaur” was first used.  They used to use the word DRAGON, in those days, to describe the name – we now know as Dinosaur.  In the past, the TV used a much more truer version, of the real Dinosaur. This was in The Cartoon series, called:  “The Flintstones”.
The Flintstones, was actually a lot more accurate, than Scientists use today when they lied to us about it. Scientists now try to brainwash us, into believing the mass wrong things, about these following things: Times of Life, Sizes, Names – and True Existence.  We must realize, we are actually talking about DRAGONS, whenever we use the word Dinosaur.
These Scientists, deliberately pretend certain Evidence, and try to Falsely confuse us – to believe multitudes of wrong things.  Like wrongly trying to convince us, that Dinosaurs didn’t exist, until Multitude years earlier (Millions) – and that Dragons were different from Dinosaurs, and did not exist etc.

The Caves have examples, of Scientists Lies. Caves have been found, which contain drawings by man, of Dinosaurs.  If Dinosaurs did not live, at same time as man, then why/how could MAN draw those images – as if known by MAN. They are very lifelike, as if KNOWN BY MAN, in their time?

How/why would they know, such Dragon/Dinosaur images, including what they looked like, if they were not in existence – at same time?  These images that they have drawn, are very good likenesses, of TRUE Dinosaurs/Dragons – as if these were already known/seen by them, at the same time.
Here is an excellent article, from Answers In Genesis. This is a Creationist/Scientist organisation.  This goes into the whole subject, in much more detail.  It is very Strong and Good.
Notice the Evidence Section.  Dinosaurs are mentioned, in quite a number of places, within the Bible.  We are given Proof by “answersinGenesis”,  that Dinosaurs are actually Millions of Years/multitudes younger,  than we are lied about. They did ACTUALLY live, in the same time as Humans.  This is not, what Scientists Falsely tell us.  They tell us this, as follows:
Dinosaurs are used more, than almost anything else, to indoctrinate us – into Men’s wrong thinking. That is (Lies/False truth).  They teach us, that Dinosaurs lived Millions of years, before man came into History.
However, the Bible gives us a Framework, for explaining Dinosaurs – in terms of Thousands of years of history only, and not Millions of years.  This includes the mystery, of when they actually lived, and what happened to them.  Two key texts can be found, within: Genesis 1: 2 4 – 2 5  and  Job 4 0: 1 5 – 2 4.

Are Dinosaurs, really a Mystery?

Many think, that the timing/existence of Dinosaurs, is difficult to put together, in our minds. They have then decided, that Dinosaurs lived, and all died out – Millions of years ago, before Man was created.  I am proving , that this is not true. Their actual fairly recent disappearance, in just the last 6 0 0 0 years, was after the effects – of Noah’s whole world flood.
I have already explained about this Flood, in the Blog Page 4 2 3.  Here I mentioned, that this was 1 6 5 6 years, after God Created the Earth.  This also came about, after a further 2 3 4 8 years, before Jesus Christ lived on the Earth.  Adding this together, it looks like, Jesus arrived on the Earth – in year 4 0 0 4.
Many believe, it must have been a total of 4 0 0 0 years, as exact planning time of God.  This before our Christian time now, of 2 0 0 0 years, leading to the last 1 0 0 0 years – and the Heavenly planned, start of 7 0 0 0. I now carry on discussing, about who the Dinosaurs/Dragons were, and look at these things.
– Where Dinosaurs/Dragons came from?
– When they lived?
– What happened to them?
– When did they die out?
However, Dinosaurs are only a mystery,  if you badly accept the Evolutionary story – of their history.  According to Poor time investigations, of Evolutionists, Dinosaurs first Evolved, around 2 3 5 Million years ago. That was even, a much longer time, before man started to exist.
This of course, is messed up, with very terrible wrong calculations.  It is actually impossible, to work out exact time,  before say – 6 0 0 0 years.  So no one, should be able, to even guess – the actual correct time, that Dinosaurs lived on the Earth.

Bad/incorrect teachers, also wrongly reckon and Falsely Teach, the FIRST 2 items below here – but the Truth is in 3:

1. First Lie.  No Human Being, has ever lived with Dinosaurs.
They Falsely say, that Dinosaur History, is recorded in the Fossil Layers – on the earth, which were deposited, over Millions of years. They were so successful, that a group of animals, FIRST ruled the earth – before Humans arrived on the Earth.
This is TOTAL LYING. WHY? They say, around 6 5 Million years ago, something happened – to change all of this. The Dinosaurs disappeared.

FALSE people, always seem to explain things, by using the same story, over and over again.  For example, they keep using this type of nonsense.

They say, that Most Evolutionists believe, there will be – some sort of Cataclysmic event, such as an Asteroid impact, killing them.  An Asteroid, is a rocky body, going round a much larger object – like Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Earth?
Also, some Evolutionists claim, that some Dinosaurs changed into Birds – and thus they are not extinct, but are flying around us even today.
What UTTER, NASTY, unrealistic False LIES!
2.  Second Lie. You cannot accept, the Bible’s totally different account, of Dinosaur history – in the last 6 0 0 0 years.
WHY NOT???  According to the Bible, Dinosaurs did exist. They first DID Exist, during the time, of about 6 Thousand years ago.
The Truth now revealed, under next part 3:
3. Third Lie, followed by Truth  God made the Dinosaurs Millions of years ago. Actually TRUTH IS, that God made the Dinosaurs/Dragons, very close – before first Man was made. The other Land Animals, were made on Day 6 – of the Creation Week, 6 0 0 0 years ago.

Please now read this:

Genesis 1: 2 0 – 2 5,  3 1.  Adam and Eve, were made, on Day 6.  So Dinosaurs could not have lived, before Humans were made.  Dinosaurs were not separated, by Millions of years, and could not have died out – due to Sin. That is because, the Earth started SINLESS with MAN, before MAN SINNED. At that time, SIN DID NOT EXIST.
When people were first created, they were perfect without Sin.  If Dinosaurs were on Earth, Millions of Years, before Humans – then where did Sin and imperfection come from, if this only started with Mankind?

Dinosaurs could not have previously existed, before God created Man, at the Very beginning. This was at the start, of the whole of Earth CREATION – in just 7 days, 6 0 0 0 years ago.

Filth, Sin, Disobedience – and fights against God, never happened, until Man first sinned against GOD.
This Sin, did not occur, until the 7th Day of Creation. This was through First Man and Woman, that is Adam and Eve. These sinning events, were not in operation beforehand.  Stories of Dinosaurs/Dragons living, before Sin happened, are totally ridiculous. These first started to appear, after Sin started, after the 7th day. These are the events:
– Death
– Bloodshed
– Disease
– Suffering
These also, are a Result  of People, after Adam’s Sin:        – Genesis 1: 2 9 – 3 0,   Romans 5: 1 2, 1 4,  1 Corinthians 1 5: 2 1 – 2 2.  Note: 1 Cor says:  “For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead, comes also through a man.  For as in Adam all die, so in Christ, all will be made alive”.
Representatives, of all the Kinds, of Air-Breathing Land Animals – including the Dinosaur kinds, went aboard Noah’s ArkHis Ark came into existence, to restart the earth, with better living people.  All those, who were left outside Noah’s Ark, died in the Extreme Circumstances – of the Flood.  Many of their remains, became Fossils.
After the Flood, around 4 3 0 0 years ago, the remnant of the Land Animals – including Dinosaurs/Dragons, came off the Ark. The most enormous ones, were not left alive, but maybe just the smaller ones were. They continued to live in the present world, along with people, similar to THE FLINSTONES.
These things happened, because of Sin. The Flood greatly changing earth.   Also, these:
– Climatic Change, after Noah’s Flood
– Lack of Food
– Disease
– Man’s Bad Activities
These caused many types of Animals, to become extinct. The Dinosaurs, like many other creatures, later died out – after the Flood.   So, Why the big Mystery about Dinosaurs?

Why now, are there such Different Views about Dinosaurs?

How/why, can there now be, such totally different explanations – for Dinosaurs?  Whether one is an Evolutionist, or accepts the Bible’s account of history, the TRUE Story/Evidence – for when Dinosaurs actually lived, is now available, to all of us.  All Scientists, have the same:
– Facts
– World
– Everything
But Scientists, never use anything, that is True or Fair.
Why do some BAD Scientists, want to wrongly corrupt the clear Evidence, that Animals and Dinosaurs – were created, through a much shorter time period. This was during, the very first 1 6 5 6 years of Earth.  The full Creation occurred, nearly 6 0 0 0 years ago.
Man, Animals and Dinosaurs, did live together – during this first time period, until the Flood in year 1 6 5 6.  Just because measurements are NOT available, of work that God only did 6 0 0 0 years ago, does not mean – that the Bible is wrong.
You must know, that it is impossible, for Scientists to obsess these 6 0 0 0 years items – but they still try to figure out another FALSE way, and use strong, but pretence LIES.
They bring the Timing of Dinosaurs, into the picture Falsely, and much too early.  If their false timings, was proved to be true (which it never can), it would mess the absolute Truth of the Bible up.  For weird reasons, most people would rather try to mess up the Bible, than listen to the REAL EVIDENT TRUTH.

Where did Dinosaurs, actually Come from?

The Bible tells us, that God created different kinds of Land Animals – on Day 6, of Creation Week.              Genesis 1: 2 4 – 2 5, says:
“And God said, ‘Let the land produce living creatures, according to their kinds. That is, the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals – each according to its kind’.  And it was so.
God made the wild animals, according to their kinds. The livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground, according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good’ “.
Dinosaurs were Land animals.  These Land animals, must have included the Dinosaur Kinds.  Please press this: 9
Evolutionists wrongly claim, that Dinosaurs evolved, from some reptile – that had originally evolved, from amphibians.  But they cannot point, to any VERY OBVIOUS CHANGING (in-between) forms, to substantiate their argument.
Dinosaur Family trees, in Evolutionary books, show many distinct types of Dinosaurs – but they are joined up to some common ancestor. The lines are confused, because there is no fossil evidence.  Evolutionists, cannot prove their belief in time,  or in a non Dinosaur ancestor.

What Did Dinosaurs Look Like?

Scientists cannot dig up, a Dinosaur, with all its flesh intact.  Even if they found all the bones, they still would have less than 4 0 percent of the animal, to work out – what it originally looked like.
The Bones, do not tell the colour, of the animal.  For example, although they say some fossils of skin impressions, have been found – indicating the skin texture, there is some diversity of colour, among reptiles living today.  Dinosaurs may have varied greatly:  in colour, skin texture, and so on.

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John Mackay. Neandertal Men and Cavemen, both lived as Human Beings, in Bible Times. Proof is now Given, of this TRUTH, and How Human they Were

John Mackay gives evidence, that Neandertal Men and Cavemen, both lived in Bible Times, and were Human.  I myself, have included three articles here. There are two mentioned about Neandertal Men and one mentioned about Cavemen.
These articles give evidence and support, that these men, actually only existed – within the very last 6 0 0 0 years, of Bible times.  They did not live earlier than this, which was before Creation 6 0 0 0 years ago. But they did live, during the ICE-AGE.
This Ice-Age, followed Shortly AFTER, the Global Noah’s Flood.  It could not have been Earlier, while life lived, before the Flood. It could not have been, until the Flood took place. That is because, the Flood killed every dreadful, terrible nasty thing on the Earth.  That is, everyone and everything was removed, apart from just 6 people and animals.
Only the 6, were the ones left. They with God’s help and Blessing, restarted the Earth again VERY FAST.  It was much faster, than you could ever imagine, as possible.
The Ice-Age would have happened, quite soon after Global Noah’s Flood.  The events of this Very Powerful Flood, also included other Amazing Events, that were happening on the Earth. All these happened, because of the Flood.
The dispersion took place, after the new Mankind/Animals etc were born. They were dispersed, all over the Earth. This Ice-Age, was after God, divided the Tongues, at Babel.
Here are some appropriate other messages. The articles were these:  “The Caring Neandertal”,      “Neandertal Man the changing Picture” “Cavemen.   Were they really Primitive?” These were all Found, within the Answers in Genesis, website.  Here is an example.  “The Caring Neandertal”.  By A.J. Monty White
If we are ever asked to imagine, what a Neandertal was like, most of us would wrongly think – of some half-witted Cretin.  In fact, the word Neandertal, is often used wrongly – as a term of abuse.  It generally signifies, that they acted like Brutes, and had very little feeling for others.
This is not TRUE!  It is a pity to think like this,  because the more we learn about the Neandertals, the more we are forced to conclude – that they were very caring people, although they may have looked like brutes.  They looked after the sick, and the elderly members, of their communities.
The Neandertals are named, after the Neander Valley. This Valley, is not far from Düsseldorf in Germany.
The Fossilised remains, of a Neandertal man, were first found near Düsseldorf – in a cave in 1 8 5 7.  Since then, remains of Neandertals, have been found in Western Europe – the Near East, and Western Asia. Compared with Modern Europeans, Neandertal people, were robust.  For almost a century, it was mistakenly believed, that they were almost like Apes and Humans.
The idea that the Neandertals were a link, between Apes and Humans, was badly reinforced by drawings which showed them as stooping Half-Ape/Half-Human Brutes, ambling along, on the outsides of their feet. They were shown, as if, they were oversized Chimpanzees.
This wrong description and Views, Persisted, until the mid 1 9 5 0s.  Then a couple of American Anatomists, concluded, that there was no valid reason – for assuming, that the Neandertal Posture, was different from humans.
They went on to suggest this following thing: That if a Neandertal man were: Bathed, Shaved, Dressed in Modern ClothingHe would look like a Normal Person, and be noticed as such, in a New York Subway!
It has also been suggested, that much of the Brute appearance, of the Neandertals – is that they have eyebrow ridges.  This is due to the enormous chewing stress they had. Particularly, on the skull, imposed by their Powerful Jaws. This was due, to their common ways, of eating tough Food.
They are now placed, in the same species, as Modern-Day Humans.  But they are also being put, into the sub-species, Homo Sapiens (Neander-Thalensis).
However, the differences between them, and modern people – may be simply the result, of bad living and suffering lives.  Similarly, people of modern suffering ‘races’ today, look more different – than they do, at a certain level. Some ‘Neandertal’ Bony characteristics, are also found, in some Europeans today.
I will now show, how their bodies, would have looked like most people – if they did not develop Rickets.  From their remains, it has been discovered, that some of the Neandertal people – suffered from Rickets.  Please be aware, that Rickets is a disease of childhood, resulting from a deficiency of Vitamin D.
Because this vitamin D,  helps the absorption of calcium, from the food we eat – People suffering from Rickets, have soft Bones.  This causes them, to have swollen joints, and distorted limbs.  Sometimes they are extremely Bow-legged, but in more severe cases, they are completely CRIPPLED – and unable to walk.
Vitamin D is found in Fish Oils, milk, and dairy products.  If your diet is deficient in these, you may develop Rickets. The Fact, that some Neandertals suffered from Rickets, indicates – that they had a diet, which lacked these products.
However, you can get Vitamin D another way.  Because Vitamin D is made in the skin, when it is exposed to sunlight, you can get it from the Skin.  From this, we are able to conclude, that the Neandertal people who had Rickets – must have lived at a time, when they would not have been exposed to much sunlight.  Such as during the Ice Age.
Some of the Neandertal people, suffered from Arthritis, while others sustained injuries – during their lifetime. Perhaps this was suffered, by falling over, when hunting. Broken bones, were not uncommon.
Although such people, were no longer productive members, of their community – they were cared for, by other members, of their tribe. Their bones demonstrate, that they kept on living long Ages, after the onset of their disability.
This caring, shows that these people, had tender feelings – for each other.  Sometimes apparently, they provided support, for those who would never get better.  From the Evidence Discovered, it can be realized, that the Neandertals were good hunters – making and using, elegant stone tools Effectively.  They lived in huts, which they sometimes, put in Caves.
They kept warm, with their fires on, which they also used to burn bones. This was because, it was the middle of an Ice Age, when there were not many trees – able to grow in Europe. They cooked their Food on Fires, sometimes using stone hot plates. They wore clothes, which they had  made, by sewing animal skins together.
In fact, far from being dull-witted Brutes, these people were quite Sophisticated. There is even evidence, that they used a form of writing!
The Neandertal people, also had a sense of the after-life. They buried their dead with ceremony, and arranged flowers around the bodies, of their dead.  A pollen analysis of one grave, from the Shanidar cave, in the Zagros Mountains in Iraq – has revealed the presence of:
– Yarrow
– Cornflower
– St Barnaby’s Thistle
– Ragwort
– Grape Hyacinth
– Hollyhock
– Woody Horsetail.
Most of these named plants, are known to have, herbal and medicinal properties – so it appears, revealing, that the Neandertals had some knowledge of medicine.
None of this is surprising, when we consider, that they were not Primitive Evolutionary ‘Links’.  They were people, forced to live in harsh conditions, after the dispersal of humanity at Babel – during the Great after Global Flood, Ice Age.
For now, this message here on 4 4 8, has been reduced.  The next part of ICE AGE, will be on page 4 6 1.  Also please see Page 4 2 3:
The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations – of Evolutionists, who never tell us, that their Estimations are JUST Theory.  Yet they FALSELY TEACH these, as if FACT!
They always tell us bad things (including poor timescales), as if they were Facts.  Please realise, that deliberately concealing/withholding real Truth, and not telling the real Truth – is Lying!
Every new discovery, when declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true – and is far more reliable, in its details, than given by Mere Men.  Mere Men, try to figure things out, with imperfect and finite minds.
When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in the God – who effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible.  If they write about the Bible, they will then realise, that God knows about His Universe – infinitely more, than what we think.
Please read this next article, which proves why the Bible can be trusted, and why it IS indeed – the Word Of God.

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John Mackay. Terribly Bad Evolution teaching given, and used wrongly. But much better Proof given, of strong Creation Growth, in its place. PART 1

Tuesday, 2 March 2 0 1 0

Exposing the Flaws of Faulty, and Traditional Evolutionary Teaching. But Giving Strong Evidence, for a Creator and Creational Evolution.


For continuation of this message, please see part 2, on page 4 5 2. This covers: Exposing 

The Flaws of Faulty, Traditional and Evolutionary Teaching.   But it DOES Give Strong Evidence, For a Creator and Creational Evolution.  PART 1
Let me start, by quoting something given, by:  Professor Jerome Lejeune, in a lecture within Paris on March 1 7, in year 1 9 8 5.  This was translated by Peter Wilders.  These are Terrible Times, for Dreadful Thinking.  This below, is how they think and write.
“We have no acceptable Theory of Evolution, at the present time. There is none!   I cannot accept the Theory, that I teach to my students, each year.”
“Let me explain.  I teach the Synthetic Theory, known as the neo-Darwinian one, for one reason only – Not because it’s good, we know it is Bad.  I teach it, because there isn’t any other“.
“Whilst waiting to find something better, you are taught something, which is known to be faulty.  It is just a first Approximation”.

What is Being Taught?

They are revealing and showing, that the World is Lying about Evolution.  Life is much shorter, than they declare. You will now learn this following information.  Here is Textbooks, which Present Evolution, in TWO different ways – but the Second is Totally Incorrect Lies.  It has NEVER been proved, as really happening.
1.  Small,  Observable Changes                                                      2.  Large, Unobservable Changes.  That is, Molecules to Man, Evolution.
Professor Jerome Lejeune and Peter Wilders, show Evidence, for the 1. Small item, but strangely support the 2. Large item.  We need to realise this, and accept, that 1. Small item, is CORRECT. It has also become increasingly clear, that Mutations + time + chance, DO NOT EQUAL EVOLUTION.
Mutations, cannot generate new genetic information.  So they cannot be used,  to explain, how evolution has proceeded – from a cell with less information, than is present in modern cells.  Despite the Wrong Claims of Evolution, the following need to be considered:
– Appearance of New Species
– Antibiotic Resistance,  in Bacteria
– Pesticide Resistance
– Sickle Cell,  Anemia
These are not Evidence, against Evolution. They do however, demonstrate the Principle, of Natural Selection – acting on Existing Traits. This is a concept, that Creationists and Evolutionists, both agree on.
The Creation Model, of how life spread across the Globe, after Noah’s Flood of Genesis – uses some rules of natural selection, and adaptive radiation, that are also used in the Evolution Model.
One of the main differences, is that the Biblical Creation Model, knows they cannot use ANOTHER MODEL, in opposition to the correct one.  They know, that there can be no Variation, WITHIN THE CREATED KINDS. For example, it is God who is creating, HIMSELF. 
People are born, with all the Personalities, that they need. This is retained throughout their lifetime. They must use this, in the best possible way.
The Fall of Man, into Sin, with him becoming disobedient to God – and becoming something much worse, has been growing.  But this does not cause, New Kinds of man, to Emerge.  They do not need to, as God has given us a way of Salvation, through Jesus. This is what we Really Know to be TRUE, about the Salvation of ALL people.
But, the truth about Evolution, are explained here – with the ideas of:
– Natural Selection
– Speciation
– Adaptation
– Evolution
These are often used together, by Secular Scientists.  All three of the Textbooks, that were reviewed, use the above terms.

Natural Selection:

There is a process, by which individuals possess a set of Traits. These reveal a survival advantage, in a given environment.  BUT, these tend to leave more offspring, on average, that survive. This to reproduce, in the next generation, much faster life – than you ever imagine.
Natural Selection, is a Process, that falls in line with – operational science.   BUT, we have observed:  Mosquitoes, Birds, and Many Micro-organisms – undergo change, in relatively short periods of timeNew species, have been observed to arise, far faster – than Evolutionists tell us.
Biblical Creationists, agree with Evolutionists, on most of the ideas – associated with Natural Selection.  But not with the idea, that Natural Selection, leads to Molecules-to-Man Evolution. Observational Science, supports this type of subtle change, as we will see – in the next section.
Evolution:  All life on earth, has come about, through change.  Evolution is generally assumed, to happen, as a natural consequence – of natural selection.  This is assumed, but it is actually not true.
No direct observational evidence, supports the concept, of a fish turning gradually – into an amphibian. Evolutionists will argue, without any evidence, that there has simply not been enough time – to observe such changes.
Man has only been recording information, that would be useful, for a short period of time. This is relative, to the immense amounts of time required, by Evolutionary theory. This raises the following question?
“Is Evolution, a VALID Scientific Idea?”
I ask this question, “because it cannot be observed in experiments, and repeated.  It cannot show, that the conclusions are valid”.  There is in Fact Proof, that Evolutionary Processes, on the scale of Millions of Years, are absolutely not True.
Evolution cannot be these things:                                Observed, Tested, Repeated, Falsified. These are now placed in the category of: incomplete, NO FACT of HISTORICAL SCIENCE. A major problem for Evolution, is the huge increase in information – of organs through time.
Evolutionary Theory, wrongly accepts, Additions and Deletions of information – as EVIDENCE OF the EVOLUTION – of a POPULATION.  But, Evolutionists have failed to answer this question.  “Where did all the New Information come from, since Mutations, are known to reduce New Information?”
Evolution, can NEVER contain much real Truth.  It can only incorrectly use Millions of Years, as a result of its wrong belief, in Mutation – and Natural Selection. However, Creationists agree with the idea, of  “Descent, with Modification” – but not with the notion, of a single common ancestor.
To accept a common ancestor, for all life on earth, requires a rejection – of the Biblical account, of Man Creation FIRST.  This rejection, was done in perfection, before Sin could start. This was recorded in Genesis.  The Bible book of Genesis, is accepted, by many other Bible Scriptures.
The order of events, of Evolutionary History, cannot be reconciled – with the Account recorded in Genesis 1. Philosophies of Evolution, and Biblical Christianity, are not compatible. The examples from the Texts below, and the articles and Books, will demonstrate this incompatibility – from a Biblical Creationist Perspective.
Other Parts of this message, from John Mackay, have been saved in Word. They may appear later here, in Blog 4 5 2 or say page 4 6 1.   For now, this message here on 4 5 1, has been reduced – to make the whole message, much easier to read.
The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations – of Evolutionists, who never tell us, that their estimations are JUST THEORY.  They always tell us these things (including timescales), AS IF THEY WERE FACTS.  Notice, that Deliberately Concealing/Withholding Truth, is Lying about the REAL TRUTH!
With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true – and is far more reliable, in its details, than mere men give. These men try to figure things out, with imperfect, and finite minds.
When the Bible is shown to be True, it then SHOULD IMPACT US, to Trust in Jesus/God.  He effectively told men, what to write in the Bible. The Truth is, that God knows about His Universe, infinitely more, than what we can think.
Please read this article, which proves, why the Bible can be Trusted.  Also, why it IS indeed, the WORD of GOD.
Posted by John Chingford at 4: 3 1 pm
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John Mackay. Terribly Bad Evolution teaching given, and used wrongly. But much better Proof given, of strong Creation Growth, in its place. PART 2

Exposing The Flaws Of Traditional (But Faulty) Evolutionary Teaching But Giving Strong Evidence For A Creator and Creational Evolution PART 2
First remind yourself, about the beginning of this article, per part 1.
Exposing The Flaws Of Traditional (But Faulty) Evolutionary Teaching But Giving Strong Evidence For A Creator and Creational Evolution PART 1
This article makes little sense, until you have read the first message throughout 4 5 1. This older message, of 4 5 2, now gives the whole background, and strong evidence, for the things which follow. This now, explains about salvation. If you have now read part 1,  here is Part 2. 
Please now read this:
Mendel and Darwin, were contemporaries, whose Theories were Formulated – in different ways, and clashed with one another.
Mendel used careful observations, of Traits and Calculations, to develop his Theory of Inheritance.  BUT Darwin’s ideas, were based on Erroneous Ideas, about inheritance. That is:
4 Factors can be Considered, in Genetic Variation. That is:
– Environment
– Recombination
– Mutation
– Creation.
It has long been known, that environmental effects, on individuals – cannot be passed on to offspring. That is because, the information, is not contained in the DNA.  Mendel recognised the constancy, of Traits with Variation.  While Darwin, to some degree, accepted Environmental Influence – on variation.
This is evident from Darwin’s discussion, of the Giraffe Neck – becoming longer, by  “The Inherited Effects, of increased use of parts.”
Mendel showed, that Traits are reorganised independently, when they are passed on to offspring. The variation, would not always be evident, but it would only reappear – if the Trait was present, in a previous generation. The amount of Variation, is limited, by the information that the parents give.
Darwin offers an example, of this change of Traits. Mutations are rare, in a given Gene, and the cell has elaborate machinery – to correct mistakes, when they occur.   In the creation model, mistakes in the DNA, Expect to have Harmful Effects. In Evolution, these mistakes are supposed to increase information.
But in over 3 0 0 0 known fruit/fly mutations, not one produces a fly, that has survival advantage, of a very long time.  This means, that one specimen, gets changed too quickly – to be able to cause, a greater number, than 7 0 0 0 years of life on Earth.

Creation of organisms, by a Divine Creator, is the only mechanism – that is adequate, to account for the variation, seen in the world today.  Each of the Created Kinds, started with considerable genetic variability, that has now caused the variety of life – we see today.
Molecules-to-man Evolution, requires the production, of large amounts of New Genetic Information.  In searching for possible mechanisms,  Evolutionists have sometimes pointed to the ability of cells, to make and retain – multiple copies of their DNA.
If this were the real source of Evolution, one would expect to find a general increase, in the amount of DNA – as you move up the Evolutionary tree of life.  This, however, is not the case.  Evolutionists again, have got it wrong, in their terrible assumptions.
Humans have certainly, got more complex organisms, than can be found – in Bacteria and Plants. They have less DNA in general. The organism with the most DNA, is actually a Bacterium (Epulopiscium Fishelsoni). This has at least, 2 5 times as much DNA, as a HUMAN CELL.
There are also 8 5,0 0 0 copies, of one of its Genes per cell.  If these extra copies of Genes, were indeed the Raw Material, for Evolutionary Mechanisms to act on – then this Bacterium, should be a hallmark, of Evolutionary Adaptation.  But it is still a Bacterium.

Man: the image of God.
Evolutionists suggest, that Evolution provides a meaningless, undirected process. They go on to suggest, that Humans are a mere accident, with no purpose – or meaning in the universe.  They then wrongly conclude, that IF Humans did Evolve (just guesswork), then there is no Eternal life – no God, and no purpose at all for Living.
That is because, they reckon, there is no Heaven to go to. So they should just die, after say 7 5 years.
What utter nonsense, these Evolutionist speak, by totally trying to remove hope from People, by loading them with awful Lies of Total Untruths.  The FACT is, that we all have a Heaven to go to, once we die – as long as we TRUST IN JESUS.
What false Evolutionists say, Flies in the Face, of TRUE Christian beliefs. The truth is, that we were created in the image of God. We have abilities to serve God, and be changed, to be like Him – through His Power.  The TRUE view of Creation, gives our life Meaning, and purpose.
Without God, there is no foundation for morality.  Each person can do, what seems right at the time, with no real consequences – regarding Eternity.  If there was no eternity, then man shares characteristics, with just animals – and becomes much weaker. All things would become pointless.
BUT.  The Bible Equates man and animals, on a certain level, but the presence of a Spirit – and the ability to communicate ideas, are attributes, that man shares with God.  Therefore, this God relationship, is what lifts man – FAR ABOVE animals. We also see God’s attributes, in these things:
– Human Creativity
– Reasoning
– Ability to Express Love
– Pursuit of Holiness. This Existed, before sin entered the world.
A Divine Creator like God/Jesus, instilled these above things, and the desire to survive – with Humans.  God says, that our salvation now, is a promise to all – of being taken better care of – in the future.
Those who are now SAVED, will be taken into the presence of God Forever immediately, when the 7 years start.
Other people, will need to learn about the great salvation first, before they are added to the 7 years.  The rest of people, will never choose salvation, but be cast into Hell – or totally removed forever.

Evolution – Atheism.

This below here, is the dreadful and completely wrong thought, of Non Christians – when they die. This is their views summarised, on what Modern Evolutionary Biology tells us, loud and clear – in ERROR.
“There are no gods, no purposes, no goal-directed forces of any kind. There is no life after death. When I die, I am absolutely certain that I am going to be dead, as the very end of my life. That’s the end for me. There is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life, and no free will for humans, either.”  Dr. William B. Provine, Professor of Biological Sciences, Cornell University

If those terrible lies were TRUE, then that would leave us, with no point to this life at all.  This whole BLOG shows, how terribly wrong they are.

Other parts of this message, have been saved in Word. They may appear later in Blog (if needed), on say the Page 4 6 2.  For now, this message here on 4 5 2, has been reduced a bit.
The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations – of Evolutionists, who never tell us, that their estimations are just Theory only. They always tell us these things (including timescales), as if they were Facts.  Remember, that deliberately Concealing/Withholding Truth, is Lying!
With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is TRUE – and Far more Reliable in its details, than from Mere Men.  They try to figure things out, with imperfect, and finite minds.
When the Bible is shown to be True, it SHOULD then impact us, to trust in the God – who effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible.  He therefore impacted men, to realise, that God knows about His Universe – infinitely more, than what we could ever think.

Please read this article, which proves why the Bible can be trusted, and why it IS indeed – the Word Of God.
Posted by John Chingford at 5: 0 7 pm
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Page 4 6 1 (1 7)

John Mackay, has written the same writings, that I now give. They are the bottom line of my message, and are the same, as my thoughts. That is, that Animals Spread over the whole World, after Noah’s Ark Landed. This was soon after, the Earth was totally covered in Water. That was near, to the Ice-Age time, starting at that time.

This is Next Part of Message, from 4 2 3. It starts, by looking at the real truth of the Ice Age, as revealed through the Bible.

Ice Age

Michael Oard (a retired meteorologist, and Ice Age researcher), suggested the Following, in his chapter 1 6.
An Ice Age, may have followed closely, after the Flood. I propose a Mechanism, of how the Rare conditions, were required – to form an Ice Age. This may have been Triggered by the Flood, and it explains, the Field Evidence – for an Ice Age.
Severe Climatic changes, could have been the catalyst, that encouraged – certain species to migrate, in certain directions. These severe changes, could also have accounted for, some of the many extinctions – that occurred. Additionally, the above Michael Oard’s studies, provide a model – for how Land Bridges – could have Developed.
Oard pointed out, that certain observed Features, from the Ice Age – cause problems for the Evolutionist but not for the Creationist. Therefore, a Creationist explanation of the Ice Age, is far better. He gives much more accurate and correct Facts, which are explained Far Better.
An Example of such an issue, is that of bad harmony associations, of Fossils. The Fossils of creatures, are normally associated, with different conditions – found in close proximity. Such as creatures, with a preference for hot and cold climates.
One of the more puzzling problems, for uniform theories, of the Ice Age – is bad harmony associations of Fossils, as just mentioned. In which species from different climatic regimes, are strangely mixed in wrong groups. For example, a hippopotamus fossil found together, with a reindeer fossil.
Oard suggests, that even with strong present readings, a number of significant Land Bridges –  would have existed, to enable movements. This would happen, if the sea level were only 180 ft (55 m), below current levels.
However, there is even evidence, that the Land in some places – where Land Bridges would be necessary, could have been higher still. Land bridges, facilitated by the Ice Age, constitute a serious model – to explain how some migrations, could have been possible.
Some people, all the way to Australia, still remain unsure – about the idea of Land Bridges. Nevertheless, by a combination of methods, that we see today (including the idea of Land Bridges) – there are rational explanations. Especially, as to how Animals, may have reached the far corners – of the world.
Of course we were not There, at That time, to witness how this migration happened. Those who have a Biblical Worldview, can be certain, that Animals (obviously) – did get to Far Places. There are rational ways, in which this spread, may have happened. We should therefore, have no problem, accepting the Bible as true!
We need to consider, that Creation, and Scientific Models of Animal Migration, are equally valid – and should be valid by Evolution. However, these models are wrongly rejected by Evolution. They say, that these models do not fit into, the very poor and wrong orthodox thoughts – of their Terribly Bad, Secular Evolutionary worldview.
It is not a problem for us, to figure out, why certain Animals, do not appear in certain parts of the world. Why for example, does Australia have such an unusual placing of Animals/Mammals? This includes many Marsupial Mammals, Like Wallaby and Kangaroos, in their land?
Other Marsupials, are known elsewhere in the world. For example, Opossums are found in North and South America. Fossilized Marsupials, have been found elsewhere. These other places, are just small time.  In many such places, climatic changes, and other Factors – could lead to this Marsupial Extinction.
Most Marsupials are still just found in Australia. That is Strange, though. The Lack of Great Marsupials, in other continents, are no more of a problem – than the Lack of Dinosaurs. As with many species today, they just died out. This is a reminder, of a Sin-Cursed World.
One Proposed Theory, is that Marsupials, were able to travel Farther and Faster – than other Mammals, because they bore their young in Pouches. These then learnt, how to stop doing this, to better care for their young. They initially were able to establish themselves, in Far-Flung Australia, before competitors – could reach the continent.
Similar statements could be made, about the many unusual bird species in New Zealand. These are on Islands, from which Mammals were Absent, until the arrival of European Settlers.
Changed Colonization Theory
The most Logical interpretation, of the Biblical Flood record, and its aftermath – would suggest, that the Animals changed places, and then recolonized the Planet. Comparisons with modern migrations etc, have suggested, that this changed colonization – never happened. I now try to prove, that it did not happen.
Within my other Blog page 4 2 3, I discussed about Surtsey. It included this following information. Six months after the Eruption of a Volcano, on the Island of Surtsey, the Island had been Colonized – by a Few Bacteria. This was off the Coast of Iceland – in the year of 1 9 6 3 (just 5 9 years ago). This Blog 461, now carries on the story, of Surtsey.
This Blog now simply says, that Incidents such as Surtsey, have suggested – that Changed Colonization, Did not Happen.
A Plain reading of Scripture, suggests, that Noah’s Ark Landed in the mountains of Ararat. Most likely, it landed, within the region of modern Turkey – and Central Asia.
It is also our belief, that the very large quantity of Death, is best understood – when we refer to the Genesis Flood. These results, are represented by the Fossil record, which show – that the majority of Fossils formed, as a Result of the Flood.
More recently, a Theory has developed, among certain creationists – in the UK and Europe. It suggests, that the Fossil record is not of Catastrophe, but of processes occurring – during Re-Colonization. This Theory is called, the Re-Colonization Theory.
This next bit, can be found within: The New Answers Book 1. Please click on these following words, to open that page up.
I have now made some changes, to the Presenting of Theories, 6 onwards. This to make things easier to Read, and to Follow.
Followers/Teachers/Advocates: They teach, that this Theory suggests, that the Flood completely destroyed – the Earth’s previous crust. They falsely believe this happened, so that none of the present Fossils, were Created by it. To allow for Fossilization processes, the Re-Colonized Theory, want the Age of the Earth – to be wrongly stretched, by a Few Thousand Years.
Some advocates, of this last terrible view, suggest an age of about 8 0 0 0 years – for the Earth, while others suggest figures as high as 2 0, 0 0 0 years. The truth is, that the age of the Earth, as proved in many places – is about 6 0 0 0 years.
Let us look at, the Tower of Babel Time and Events, in Genesis 1 1 – of the Bible.
This has led, some of the Re-Colonizers, to speculate Badly – that the Ark, actually landed in Africa? They wrongly say, that this continent was the host, to the events of Genesis 1 1 and 1 2. This is actually, a very Bad and weak position, of wrongly learning/understanding things – historically.
Such weaknesses, led Professor Andy McIntosh and his colleagues, to comment: “Their science, is driving their interpretation of Scripture, and not the other way round.” Conclusions. No-one should ever allow Science, to control their thinking, and not use absolute Truth instead. The Bible reveals, absolute TRUTH.
We must not be Downhearted, bCritics, and their Wrong Frequent Accusations – against the Bible. We must not be surprised, that so many people, believe all sorts of strange things – without any decent logic.
Starting from our position, that the Bible’s account is true, we have seen that other scientific models can be developed – to explain, the after Flood migration of animals. These changed models, correspond, to observed data – and are consistent, with the Bible’s Account.
It is notable, that opponents of Biblical Creationism, use similar Bad models – in their Evolutionary Explanations, of animal migrations. While their bad model, may eventually be changed, it is important to note – that the Biblically consistent models, do exist.
In any event, we have confidence in the Scriptural Bible Account, finding it to be Accurate and Authoritative. The fact of Animal migration around the world, is illustrative, of the Goodness and Graciousness of God – who provided this, and it is beyond our needs.
Extra Note from John Chingford, in these two browns
The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the lies/exaggerations of Evolutionists – who never tell us, that their estimations are just theory. They always tell us these things (including timescales), as if they were Facts. They deliberately conceal/withhold truth, which is actually lying!
With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true – and far more reliable, in its details. More-so, than from mere men, who try to figure things out – with imperfect and finite minds.
When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in God. He effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible. We need to realise, that God knows about His Universe, and He knows about it – infinitely more, than what we can ever think about it.
Just before I sign off, with explanations of my writings, I will reveal something extra – that I do not think, that I talked about earlier. I add this, as an answer to a recent question, that I received.
Please read this next article, which proves, why the Bible can be trusted – and why it IS indeed, the Word Of God. It is in these two browns
I believe the Flood brought death, to every single Animal and Human being, that was not within the Ark.
The Flood also killed animals, who were Living in the sea, because of how terrible it was. The Bible tells us, how terrible it was, and surely nothing could escape dying – that was not in the massive ARK. Only 8 men lived, and maybe, no sea animals survived – as conditions were so terrible.
After the Flood was complete, and ended, Everything then grew Amazingly Fast – around the Earth, by the immense power of God/Jesus. God started again, with a people, who could much more easily live about 8 0 years – and not 9 0 0 years.
The Flood was so terrible, that surely nothing in the water, was able to survive – but maybe everything died, during the Flood. The spread on the Earth, of new Life, happened after the Flood. Everything grew again, even faster at that time, after everything later left the ARK. Did anything in the sea, ever manage to live afterwards, apart from maybe fish?
The writings indicate, that everything outside the Ark, was so terribly Bad – that nothing would live, after the Flood. Isn’t that the case?
It is explained, that the latter 8 People, and Animals who survived the Flood – spread out, over all the Earth. There was amazing changes throughout the Earth, with a completely different Population.  Everything known beforehand, changed places, as the Earth settled down. Birth at that time, was amazing, with vast numbers of people born.
Footnotes. Other places, for you to open, read and look at.
1.         Encyclopædia Britannica,
2.         P. Savolainen et al, A detailed picture of the origin of the Australian dingo, obtained from the study of mitochondrial DNA,  PNAS  (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  of the United States of America)  1 0 1: 1 2 3 8 7 – 1 2 3 9 0, August 2 0 0 4.
3.         Oard has published many articles in journals and on the AiG and ICR websites on these issues. For a detailed account of his findings, see his book:
M. Oard, An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, Institute for Creation Research,  El Cajon,  California,         2 0 0 2.
4.         Ibid, p. 8 0.
5.         Spelled “Recolonisation” in the UK, which is where the theory began.
6.         A.C. McIntosh, T. Edmondson, S. Taylor – FlFlood Models: The need for an integrated approach. TJ 1 4: 5 2 – 5 9, April 2 0 0 0 and Genesis and Catastrophe. 1 0 1 – 1 0 9 Recolonizers’ disagreements with these article, were answered in: 8 0 – 8 2,  2 0 0 0, available online at:
7.         R. Holt, Evidence for a Late Cainozoic Flood/post-Flood Boundary, TJ 1 0 (1): 1 2 8 – 1 6 8, April 1 9 9 6.
8.         For more on this, see
9.         A.C. McIntosh, T. Edmondson, and S. Taylor, McIntosh, Taylor, and Edmondson reply to Flood Models, TJ 1 4 (3): 8 0 – 8 2, 2 0 0 0.
1 0. John Woodmorappe, has documented, various detailed scientific models – pertaining to the Ark pre-Flood, and post-Flood issues in his book:
1 1. Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study, Institute for Creation Research, El Cajon, California, 1 9 9 6.
Posted by John Chingford at 1 1: 2 9 am
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Page 4 7 1 (1 8)

John Mackay. The Bible does not Disprove Dinosaurs, but Proves them True. Bible actually mentions earlier Dinosaurs, with names of Behemoth, Tannin and Dragon. Please think about that. John explains the real Truth, very well. He proves truth, of Earths Age, of only 6 0 0 0 years

This is Second page, after Last Page was started in 4 4 7.

When did Dinosaurs Live?

Evolutionists, have never ever had any proof, of how long ago – Dinosaurs lived on Earth. They Wrongly/Badly claim, that Dinosaurs lived Millions of years ago. This is just TERRIBLE guesswork, with absolutely no proof available. All is just Guesswork, more than 6 0 0 0 years ago. Please understand, there is NO PROOF AVAILABLE, regarding 6 0 0 0 years ago.

It is important to realise, that when they dig up a Dinosaur Bone, it can never have a label attached – showing how old it is. Everything else that is done, is just MERE guesswork. It is impossible, to do any more than this, for items 6 0 0 0 years old.

Evolutionists, obtain their dates, by indirect dating methods. These, are questioned, by other Scientists. Also, there is much Evidence/Proof, against the Millions of years life, being true. See this next, “Answersingenesis” item 1 3 .

Does God tell us, that He THEN made Tyrannosaurus Rex, and when?

Genesis 1: 2 4 – 2 5. After reading this Bible Page, Many people would say no! But the Bible states, that God made all things, in six normal days. God made the Land animals, including Dinosaurs, on Day six.

These all started their first date, from about 6 0 0 0 years ago. That needs to be mentioned again, to remind us. ONLY 6 0 0 0 years, and no more than this. The approximate date of Creation, obtained by adding up the years in the Bible, can be seen on this next item: 1 4

Since T. Rex, was a Land animal, and God made all the Land animals on Day 6 – then it becomes obvious, that God made T. Rex, on Day 6.

Furthermore from the Bible, we see that there was no Dinosaurs in the World, as created by God – at the very beginning. Everything at the beginning, was PERFECT and GLORIOUS, with first creations being Mankind. Everything was created by God, and could not have existed, without God creating them.

God has only ever been interested, in providing good things for us, and never – in creating weird Animals/Dinosaurs, at the beginning. Anything Bad that happened to them, in the future, could only happen – if Mankind caused the problem, by their SIN. This Sin, has always been, after those animals were created. The creation, at the beginning, did not contain these:

– Death

– Bloodshed

– Disease

– Suffering before Sin

See this next item: 1 5

There was nothing, that was not Perfect. This was until the People, within God’s Creation, started sinning against Him. Consider the Effect, if death and Bloodshed of Man, and Animals – suddenly came into the world, AFTER ADAM SINNED. These imperfect things, could only be created, after sin began, AND NOT BEFORE SIN.

The First death of an animal, occurred, when God shed an animal’s Blood – in the Garden of Eden. God used this, to cleanse, heal and save – Adam and Eve. This is all discussed, in just the third chapter, of the very first Book of the Bible. These were the First People (TWO), that God created on Earth. Much is discussed about them, in Genesis 3. See Genesis 3: 2 1

Genesis 3, gives us a Picture, of the Oneness with God – before Sin occurred, and Christ’s Blood was needed. The Blood would later be used, as shed for their Sin. There was no bones of dead animals, to forgive Sin, Before Sin First emerged.

If this Blood, was already available, this would undermine the Future Gospel, and the True Saving Salvation, of Jesus, from Sin. This Means, that the Dinosaurs MUST have died much later, than was wrongly declared – and they died AFTER sin entered the world, through MAN. NOT BEFORE! Dinosaur bones, could not be Millions of Years Old.

Reason: Adam and Eve were the very first Human life, that were created on Earth. They were created, without sin, about six thousand years ago – at the same time as the Dinosaurs, and not ever, Millions of years after the Dinosaurs.

The Trouble of Sin coming into the World, could not happen, until Adam/Eve sinned. Imperfect Dinosaurs, could NEVER exist, until Adam/Eve sinned – and caused an evil, to begin spreading on the Earth.

Animals existed at the beginning, as perfect, until Sin entered the Earth – through man. Man could originally live securely with the animals, until sin messed everything up.

The Effect of Awful Terrible Teaching, re Millions of Years, and the Gospel Truth.

The Teaching, that Dinosaurs lived and died, Millions of years – before Man was born, directly attacks the foundations of the Gospel. It brings into being, events that could only happen, after Sin began.

Immediately after Adam/Eve sinned, the world witnessed these:

– Death

– Disease

– Suffering

– Cruelty

– Brutality.

If was true, but is not, that Millions of years existed – it would have caused a very ugly record. It would cause a multitude of sin to destroy the World, before man even appeared. Before even Man was created, there would have been vast:

– Death,  Bloodshed,  Disease, and  Suffering

This would have been the case, even before Adam and Eve sinned. But the Bible makes it clear, that these terrible things, are a consequence of sin. Sin could only come into the World, through Man.

As part of the Curse, before a way of Forgiveness was made, God told Adam, in Genesis 3: 1 9 – that he would return to the dust, from which he was made. This showed, that the sentence of death, was not only spiritual – but was physical as well. They Desperately needed, to be Forgiven.

After Adam disobeyed God, the Lord clothed Adam and Eve with protection, for their sin. According to the Law, almost all things, are purified – with Blood. The Bible says: “without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin”.

God required the shedding of blood, for the forgiveness of sins. What happened in the Garden of Eden, was a picture, of what was to come in Jesus Christ – who shed His blood on the Cross, as: “The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” John 1: 2 9.

If the shedding of Blood occurred, before sin first occurred, then the foundation of the Atonement – would not be required, as no sin to cleanse. The fact is, that the World’s timing of all this, is totally wrong. We all have sinned, and all need Forgiveness and Cleansing from Sin. This Forgiveness, can be understood and seen clearly, within Romans 8.

This Bible verse says, that the whole of creation “Groaned”. Why? It was because, of the Effects regarding the Fall of Adam. This first happened, AFTER Sin Emerged. It was not “Groaning”, with death and suffering at the start. This groaning was not, until Adam Sinned.

Jesus Christ suffered physical death, and Shed His own Blood, for our sake. This was because, death was the Penalty For Sin. Paul discusses this in detail, in Romans 5 and within 1 Corinthians 1 5.

Also, Rev 2 1 – 2 2, makes it clear – that later, there will be a “New Heaven, and a New Earth”. One day, there will be “No more death” and “No more curse”,  just as it was – before Sin changed everything. Obviously, if there are going to be animals, in the LATTER NEW EARTH – they will not die, or eat each other, or eat the redeemed people.

There is a massive problem, of teaching Millions of years – of Death, Disease and Suffering, before Adam Sinned. This terrible teaching, is a direct force attack, on the very foundation – of the message of the Cross.


If we accept God’s Word, beginning with Genesis, as being true and authoritative – which means accepting the true same time (as men), that Dinosaurs first appeared. That is, as we first learnt, in that old programme – called Flintstones.

If we do this, we can make far more sense, of THIS Real timing truth, that we see in the world around us. In doing this, we are helping people to see, that Genesis is absolutely Trustworthy – and Logically Defensible. Please understand, the Bible, is what it claims to be. That is, the Absolutely True account, of the history of the Universe and Mankind.

What one Believes, concerning the Book of Genesis, is regarding the Timing and Style of Creation. What one believes about this, will ultimately determine, the Overall Believes – about the rest of the Bible. This in turn, will affect, how a person views these:

– Himself or Herself

– Fellow Human Beings

– What Life is all About

– Their need for Salvation.

Note from John Chingford:

The Purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations of Evolutionists – who never tell us, that their estimations are just Theory. They always tell us these lies, (including timescales), as if they were Facts. Please remember, that deliberately concealing/withholding Truth, is lying!

With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is True! It is far more reliable, in its details, than mere men use – who try to figure things out, with their Imperfect and Finite minds.

When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact Mankind, to trust in the God – who effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible. Mankind need to realise, that God knows about His Universe, and He knows about it – infinitely more, than what they ever realise.

Please read this article, which proves, why the Bible can be Trusted – and why it IS indeed, THE WORD OF GOD.

Posted by John Chingford at 5: 5 7 pm

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By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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