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478 Justin Peters verse Word Faith, and their massive Evil Truth. Justin shows, how Corona Virus really started, and proves Word Faith Evil

This is Second part. That is from Page 3 0 0 and 4 7 7. I now go on to pages 4 7 8 to 4 8 2. This section 478, looks at all my found 1 4 serious messages, which I have saved on this Blog – about Justin Peters teachings.

Please open these 1 4 pages, to read them all. There may be other pages about Justin, but I have not yet found them. I will add them here later, if I can find them.

These 1 4 Pages, appear below the pictures, of Justin.

My next role, is to open 4 more New Pages, of 4 7 9 to 4 8 2 in same way as for above 478. These will contain, many other TRUE messages, about my other trusted people – regarding the truth of REAL CHRISTIAN FAITH. These writings here, contain great evidence from Justin Peters.

They also Reveal – Terrible and False, Word Faith teaching.

It also contains, these great teachings from these other 5 people.

1. Robert Breaker (5 pgs)

2. Tony Pearce (6 pgs)

3. Jack Hibbs (1 pg)

4. John Mackay (14 pgs).

5. Amir Tsarfati (Many Pages)

These 5 pages in full total, will cover multiple other pages, within 4 7 8 to 4 8 2.

1. Justin Peters. His true revelations, about the False, Word Faith teachings – 1 4 pages.

Justin Peters

The next PAGES to look at, will be these:

1 2 9, 1 3 0, 1 3 8, 1 3 9, 1 4 1, 1 4 4, 1 6 3, 2 5 0, 2 5 1, 3 2 3, 3 8 9, 3 9 4, 4 1 4, 4 4 0

Within the following: 1 to 1 4.

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Justin Peters. Part 1: Comparing How to Get Close to Jesus, Pray and Walk with Him, in these Last Days – compared to Rick Warren, and Word Faith

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Justin Peters. Part 2 completion: How to Get Close to Jesus, Pray and Walk with Him, in these Last Days – compared with terrible activities, of Rick Warren, and Word Faith

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Justin Peters. Part 1 of Rick Warren and Word Faith. Their Full Apostasy complete. Mystery Babylon, will be controlled by Satan soon. All now, is taking Greater shape

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Justin Peters. Part 2 re Rick Warren and Word Faith. Word Faith, is now massively trying to accept many False Christian Faiths, which it should never do, like: Catholic Rome, Promise Keepers, Rich Warren and Purpose Driven, New Apostolic, New Frontiers, Latter Rain etc

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Justin Peters Reveals much truth, about terrible things being preached in the church. He does not preach his belief, but only exposes, the bad things that I need to expose – in watch it films. He only preaches, against the terrible things, that I am also concerned about.

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Justin Peters Truth. He actually, knows more about Word Faith, than anyone else. He spends all his time, exposing the terror and practices, of Word Faith activities. He does not preach about his Baptist own Faith, but only preaches, against Word Faith bad practices.

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Justin Peters, Word Faith Revelations. This shows us, the Terrible Word Faith, and their False Teachers. It warns us, why they are WRONG

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Justin Peters. Word Faith Terrible Religion. This shows how Bad it is, with multitudes of False Christians, who BADLY follow it.

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Justin Peters New Message. He explains how Corona Virus really started, and he proves the Badness, of Word Faith

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Justin Peters, reveals Lies and Deception, about Word Faith. Here are worrying Videos about them, shown by Justin

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Justin Peters, reveals Rick Warren, Word of Faith Apostasy – and Mystery Babylon. Word Faith infiltrated Protestant/Evangelical churches, by pretending to be preachers of these. Many of the Word Faith leaders, are Ecumenical, working with Rome.

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Justin Peters. Proof why Word Faith Preachers, are probably not Saved Christians. Evidence Given here. Their Teachings, include Terrible Pretence and Lies

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Justin Peters. Why is Word Faith Organisation a Cult?  It is Detrimental, to your Faith,  Mind And  Soul.  Please Listen to the messages, from Justin.

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Justin Peters. This WORD FAITH movement, is so seriously BAD/dangerous, that I have to explain the serious terrible things – that they are doing here. That is, through the TOP listed Word Faith Leaders.

Page 1 2 9 (1)

This message will investigate, our whole relationship with God. It will look at how:

– We all can get closer to God.

– We can pray better.

– We can improve our journey with Him.

In our days now, we are experiencing these things:

– Mass Apostasy

– Persecutions

– Heresies

– False Teachings

– Twisting of Scriptures

– Non Scriptural, False Prophecies.

It is vital, that all individual born again believers, learn how to get close to God – and be instructed by God personally.

We should have a better attitude, the same way, that the great bible characters did. They virtually (single-handedly) served the Lord, in the right way, and in times of Apostasy or Persecution.

This was also done by: David, Jeremiah, Daniel, Paul etc.

Please now read these next 2 passages, which contain prints, and short explanation. Then take a look at 3 other messages, a bit further down. However, I believe, you first need to get into the first 2 messages first – as part of the first message.

These messages were saved here, from my old Blog.

Please now open up, all these below in blue and green. This will help you, to be able to get to the place, where you can actually see my old Blog Wordings.

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

Rick Warren and Word of Faith’s Full Apostasy is Complete. Mystery Babylon is Taking Even Greater Shape Before Our Eyes

These were illustrating, how very close we are, to the:

– Rapture

– First Tribulation Time

– Second Great Tribulation Time

– Second Coming of JESUS

Therefore, we need to rediscover and learn, how to get close to God now – so that we are ready. As Jesus said “Watch and Pray” and “When you see these things happening, look up, for your redemption is drawing near”.

How to get Close to God

A good starting point, of how to get close to God, would be to read this next article:

How To Study The Bible and Why. Learning How To Avoid Deception

There are 2 main ways, of getting close to God.

To have a relationship with anybody, it is important to spend time in that person’s presence, either listening – or talking to each other.

Or even, just simply enjoying each other’s presence. It is no different with God. He has chosen to Speak to us, through His word, and listen to our prayers. 

We Listen through: reading/studying/meditating. This is on the things He reveals to us, through the Bible Scriptures.

We talk to Him through prayer.

Remember always, that Prayer is our way of communicating directly to God, by talking to Him – about the things that concern us.

It is important to learn, what things we should pray for, by developing our knowledge of Him – through what the Bible tells us, about Him.

The more we learn about Him, the more we learn what things we should pray for, and develop a “mind of God”. That is, a mind that thinks like God.

This is because we think, according to the Bible (Word of God). God has chosen, to reveal, who He is – and display His mind, in the Bible Scriptures.

With these things in mind, it is good to first use Bible Teaching, of Matthew 6: 6 – 1 3. This as a starting point, when we pray. Don’t just read out that prayer, to God, but focus seriously on every word. Please use each phrase, as an introduction, to each aspect of prayer. An indication of this, is shown next.

1. Adoration, Thanksgiving:

It starts with spending time telling God, that we acknowledge who He is, and how great and wonderful He is: Adoration and Praise

2. Supplication:

We then ask Him to:

– Take Control, of our Lives

– Save the Lives, of those we Love

– Gradually spread these requests, to the whole world.

Remember the Prayer, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven”.

This should take up most of our time, in prayer, not just asking vaguely – for the kingdom to come, but specifically making prayer requests. These lead towards that bigger picture.

This is like asking God, if He wants to change things, or give us another political leader, that would introduce Godly changes. Or praying that the Holy Spirit, would convict an unsaved loved one, of these 3 things: Righteousness, sin and judgement.

This so that they may be saved.

Or praying for fellow believers, that they may be filled, with the knowledge of God – in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.

All these above, help us use scripture verses, and pray – by using these scriptures in our prayers. It helps us attune ourselves, to the things, that God wants us to pray for.

3. Confession & Personal Requests:

We then:

– Pray to God, for our own specific needs

– Finally confess our failings with others, asking God to help us overcome these specific temptations, in the future

list the things, we personally need spiritual protection from.

The order is:

First God, Focus on God/Jesus

Second Others, Focus on praying for the world

Third Yourself, finally pray for our own needs.

That is: Jesus first, Others second, Yourselves last of all. JOY.

When confessing sin, it is good to use psalm 5 1, as a guide – in how to do this. When praying for the kingdom, to realise it is good to use John 1 7, as a guide to part of that area. It is good, to see how those in the bible prayed, such as:

Daniel, David (psalms) Paul (in his letters) and of course, Jesus.

There is also another help you can use, when seeking God in prayer. You can use the Acronym ACTS. That is spelt as: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. Although, not in that order.

I personally would place it slightly differently, as ASCTA“. That is: Adoration, Supplication, Confession, Thanksgiving, Adoration.

It starts with Adoration and ends with Adoration. During the time of Adoration, you can sing songs/hymns, that are specifically Prayer and Praise songs – and are directed to Him, e.g. “I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you”. Songs are a good way, to open your heart to God.

It is important, when you pray, that you can find a place – where you can open up your heart, to speak direct to God with your voice. This does not need to be loud, because Prayer to God is secret, between you and Him.

But you do need to open yourself up to God properly. This openness, can only be done, by speaking audibly. This will really help your concentration to God, much better this way, by not praying with closed lips. It must be audible, but as low as possible, as it doesn’t have to be loud.

This is because, there is power and release, in speaking out verbally. It is very difficult to pour out your heart and soul to God, if it is only in the mind. The psalmist said “come bless the Lord, all my soul and all that is within me”. How can that be achieved, unless it is verbal?

Prayer includes, and is, a pouring out of your heart and soul – and emotions to God. Prayer includes particularly, supplications and intercession.

Paul said in Philippians 4: 6:

Do not worry about anything, but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And then the peace of God that passes all understanding, will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus

You have only got to read the Psalms of David, to see how he poured out his heart, and soul to God.

I will now give you an article, which deals with another aspect of our relationship with God, which is meditation and praise.

Regarding the meditation, it is not the emptying of the mind, nor the (Transcendental Meditation) type. It is a simple thinking and concentrating, on the scripture you are reading. It includes thinking about how it applies, and what God is saying to you personally, through it.

Here are some more verses, you can use.

Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Here are 2 other relevant articles, which will help you direct your minds, correctly towards God – rather than get badly influenced, by those who declare confusing things, in how to get close to God.

Prophetic Ministry In These Last Days. How to Recognise True And False Prophecies

In These days Of Apostasy and False Christianity, Should We Still Attend Apostate Churches?

How to Walk with God

Regarding walking with Him. The starting place, would be exactly the same as above. It is impossible to know how to walk with Him, UNTIL you have developed your close relationship with Him. That needs to be nurtured first.

Only when we develop the mind of God, through reading/studying/meditating, upon the things we have read and prayed – will we know how to serve Him in obedience, and be led by the Holy Spirit to discern His voice. Here is proof that this is the case:

Hebrews 5: 1 2 – 1 4

Though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.

But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use, have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil

This is telling us, that it takes time to develop a listening ear, to the Holy Spirit’s leading – and it comes, by applying the things we learn from the bible, into our daily lives.

By constant application of the Word of God, to our daily lives, we develop the mind of Christ – and the instincts, of what God wants us to do.

The Holy Spirit will never contradict God’s Word, the bible. However, we can easily be influenced by other sources, e.g. false teachers and satanic lies. These lies though, sometimes may sound very convincing, persuasive – and plausible.

This is because we are weak human beings, susceptible to sin and deception.

Many believe, that the Holy Spirit has spoken to them, or lead them in a certain direction. They come to this conclusion, without reading carefully, from the Bible first.

This is a terrible thing to do, or trust, without reading the Bible carefully first. These beliefs, feelings or even words, cannot be true – if they are led into unscriptural practice, and follow a false representation of God.

No matter how convinced you are, or how much you want it to be true, it is always best/wise to have a humble attitude – with an open and honest heart before God, and His Word (the Bible).

This attitude should always be used. You should be determined to reject things, if the whole bible’s overall teaching (in context) on these things, reveals you are incorrect.

As said, the Holy Spirit will NEVER reveal things to you, that contradict the bible. God knows that we need a measuring device, standard or plumb-line, to test our experiences with. This He uses, to speak to us through the bible.

Jesus said, that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.

John 1 6: 1 3, told us, that we need no man to teach us, as the Holy Spirit will teach us all things. See also 1 John 2: 2 7.

That means that the Holy Spirit will teach us, when we read the Bible, by illuminating the truth contained in the bible – and helping us to understand what we are reading.

Jesus was speaking to the apostles, who were to write the new testament.

He taught them, that the Holy Spirit would lead THEM into all truth. Then John told us, that it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us. This was said, at a time, when large sections of scriptures were available.

It doesn’t mean, that we should not listen to pastors/teachers.

However, we need to understand, that the greatest and best teaching, comes from the Holy Spirit direct. The teaching from a good man of God, cannot be grasped, unless the Holy Spirit Himself – helps and teaches us.

Our dependence, should be upon the Holy Spirit, to teach us direct from the scriptures – rather than indirectly, through a man. This man (if good) may be simply a channel to help/guide us, but the real teacher is the Holy Spirit.

Page 1 3 0 (2)

It would be so good, if you could open these following 6 Blog titles, and read the whole of those earlier blog messages, in LAST DAY WATCHMAN.

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

Rick Warren and Word of Faith’s Full Apostasy Is Complete. Mystery Babylon Is Taking Even Greater Shape Before Our Eyes

Also, further down in my message, there are other places you can read – which are applicable old stories. Such as:

How To Study The Bible and Why. Learning How To Avoid Deception

Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Prophetic Ministry In These Last Days. How to Recognise True And False Prophecies

In These days Of Apostasy and False Christianity, Should We Still Attend Apostate Churches?

Please check the above out, and then advise me, if you can open them up okay.

Thanks from John

Page 1 3 8 (3)

Here is a story, of a few years ago. Is it still valid? Please open and check it out.

Kenneth Copeland and Pope, have now got combined together, in JESUS Pretence Apostasy

Rick Warren and Word of Faith’s Full Apostasy complete. Also Mystery Babylon, taking Greater Shape, before our Eyes

These next 2 messages in RED, contain a way to open new Blog pages. Please open and read them.

Rick Warren and Word of Faith’s Full Apostasy complete. Also Mystery Babylon taking Greater Shape before our Eyes

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

Second Picture, having Kenneth Copeland and Pope, drawn together – with Bad events Planned

My last article, showed the evidence and signs, of how very close we are – to the Rapture of the church, and to the last 7 years. This 7 years will happen, before the Second Coming. This will include, the worst time ever on planet Earth.

This message also shows, how Rick Warren will be joining the Pope, in the Vatican. He will also, be with other faith religious leaders. In fact, I also show another video, at the bottom of this article – showing Rick’s adoration of the Pope.

He stated, that anyone who likes this Pope, will certainly love Jesus. That wording is nonsense, and totally the wrong way round of where truth lies. The truth, is in how people view Jesus, and never how a man is imagined wrongly.

It would make more sense, the other way round. For example, whoever loves Jesus properly, will still love the bad Pope, in the power of Jesus. But this love, can never save them, if they oppose Jesus. They still need to receive Jesus, as their own personal Saviour, and Lord.

This article, now provides even further evidence, that the rapture and Second Coming are extremely close by. It looks at the way, that the apostasy of vast parts of evangelical, and protestant Christianity – has increased dramatically, within the last few years or so.

Please use your computer, to copy, and watch the following.

These 3 watchable messages above, and the further messages and videos below, are absolutely shocking.

On many of this blog’s articles, it gives evidence, that the Word of Faith organisation – was originally set up by Rome’s agents. They used it, to badly strengthen protestant/evangelical churches.

This occurred, by strong Catholics, pretending to be protestant evangelical preachers. The blog mentions, how the Word of Faith leaders are ecumenical, working with Rome. It warned us to reject Word of Faith, and come out of it.

Well I now have the absolute proof, of their intentions and allegiances, on the 3 videos above, and as indicated on the first set of photos. These were taken, some time after the event.

I have now been made aware of something, which happened at the beginning of this year. This is something, which is another massive step, towards the apostasy – of large parts of the charismatic section, of protestants. These are joining Rome (Catholic church), and therefore the strengthening, of mystery Babylon – the one world global religion.

The following, have now bowed the knee to Rome (Catholic church). They have declared, their absolute allegiance, in unity – to the following:

– Word of Faith

– Parts of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

– Emerging Church

– Seeker Sensitive movement (through Rick Warren)

The second picture (not video):

This is of Kenneth Copeland. He is leading a Word of Faith conference, for all the leaders of that organisation, early in that year. This includes the Pope, and Word of faith movement, who together made an open declaration – of unity with Rome. Rome is todays Catholic church.

In fact, the response from Kenneth was astounding, and looks very much like he was actually praying to the pope – by blessing and praising him. He offered themselves to the Pope, with all their might.

At one point in his prayer, it was like he suddenly realised, what it looked like – and paused to change the tone. It was like these following words:

“we thank you sir (pause……), we thank God for you”.

This 4th video, can be found and listened to. Please listen from the 4 3rd minute, and during the 4th to 1 8th second point, of that chapter – as I now reveal below.

The very first video, at the top of this page, is of Tony Palmer. He is a very close friend of Pope Francis.

Tony is working as the Pope’s “Elijah”, to bring protestants back to the Catholic Church. Tony declares, that he is a protestant servant of Rome, with a background in Word of Faith – and he knows Kenneth Copeland, from many years ago. His work, is all VERY eerie.

If you read between the words, there are some very worrying things being implied, by Tony and the Pope.

The third video, is a very good commentary, exposing those implications. If I can find a better 3rd video, I will change it later, but it is the best I can find for now – although from a Seven Day Adventist.

I DO NOT endorse Seven Day Adventists (SDA) in any other way, but he does give a part important message.

By the way, we have now been told, that Tony has died – in a motor bike accident. Yet there is no evidence that he died, because the hospitals say that he was ordinarily discharged.

It looks like Word of Faith, may be up to their old tricks. Watch this space!

In 2 0 2 0, is there any further proof, whether he is dead or alive? If he is dead, I hope he came through to the Lord properly, before he died. But if he is alive, I would like to know what is happening now please, and why everything has been hushed up – so much.

This 5th video (below) is as promised. It is a short video, showing Rick Warren’s confession of his leadership, of the Catholic church.

To show, how this Blog has highlighted these:

– The Ecumenism

– The False Behaviour

– The Heresies of Rick Warren, and Word of Faith movement

Please now click on these links below.

Once you click on each link, please look on the right-hand side, and scroll down. Please look at the individual articles, on Rick Warren and on Word Faith. Note: at bottom of page, click on “next posts” for other related articles:

Following on from the above research, I have discovered that this new Pope, has already made an enormous impression. This impression on World and religious leaders, includes Islamic and charismatic Christian leaders.

As well as having meetings, with religious leaders, the Pope has also had meetings with a large number of World leaders. In just 2 0 1 4, he has had private meetings with these:

– Queen Elizabeth II

– President Obama

– President Putin

– Israeli president Shimon Peres

– Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

– Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu (in Jerusalem)

This to name, just a few. All of them, have left his presence, seemingly very impressed. Why is the Pope so keen, right now to do so much? What other things has he now also been involved in, over the last 6 years to 2 0 2 0?

Is he now involved, in the World Corona Virus? How affected is he, by this?

Once Christians are taken to heaven, the seven years will begin, in which the Pope will be greatly messed up – by Satan’s death destruction. This will be over the last 3.5 years.

Note this below article, regarding the people, who are discussing the uniting of religions. They are Peres, Abbas and the Pope.

Here is a video of John and Carol Arnott. They are leaders of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), and the false “Toronto Blessing”.

They are discussing their experience, of meeting up with Pope Francis, alongside Kenneth Copeland et al. It is clear that both John and Carol are awe struck by the Pope, and speak only praise for him. They are very keen to unite with the Pope, in joint evangelism.

The next part of this message, will appear on Page 1 3 9

Page 1 3 9 (4)

I will now continue on, from the last message of 1 3 8. This is now 139.

By the way, I found a way of saving an opening message, to click on and listen to – in my last blog 1 3 8. I believe that everyone can all watch, and listen to that message. If not, I need to find a way of people being able to listen/watch it. I need your help in this.

If you can watch and listen to it, please tell me. This is very important for you to do so, and for me to learn. I need this, as no one is talking to me, at all about this. It is making things very difficult for me.

Tony Palmer stated, that we are now in a post-Protestant era. This includes, the Lutherans signing an agreement, to that effect – in 1 9 9 9.

As a very subtle ploy, Rome has agreed to change JUST ONE THING, in their Statement of Faith. That is, that we are saved by grace alone, for the purpose of doing good works.

The question is what does Rome (Catholic church) mean by “grace”. Basically, their meaning of grace is different to true Christians. It includes “works” in their meaning.

Grace to them, means the grace sacraments. such as the Eucharist. They are putting the wool over our eyes. They have no intention of changing their position, but trying to make us think they are/have.

To avoid us finding these things out, the Catholics state, that it is the glory that unites us – not doctrine.

What rubbish!

They say, let’s ignore doctrine, and just embrace each other in unity – and focus on our experiences in the Holy Spirit. ???

This is just like what the ecumenical “promise-keepers” have sworn to do, and are doing horribly already.

So since 1 9 9 9, what has happened?

This blog has shown, how Rick Warren emerged out of Rome, to influence protestants – back to Rome, through his seeker sensitive, and new age influenced books.

These books of Rick are called:

– Purpose Driven Church

– Purpose Driven Life

He uses the occult influenced, and false “message” bible, AND his P.E.A.C.E mission. In this, he has involved all faiths, and political leaders – such as Tony Blair, in this initiative.

He has also been extremely influential, in the Emerging church. This, together with other strands of Christianity, has introduced “experiential” faith.

Billy Graham’s Lausanne Movement, has been successful in bringing new Calvinism to Rome, through those like John Piper.

John Piper, cannot find any problem with Rick Warren’s teachings, as per this video this year. . 

This shows, how Rick Warren loves the Pope, and calls him “our” Pope.

To watch it, please open this.

We have seen how NAR leaders (New Apostolic Reformation – also known as Latter Rain), and New Frontiers, are supporting Rome (Catholic church).

We have also seen, how many major protestant leaders, from all areas of protests – have united with Rome, through their Manhattan Ecumenical Declaration. 

And we have seen, how the Pope is having a lot of success, joining top religious leaders of all faiths – and the presidents of the superpowers in unity, over a “common purpose”.

This Pope is clearly a “man of peace” with a serious mission to unite the world, for world peace.

However, this peace is not real and cannot last, because – only the Prince of Peace (JESUS), can bring that about.

He will do this, during His Millennial reign, at the Second Coming. Jesus said:

when they say peace and security, then sudden destruction will come upon them” 

That sudden destruction (which means an unexpected time) is probably the rapture, followed by God’s wrath.

We NOW see, the most open and blasphemous DECLARATION, from a VERY large part of the Charismatics and Pentecostals. This follows the New Apostolic Reformation allegiance, to the Pope, and agrees – that they are all now Catholics. Apparently the Protest, is now over.

Incidentally we were also told, that the worldwide Methodist church, has already united. The Baptist Union, has also deepened their Ecumenical relationship with Rome, by working alongside Catholic churches.

The above, Word of Faith leaders conference, incidentally looks very much like a set up. It is carefully staged by Word of Faith and Rome, that had been Pre-arranged decades ago.

Why do I say this? This recent staging of the “miracle of unity” with Rome (Catholic church), is only the culmination, of something planned decades ago – since around 1 9 4 8. This was the same year that Israel became a nation again.

There is much evidence available, showing how Word of Faith leaders, are actually agents of Rome (Catholic church). They are infiltrating evangelical Christianity, to spread poisonous leaven, weakening the church – and priming it for a take over.

Note that the Pope, and Kenneth Copeland, are of similar age. Tony Palmer has known both of them, from his early days. Seems like something strange going on?

Many Jewish messianic groups, have also given in to Rome, by joining the Vatican controlled Lausanne Movement. They now use the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE).

Recently, the orthodox branch of Christendom, has also reunited with Rome.

The question is this?

How much of true Christianity, and the evangelical protestant church, still remains – that has not yet sworn allegiance to the Pope? How much freedom is there now, from the Pope?

Please read this article:

This shows, why we should NEVER unite with Rome.

Rome is an evil religious empire, which will be later used, and inspired by Satan – to send billions of people to Hell. It is indeed the great power, behind the emerging Mystery Babylon, the Great.

However, there are those who say, that Jesus prayed for the unity – of the whole body of Christ. This wording would include the Roman Catholic church, Orthodox churches, Protestant and evangelical churches.

That thinking is not good, and is not true?

NO it is not true!!!

Jesus prayed for millions of individual, true born again bible believing people. He prayed for their strength, to individually become stronger, and follow Jesus alone – for His unity, and never follow people unity.

The church needs Christ unity, and never people unity. They have the needed faith, and will put their trust in Christ alone, for their salvation. They will adhere to fundamental doctrine. They will do this, by the Holy Spirit, to maintain that unity.

Jesus was NOT praying for the unity, of any outward, visible organisation (such as Rome). Besides, the Bible is clear, that there would be a division – between the true, and the false. We also have the exhortation, to “Come out of her”.

The Apostles Paul and John both said “COME OUT OF HER”

Here are other bible verses, which indicate how proper Christians, should serve Jesus.

2 Cor 6: 1 4 – 1 8
Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness?

And what communion has light with darkness?

And what accord has Christ with Belial?

Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?

And what agreement has the temple of God with idols?

For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will dwell in them And walk among them. I will be their God, And they shall be My people.” Therefore “Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you.” “I will be a Father to you, And you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty”

Revelation 1 8: 4:
“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues

We are indeed, very close to the rapture, and Second Coming.

Here is another article and 3 videos. This is re other message to open, on this same subject, which are very clear on the heresy – of Word of Faith religion:

Word Of Faith Deception. Everything You Need To Know On Video

Page 1 4 1 (5)

These words, spoken live by Justin Peters, reveal much truth.

But they speak little about his faith. Main aim is to reveal great truth, about bad false teaching, by some pretence Christian groups.

This is a changed copy of 1 4 0. It is now shown as 141. This is because I have posted this again, as no-one is replying, for some reason. Is it being seen? I need the new one to be re-read now, thanks.

To press and listen to new message, please now go to, Blog page 2 3 3.

I now show the start of seven recorded messages, by Justin Peters, that you can now watch and listen to. They can all be found together, about half way down this page, from here. But first of all, please open this page and watch/listen:

Justin Peters: Dangerous Doctrines

Please watch all 6, half way down, from here.

I send these 6 new messages. These are really good, but I need to explain something important first.

This guy reveals a lot of very good truth, about those who are preaching terrible things in the church. He does not preach, on those things I disagree about, but only exposes bad things – and very well.

The reason I like him, is because he does not say anything harmful, that we might get in disagreement about. He preaches only against the terrible things that I am also concerned about, and the same concerns I have to preach against it.

I do not believe there is anything in his teaching, to spoil my message, but actually promotes it. The copied messages, now follow.

1st watch message, 2nd watch message, 3rd watch message, 4th message, 5th Message, 6th Message. All these 6 Watch it Messages, all appear below here.

Please try your best, to open these 7 messages, and write an email to me. This to say on your email, that you have managed to open these pages okay. You can also write a blog message, if you can, to let me also know this.

Page 1 4 4 (6)

My response to Dave Jenkins re his message about Justin Peters (I think). I want everyone else to watch recorded message of Justin Peters too.

Justin Peters message, is Very powerful and true.

Hi Dave Jenkins. Are you opposing me to the words of Justin Peters?

Is it true that my words are being disputed? My messed up life, by my near death, finds it easy to write – but more difficult to read. This is why I ask this.

I now do need everyone to understand the seriousness, of what I have been through, and therefore reconsider your stance – if I have understood correctly.

Firstly though, I need everyone to be aware, of Justin Peter’s Baptist background and faith – that I may not agree with.

But he does not spend any time teaching his thoughts, on the Baptist church or Bible.

He actually, spends all his time, exposing the terror of Word Faith activities – and their practice. Much of what he speaks about, is not about his Baptist faith, but is regarding the terrible Word Faith – and their bad practices.

He reveals great and wonderful, bad things about them and their teaching, which are excellent messages.

These are the messages below, that can be watched. I want you to watch, examine and check them.

Please again observe the 6 watch it messages on 1 4 1, within 1 4 4.

These messages, do not declare much of Justin’s own faith – but are fantastic, at declaring how bad some Christian teachers are. I am trying to reveal, how bad these teachers are, and why we should definitely not follow their teaching.

I need you all to know, that my life (near death), has become something amazing – that cannot and should not be ignored. I have received a great power from God, to understand things more than ever before. I now need people, to listen carefully to the things I write about, and not think they can ignore me – as a lesser person.

I would like to ask a serious question, though.

How many of you, have had a serious car accident, by a car driving into your cycle – putting you into hospital (without ever waking up), for about 3 months, asleep and virtually living like almost dead.

This was what I went through, and can now read and write very well. This healing was a miracle and was by the power of God. My memory had been completely messed up, and my body had become a diabolical mess.

I can say so much about this, but main thing is:

That God raised me up, and has healed me more than I have ever experienced before. He is speaking very clearly to me, now, through His word – and reminded me, so incredibly of my past life. He also reveals, the place in Him he wants me to return to. He has given me a great new work to do, and given me words to say, that are so much now inside of me.

I have now learnt more from the Bible, than I ever did, before my accident. This is true, even though I was in a fairly strong spiritual belief, before my accident. But I am now better, than I was.

The strongest parts of me, are now beginning to realise this, and become even stronger.

It is becoming so hard for me, to speak the truth to people, without some people denying what I have been through – and denying my teaching. They tend to believe, that they can be in a better place, to learn more from God. How can they live better lives, if their lives have been much easier, than mine?

I am not saying, that those who have not faced a torment like me, cannot get close to God. Of course they can, but such people as me, would have learnt a great humility – and love for God. This love would respect what I have been through, and what I say. This without dismissing my words, so easily.

Please take more serious care, over the words I write, as I do know that much of it is completely true. Please read all this carefully and observe. I am hoping that people will open themselves more to God, and listen to the words I write.

These are words, spoken live by Justin Peters, and reveal much truth. But they speak little about his faith, as main aim, is to actually reveal great truth.

Page 1 6 3 (7)

This guy, reveals a lot of very good truth, about those who are preaching terrible things – in the church. He does not preach on specific Bible/church teaching. That could cause matters to me, that I may disagree about, but he only discusses and exposes terrible things – done amongst bad churches.

I do not believe, there is anything in his teaching, to spoil my message – but it does actually promote it, and is very good. The copied messages, now come close to here.

Please try your best, to open, these 6 Watch It messages – on 1 4 1, within 1 6 3.

Then write an email to me. This email, to say that you have managed, to open these pages okay – and please give your impressions. You can also write a Blog message to me, if you can, to let me know your thoughts.

What are your opinions, of these 6 Watch It messages?

Page 2 5 0 (8)

Please copy, open and then read this:

This reveals that certain people, including TD Jakes, are of that False Pretence group WORD FAITH. This group are all Fakes, and are actually NOT CHRISTIAN. I now present, Very Serious WATCH IT messages, which prove what I am saying – is true.

Word of Faith group, of False Christian Teachers

Here is an example of all the very poor teaching, of these Word of Faith preachers, as shown by Justin Peters.

Please now open up again, Listen, and Watch – these next 4 Justin Peters messages, again.

163 Spoken Talks from Justin Peters. This shows Terrible, False Word of Faith preachers. Warning us, why they are at fault

144 Includes message sent to Facebook. This includes massive things from Justin Peters, but they only expose Word Faith etc falsehood

141 Very powerful message again from Justin Peters. Please read this, and then write to me

323 Word of Faith. This reveals Lies and Deception about Word Faith, through worrying Videos about them, from Justin Peters

Page 2 5 1 (9)

Please open up this Message, below here – from Justin Peters. This is a 2 hours Spoken message, which is VERY GOOD and EASY to WATCH and LISTEN to.

Page 3 2 3 (1 0)

Saturday, 2 0 August 2 0 1 1

Word of Faith Deception. Everything you need to Know, on Video


Video of Justin Peters.
Justin Peters, has a specialised wonderful ministry, on Revealing the Horrible Truth – about  Word of Faith, in a very clear and powerful way. This now includes, all the:
– History
– Doctrines
– Leaders
Of the terrible and False, WORD of FAITH movement.
Justin has produced, many Watchable Videos. These are very Powerfully, Presented. You cannot Fail to Realise, the Terrible  Error, of the Word of Faith movement – after seeing these Videos.
Once you are convinced (after watching), of the Terrible Word Faith, False teachers/message – please spread this word, to your contacts.
You can view, the entire Justin Peters Seminar, here.  Each episode, is over an hour long, so you may want to bookmark them all, for future viewing.   Enjoy!
Part One,  Dangerous Doctrine (includes some history):
Part Two,   Mangled Manifestations
Part Three,  The Hurt Of Healing
I have written a number of other articles, relating to Word of Faith.  You can find them all speedily, by clicking on the label “word faith”,  below in (Red). To find the “Labels”,  just simply look at the line below. This within “Labels”.

Page 3 8 9 (1 1)

Rick Warren, and Word of Faith’s Full Apostasy, Is Complete.  Mystery Babylon is Taking Even Greater Shape, Before Our Eyes.
We now show the evidence, and signs, of how very close we are – to the rapture of the church, and to the last 7 years, before the total Final Second Coming of Jesus. This includes the worst time ever, very soon now, On Planet Earth.
This also shows, how Rick Warren will be joining the Catholic Pope, with other Faith’s Religious leaders – in the Vatican, in the year now of 2 0 1 4.
In Fact, I also show another video, at the bottom of this article. This shows Rick’s False Adoration, of the Pope. This False worded video, says that anyone who likes this Pope, will certainly love Jesus. What Total Rubbish!
I am showing, that there is further evidence, that the Rapture – and Second Coming, are actually extremely close. We can see this, by looking at the way, that the Apostasy of Vast Parts of Evangelical and Protestant Christianity – has increased, within the last year or so.

On many of this Blog’s Articles, it gives evidence, that the Word of Faith organisation – was originally set up by the Catholic Agents of Rome. The Word of Faith used it, to infiltrate Protestant/Evangelical churches, by Lying and pretending – to be Protestant Evangelical Preachers.

The Blog mentions, how the Word of Faith leaders, are Ecumenical – working with Rome.  It warned us, to reject Word of Faith, and come out of it.

See the Three Videos below, and also look at the mentioned Fourth.

I now have the absolute proof, of their intentions, and allegiances – to the evil organisations. See the Videos below (re Jan 2 0 1 4). This as indicated, on the above photos too, which were taken – some time after that event.
I have now been made aware of something, which happened at the beginning of this year.  It is another massive step towards the Apostasy, of large parts of the charismatic section, of Protestantism. They are joining Rome, and therefore are strengthening mystery Babylon, the Global – One World Evil Religion.
Please be aware, that these following groups, have now bowed the Knee to Rome – by declaring their absolute allegiance, in unity.
– Word of Faith
– Parts of NAR
– Emerging Church, and Seeker Sensitive Movement, through Rick Warren

The First Video.

This is of Tony Palmer, who is a very close friend of Pope Francis. He worked as the Pope’s “Elijah”, to bring Protestants back to the Catholic Church.

Tony Palmer declares, that he is a Protestant Servant of Rome, with a background in Word of Faith.  He also states, that he knows Kenneth Copeland, from many years ago.  It is all VERY Eerie.
If you read, between the words, there are some very worrying things – being implied, by Tony and the Pope.

The Second Video.

This is of Kenneth Copeland, leading a Word of Faith conference, for all the leaders of that organisation – early this year.  In this Video, the Pope and Word of Faith, made an open declaration – of Unity with Catholic Rome.
In fact the response from Kenneth Copeland, was very terrible, and looked very much – like he was actually Praying to the Pope.  It shows him Blessing and Praising the Pope, and offering themselves, with all their might – to the Pope.
At one point in Kenneth’s Prayer, it was like he suddenly realised what it looked like.  So he Paused for a moment, to change the tone.  He started by Praying to the Pope, and then he realised, what it looked like – so he then changed it, as soon as it appeared obvious.
He then changed his Prayer to the Pope, to one addressed to God.  Why did he feel, he needed to initially Pray to the Pope, and not initially to Jesus? Please look at this, but watch from time of 36m. 50secs to 37m. 10 secs
As you can see for yourself, above here, it went like this:
“We thank you sir” (pause……),   “We thank God for you”.
As someone pointed out, it does look like Kenneth Copeland is possessed, by Demons.  This can be seen, by the way he conducts himself, with his face and his words.  We need to pray, that God will deliver him, from this mess – and heal him?

The Third Video.

This is a very good commentary, which exposes implications, that we need to be aware of. BUT, if I can find a better 3rd Video, I will change it later – but this is STILL the best I can find for now – albeit from a Seven Day Adventist (SDA).  Note: I DO NOT endorse SDA, in any other way.
By the way, we have been told that Tony Palmer, first Video above – has now died in a motor bike accident.  Yet there is no evidence, that he did in fact Die. The hospitals say, that he was ordinarily discharged.  It looks like Word of Faith, are yet again, up to their Old tricks.  Watch this space, for more evidence, as I learn of more!

Fourth Video.

This is promised as a short Video, showing Rick Warren’s confession.  This shows:  Ecumenism,   False Behaviour,   Heresies of Rick Warren,  Word of Faith Movement.
Once you click on each of my next 2 links, look on the right hand side, and scroll down – looking at the individual articles, on Rick Warren and on Word of Faith. Note: at bottom of page, click on “Next Posts” for other related articles:

My 2 links:
Following on from the above research, I have discovered that this new Pope, has already made an enormous impression (UNGODLY Rejection of Jesus, though) – on the World and on religious leaders. This includes Islamic, and False Charismatic Christian leaders.
As well as having meetings, with religious leaders, the Pope has also had meetings – with a large number of World leaders.  In just the year 2 0 1 4,  the Pope has had private meetings with:
– Queen Elizabeth II
– President Obama
– President Putin
– Israeli President Shimon Peres
– Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
– Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (in Jerusalem)
This to name, just a few.  All of these, have left his Presence, seemingly very impressed. Note this article below, regarding:
– Israeli Peres
– Abbas
– Pope (Discussing the Uniting of Religions):
Late Addition 2 2nd Nov 2 0 1 4.
Here is a video, of John and Carol Arnott, leaders of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and the False Toronto Blessing. They are discussing their experience, that they had, of meeting up with Pope Francis – alongside Kenneth Copeland, and others.
It is clear, that both John and Carol, are very struck – by the Pope, and speak only praise for him. They are very keen to unite with the Pope, in joint Evangelism.


Tony Palmer stated, that we are now in a Post Protestant Era. With the Lutherans signing an agreement, to that effect, in year 1 9 9 9. This proves on 2 2nd Nov 2 0 1 4, how bad Evangelism was becoming, over the last 1 0 0 years.
As a Very Subtle Ploy, Rome (Catholic Church), has now agreed to change JUST ONE THING.  That is, that we are saved by Grace Alone, for the Purpose – of now focussing on good Works.
Problem is, on What does Catholic Church mean, by “Grace”???
The Catholic church meaning of this, is different, from what True Christians Believe.  The Catholic Church have included “Works” in their meaning, rather than, God’s Amazing love and Forgiveness, unpaid for.
Grace to the Catholics,  means the Grace Sacraments, such as their EucharistThey are trying to place the wool, over our eyes, as Grace means works to themand does not mean free salvation, by Jesus. This means, that they have no actual intention, of changing their Position – but making it easier (but wrong) for non Catholic Christians!
The Catholics believe, that they are in total control, so why ever change their belief – in this control?  They will only ever, just make us think, that they have changed their thinking – but will never ever actually do so. They do this, to find reasons, that the Catholic Church will become larger in these days. They will try to ensure, that we will never discover the real truth.
They say, let’s ignore Doctrine, and just embrace each other in unity – focusing only on our experiences, in the Holy Spirit.  This is showing, how Catholics want to take, much more control of the whole world.
This is also, like what the Ecumenical Promise-Keepers, have sworn to do – and are doing already.  Both they, and Catholic Church, are twisting everything – and finding Wrong/Terrible ways, to be in a Faith. So since the year 1 9 9 9, what has happened?
This blog has shown, how Rick Warren Emerged out of Rome (Catholic Church), to influence Protestants back to Rome –  through his Seeker Sensitive, and New Age influenced books.  Such as:
– Purpose Driven Church
– Purpose Driven Life
Regarding, these two terrible set of writings, there has also been other influence.  Such as, the False and Occult influenced “Message Bible” and “P.E.A.C.E Mission”.   All Faiths, and Political Leaders, such as Old British Prime Minister – Tony Blair, are now in this initiative.
Rick Warren, has also been extremely influential, in the awful Emerging Church – which together with other strands of Christianity, has introduced, Experiential Faith.
Billy Graham’s Lausanne Movement, has been successful, in bringing new Calvinism to Catholic Rome – through those people, like John PiperHe incidentally, cannot find any problem, with Rick Warren’s teachings – as per this following video.
This article shows, how Rick Warren loves the Pope, and calls him – our Pope. We have also seen, how New Apostolic Reformation works. They are known as, a New Age Reformation, NAR. They are also known as Latter Rain, and include New Frontiers, with great support for Catholic Rome.
This shows, how many major Protestant Leaders, from all areas of Protestantism, have united with Catholic Rome? This through their Manhattan Ecumenical Declaration?
We have seen, how the Pope is having a lot of success, joining together – with Top Religious Leaders, of all Faiths. The Pope is also involved, in the Presidents of the Superpowers, in unity over a Common Purpose. This Pope, is clearly a FALSE Man of Peace, with a serious mission – to Unite the World – for World Peace.
We can see, how this New Pope, in 2 0 1 4 to 2  0 2 0  – is much more involved in everything.
This involvement, is much more, than all other Previous Popes were.  Why is this one, so very keen, to work so much more dramatically now – and so hard, as he started doing in 2 0 1 4?
Could it be, because of the now recent lead up, of Satan – to these Very near and last 7 years, of Church going to Heaven?  The plan of Satan, is to be able to come to Earth, during these 7 years – so that he is able, to achieve much more?
The Peace of the Pope, is not real, and cannot last –  because only the Prince of Peace – Jesus, can bring Real Peace and Harmony. This True Peace, will be brought about, during Jesus’s Millennial Reign – at the Second Coming. Jesus said:
“When they say peace and security, then sudden destruction, will come upon them”. That sudden destruction, is probably the Rapture. That will be, when Christians are first taken to Heaven.
Then non Christians left behind, will suffer much more terrible times. Just think, how that could very suddenly, and speedily happen – as was evidenced recently, since 2 0 2 0? The recent years, that we are now going through, are just smaller evidence – of that much more terrible time to come. This will start, once TRUE Christians, have been taken to Heaven.
I will now remind us, of the recent New Pope Years, and my last discussions – on this. We NOW see the most open, and very blasphemous declaration, from a VERY Large Part – of:
– The Bad Charismatics
– The Bad Pentecostals
– New Apostolic Reformation
They use a declaration of Allegiance, to the Pope. They also agree, that all of them are now Catholics.  They say that the Protest is now Over, with the Pope.  But in total reality, the Protest is clearly not over.  Why do they claim, it is over?
The real truth is, that the Catholic Faith, is so terribly opposed to Jesus. They only want Mary (NOT JESUS), to take control of all things. They will not accept the real truth, about Mary’s actual normality, of not being God. They will not accept, the lack of power, that she has – compared with Jesus.
Incidentally, we were also told, that the Worldwide Methodist church – has already united. The Baptist Union, has also deepened, their Ecumenical relationship – with the Catholic Church (Rome), by working alongside Catholic churches.
The above Word of Faith leaders conference, incidentally, looks very much like a set up.  It is carefully staged, by Word of Faith and Rome. That had been pre-arranged, decades ago.

Why do I say this?

This recent FALSE staging, of the “Miracle of Unity” with Rome, is only the culmination – of something that had been planned,  decades ago, since around 1 9 4 8.
There is much Evidence available, showing, how Word of Faith leaders – are actually agents of Rome. They infiltrate Evangelical Christianity, to spread Poisonous Leaven. Their Aim is to weaken the church, and prime it, for this take over. This take over, has now been seriously happening, ever since –  about year 2 0 0 0.
Note that the Pope, and Kenneth Copeland, are of similar age – and Tony Palmer, has known both of them, from his early days.  Methinks something fishy, is going on.
Many Jewish messianic groups, have also succumbed to Rome, by joining the Vatican controlled LMJE. That stands for “Lausanne Movement Jewish Evangelism”. Whether people believe this or not, it has now been found as Fact, that this Jewish organisation – belongs to the Catholic Church.   Also recently, the orthodox branch of Christendom, has also – reunited with Rome.
The question is, how much of True Christianity, and the Evangelical Protestant church – still remains, which has not yet sworn allegiance to the Pope?
Please read this article:
This shows, why we should NEVER EVER, unite with Rome.  It is an Evil Religious Empire, inspired by Satan, to send Billions of people to Hell.  It is a starting power of Satan, behind the Emerging Mystery Babylon, the Great.
There are those who say, that Jesus prayed for the unity, of the whole body of Christ.  Is this really true, that all they should have is UNITY, without TRUE repentance? Also, have some people actually agreed this?  This Unity, was definitely not prayed for, by Jesus!  However, these next people, have recently said – it is true, as at 2 0 0 0, until now:
– Roman Catholic Church
– Orthodox Churches
– Protestant
– Evangelical Churches.
Jesus clearly prayed, for the millions, of individual true born again Bible believers – who have, or will put their trust, in Christ alone for their salvation.
Jesus also prayed, that they would yield, to true/sound doctrine – and by the Holy Spirit, maintain that unity.  He was NOT praying for the unity, of any outward visible organisation (such as Rome).
Besides, the Bible is clear, that there would be a division –  between the TRUE and the FALSE. We also have the exhortation, to “Come out of Her”.  As the Apostles Paul and John both said “COME OUT OF HER”
2 Cor 6: 1 4 – 1 8 says:  “Do not be unequally yoked together, with unbelievers”.
–  For What Fellowship, has righteousness with lawlessness?
– What Communion, has light with darkness?
– What Accord has Christ, with Belial?
– What Part Has a Believer, with an unbeliever?
– What Agreement has the Temple of God, with idols?
“You are the temple, of the living God”.
As God has said:  “I will dwell in them, and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My People.”
Therefore:  “Come out from among them, and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.”
“I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty”
Revelation 1 8: 4:  “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues”

We are indeed, Very Close to the Rapture, and Second Coming. Here is another article (Videos), on this same subject, which are very clear – on the heresy, of Word of Faith religion:

Word Of Faith Deception. Everything You Need To Know On Video
Here is yet another Video, of Joel Osteen, from Word of Faith and seeker sensitive movements.  It is getting on the bandwagon, of meeting and uniting with the Pope:

Joel Osteen, is one of those, who belongs to the Word of Faith heresy – and is also a big name, amongst the seeker sensitive type of preachers.

Pastor Joel Osteen and Mormon Senator Meet With Pope Francis For One World Religion

Page 3 9 4 (1 2)

Word Faith Preachers are False, Example given
I found this Testimony, of an ex follower of Word Faith.  It includes their Experiences and Lessons learnt. These Terrible Experiences, should be a stark warning to us all.
Testimony of a Joyce Meyer Follower
This was left at Pulpit Pimps  Pulpit Pimps here. But it will not open anymore, unless you can help me to open it.
It was a long message in: purple/brown and green, from someone else, who used to follow Joyce. It revealed so clearly, the falseness of this group, and what they followed. It also revealed, the wrong sort of things, in there mind – which is not true. If not helped, I will try some other way, to reveal the Truth.
Someone I used to know, supported Joyce Meyer, with everything they had. She was regarded as:
– True
– Down to Earth
– Sincere
– Prosperous Role Model.
Every word, that came out of Joyce mouth, were treated by others – as if they were the Words of God, straight to them. But, where was the majority, of TRUE BIBLE READINGS, from Joyce?
These other people made a point, of trying to never miss a show. But if they did miss anything, they watched Joyce Meyer’s Internet Broadcasts.
When Joyce held her conferences in their area, they went to see her in person. They would do as she said, to show in their own minds, their badly considered commitment to God. They also took holiday days, to bring this about.
Another bad experience, of Word of Faith, now follows here – as next item. This is, what they wrote.
I would drive 3 hours, to Tulsa, to see her preach – at the ORU campus. I would then drive 3 hours back home. I would use this time, to justify myself to God, by reminding Him of these sacrifices.
Talking about sacrifice, not only did I give up a day’s pay to see her, but it was nothing for me to sacrifice $100 or more –  into the white buckets, that they passed around, as offering plates. I knew all along, that I’d have to sacrifice again, when I didn’t have that money – to pay a bill with!
That, in addition to the hundreds of dollars I’d send her, through the mail – every month!
In the typical Word of Faith (WoF) Fashion, I would then go to God in “prayer”, and tell Him what He had to do. I never used to realise the amazing love of God, and that I do not need to do/pay anything, to receive from God.
My awful prayer then, which thought I deserved things, through my efforts – was: “I MUST keep your word. You MUST provide for me, ‘pressed down, shaken-together’ etc. If I delight myself in you, you MUST give me the desire of my heart, ad nausea!”
Is that a real sincere open loving heart to God? That’s NOT praying! When a WORD OF FAITH preacher, wrongly prays like this: “We bind you Satan, we come against all the powers of darkness, we rebuke all poverty and lack” They are NOT praying to God! They are talking to the devil, and speaking, as if Satan were God Himself. It is NOT prayer. But I digress.
Discussion carried on again, from Someone Else. This person, absolutely LOVED Joyce Meyer! But God had other plans for this other person. They said “I was DEEP into the Word of Faith. It was all I had ever known, all my life”.
My grandmother, Latched onto the Seed Faith Teachings, of Oral Roberts – when it first came out. She taught my mother, in the ways of the WORD OF FAITH (WoF), and my mother in turn – taught us the same way!
I grew up thanking God, for me being numbered, among those who knew the “truth!” Needless to say, I naturally equated the Word of Faith, to be the one and only WILL OF GOD.  Anyone who believed otherwise, I believed, was deceived and damned to hell!
That being the case, I grew up being in agreement, with all the False T.V. Ministers.  I used to love them ALL!  Note, as a young boy, I read the terrible False Teacher:  Kenneth Copeland“.
Further continuation here, of the above man’s Words:
The Laws of Prosperity
I wrongly was obsessed, with bad thoughts.  I was determined, to make those bad laws work.  After all, they are LAWS, and even God must abide by them! But taking an honest look back, over the past 30 years, I had to admit – that they never worked for me.
I grew up into my 40’s. During this time, I kept thinking there was something wrong with me. I would actually look at a mustard seed, in the spice rack, and wonder why my Faith –  was so much smaller that that, and didn’t work.
Then I would get depressed, because my Faith was so much smaller, than that mustard seed – so God wouldn’t honour it. I felt rejected by God. Sometimes that feeling of rejection, made me wrongly angry at Him, and there were times – I actually told God, these terrible and wrong things:
– He was a liar!
– He WAS a respecter of persons
– He showed Favouritism
– He didn’t love me
I was doing everything, that I knew to do, to keep with “His Teachings” – as I was taught then! All these things, used to be  said by me.  I used to believe wrongly, that there was nothing wrong with my Faith. But, this is not true.
I now know better.  I used to think my Faith was fine, but the problem, was that my Faith was in a LIE! The God I was mad at, was NOT the TRUE God, of the Bible! The “god” of the WORD OF FAITH, is a demon, straight from HELL!  I know, that this is now true.
That now shows, that therein, lies the danger of WORD OF FAITH teachings. The people in that CULT, don’t even know, who the TRUE God really is – and are damned as a result!
Back to the Joyce Meyer conversation, about THIS MAN.
This man, that I am now writing about, supported Joyce Meyer and her Ministry – with ALL of his substance. He thought Joyce was truly God, speaking straight to him.  But the more he gave to her, the poorer he got. He says, it wasn’t until he got down, to LOSING HIS HOUSE – that the Lord began to act, on the anguish inside him.
I remember back in 2 0 0 5, watching Joyce on T.V. One day Joyce was talking, about how she had brought her parents to St Louis, and bought them a house – close to her.  She said:  I was just in the mood, to buy houses! I almost screamed at her, “why don’t you buy MINE, for me”? I pleaded with God, to speak to Joyce heart, for her to send me a check – to stop the disaster.
Then I thought that God really heard me, and loved me enough, to finally do something – after 30 years of giving! But of course Joyce never did help me. Since I thought she was close to God, and she had his attentive ear,  it must be that God wanted me to suffer – all the more! That is not true.
I couldn’t understand it.  I had donated to Joyce ministry, helped her build her headquarters building, and all the furnishings in it.
According to her plea, for funds back then, I was promised that I would own – one square foot, for each $1 0 0, that I gave towards it. I gave $300, so I should have owned, 3 square feet.  Had God forgotten that?
Now I was in desperate need.  I had NOBODY to beg from, like she did, and I wrongly felt that God didn’t care.  I badly told God, that He was cruel and mean!  But I still loved Him. If I had given up on my ONLY hope, then I REALLY, had no hope at all.
Even then, I still felt, that my breakthrough might still come – so I’d pick myself up, and apologize to God, for my bad will towards Him. Then one day, as I was watching Joyce on TV, it seemed like literally – Scales, fell from my eyes!
Near the end of the show, she was begging for donations. Her announcer came on, talking about all her books. This included, that we could have for a GIFT, X-dollars. It was then discussed, by seeing Joyce in person, and hearing – Joyce preach the BAD word, as only she can do.
God Himself, then spoke to my spirit, in that still small voice – and told me: THIS isn’t about God. This is about JOYCE! It is Joyce this, and Joyce that! And all the dollar signs on the T.V. screen, seemed to stick-out like sore thumbs, and the whole thing smacked of one big explanation – against, the False teacher Joyce Meyer!!!
That my friend, was the beginning, of my walk away – from the Word of Faith! In the end, I never did lose my house. But it was, very close.
My Friend, GOD, showed me that He really did care about my Financial well-being. He didn’t need my money! Not only did He NOT want my money, but I was NOT cursed any more, with a curse. That is freedom!
About the same time, I just happened to stumble, upon this next website. God has used this site, TREMENDOUSLY, to teach me the truth. He also showed me, that the Lord loved me enough, to lead me out of it – into the truth!
My mother, who initially had raised me in the Word of Faith, had already been led out of their heresy. This happened, before I had been delivered! She never told me this earlier, though.
I know this is a LONG post, but before I stop, there is something more – I want to say about the Word of Faith.
The Salvation of Jesus Christ, is NOT about all the things that the Lord gives to His people! Also it is not about the people, who seek the Lord, for what He can give them. No!!! These people are seeking Him, for all the WRONG reasons!
A person cannot receive the salvation of Christ, unless he FIRST realises, that he is a wretched sinner – who needs to receive God’s love and forgiveness. This forgiveness will remain forever, once received.
We must realise, it is not to receive all of the worldly stuff, that Word of Faith people – clamour after! It’s about giving up their lives, for HIM, and becoming His children. There is one thing that is promised, for sure, to all true followers of Christ – and that is, that true believers will suffer for their faith.
You Word of Faith people, only think of earthly blessings. But God does not promise us, the things of this world. What would it profit you, to gain the whole world, and lose your own SOUL?
These are some of the following main people, who are within Word of Faith:
– Kenneth Copeland
– Benny Hinn
– Joyce Meyer
– Joel Osteen
– Creflo Dollar
– Paula White
All of them, already have their BAD reward. They have their “Best Life Now”.  But they can’t take any of it, with them, where they go.
The Bible speaks of the Rich Man and Lazarus. That reminds me, of the relationship, between all these RICH pastors – and their pimped followers.
God does promise us, SPIRITUAL prosperity, but the Word of Faith people – only think on things of this world. When WOF people give you things, expecting your 1 0 0 fold return, they are giving to GET! But the true Jesus, tells us to give, and that we should expect NOTHING – in return.
Do any of you honestly do that?
We are not supposed to give, to try to make a gain. Tell THAT, to all of the pimp preachers, on TV – who incessantly compel us to give, to their ministries, in order to make monetary gains. If any of them really believed, what they “preach”,  then all they really have to do – is give, and expect their return, that GOD (not them) PROMISE.
I am not attacking you, so don’t even think, that I am attacking you. I am speaking from a life of experience. As I said, I was all bound up for almost 30 YEARS!  I was hog-tied, in all that terrible Word of Faith stuff.   I used to give much.
The Lord has used my experience, to help lead other people, out of this DELUSION – into proper Godly Faith. This totally incorrect, Word of Faith gospel, that has been presented – is pure MADNESS! It is no surprise, that Word of faith, completed their Folly later.
They did this, by joining with Rome officially, in 2 0 1 4. See this latest article, in Nov 2 0 1 4:
Rick Warren and Word of Faith’s Full Apostasy Is Complete. Mystery Babylon Is Taking Even Greater Shape Before Our Eyes

Page 4 1 4 (1 3)

Why is Word Faith Organisation a Cult?
It is Detrimental, to your Faith,  Mind And  Soul.  Please Listen to this message, from Justin Peters.
Part One: Dangerous Doctrine. This includes, some history, of.
Part Two:   Mangled Manifestations
Part Three:  The Hurt Of Healing
Part Four:
This article has been written, in response, to an email I received. This is what, this Bad person wrote:
“We pray, that we get lots of money, riches etc – but didn’t Jesus say, that it is very difficult/impossible, for a rich man to enter heaven?  Will such prayers be answered?
Many missionaries promise to offer prayers, for our riches etc.  This for a minimum donation, to them. Or they say, send in a certain amount for a years wellness, or prosperity.  For that amount, they will pray for a years wellness.  Is that okay? “
First, I would like to say, that the true Christian Church – NEVER teach such nonsense. This is DEFINITELY, never taught in the Bible.  The Actual organisation, which Falsely teach these things, are called: “Word Faith”.
In answer to your first question, we should never pray for Riches.  We cannot expect God to say yes, to such Selfish Prayers.
Jesus does instruct us, that we can include prayer, for our daily needs – but mostly, our prayer should centre on God’s Will and purposes, glorifying and praising Him. We should NEVER, pray for riches.
Jesus said, in Matthew 6: 3 3:  “Seek first the Kingdom of God”.  Here are two other, related verses
1.  John 1 2: 2 5:  “He who loves his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake, will find it”.                             
2.  Matthew 1 0: 3 8 – 3 9.   “Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me, is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life, will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake – will find it”.
Jesus is saying, that we should not seek to serve ourselves first, for our own benefit – but we should seek to put God, and His work FIRST.  This should be for no other reason, than that He is God.  He deserves our worship, and service.  There is great abundance, which we receive, in serving Him:
John 1 0: 9 – 1 0.    I am the gate. Whoever enters through me, will be saved. They will come in, and go out, and find pasture.  The thief comes only to steal and kill, and destroy.  I have come, that they may have life, and have it to the full “.
That promise, gives us Spiritual abundance, within our hearts. That is what the above verses, are referring to.  In other words, it discusses what we should seek after, and where our abundance should be.  That is, in Jesus.  We should all seek after, these following things in Jesus:
– Love
– Joy
– Peace etc.
The abundance from Jesus, and not from the World, may well include some physical things – given by God.  This will come to us, if God knows HIMSELF, that we need it.  We should NOT seek those things, but always seek after God, FIRST.
Please read Matthew 6: 1 9 – 3 3. This chapter, states these things.

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Added thought: What is your treasure? Is it good or bad?

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.  But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  Look at the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?   Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these.  If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.

This whole Bible passage above, give us this following information, when we connect all the words together. It asks:

“If we yield our lives to following Jesus, then He Himself – not us, will provide what we need, when we need it. We should never seek these things ourselves. God is always, the ULTIMATE PROVIDER”. WORD FAITH never follow this, but always seeks riches for themselves.

These False Word Faith Preachers, are abusing and misusing, their Faith and Position – by preaching ungodly and unscriptural nonsense.  It is much like, False Catholic words, like:  “Paying for Indulgencies”.
Apostle Paul, warned the Apostle Timothy, about such men in:  1 Timothy 6: 5,   9 – 1 1. These men of  “Corrupt Mind”, and False godliness, had a means of gain – and their desire for riches, was a trap, that brought them into:  “Ruin and Destruction”.
Let us put this, into context, by looking at the whole of the Bible Book – of 1 Tim 6: 9.   It says:  “Those who want to get rich, Fall into Temptation, and a trap – and into many Foolish and Harmful desires, that plunge people into, Ruin and Destruction “.
The pursuit of wealth, is a dangerous Path for Christians, and one – which God warns about.
He said, in:  1 Timothy 6: 1 0,  “For the love of money, is a root of all kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the Faith – and Pierced themselves, with many griefs”
If Riches were a reasonable goal, for the godly, then Jesus would have pursued Riches.  But Jesus did not pursue riches.   He preferred instead, to have no place to lay His head, and taught His disciples – to have this same attitude, as HIM.
This next Bible chapter, confirms these Words of Jesus, that were given in: Matthew 8: 2 0. That is: “Foxes have holes, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man – has no place to lay his head”. 
It should also be remembered, that the only disciple mentioned in the Bible, who was concerned with wealth – was the terrible APOSTATE man, who was the rejecter of Jesus (Judas Iscariot).
Paul said:  Covetousness is idolatry.  It gives a person, no right to be in Heaven.  Please read these words, within:  Ephesians 5: 5. “For of this you can be sure:  No immoral, impure or greedy person (such a person is an idolater), has any inheritance – in the Kingdom of Christ and of God”
And he instructed the Ephesians, to avoid anyone, who brought a message of immorality – or covetousness.  See:  Ephesians 5: 6 – 7. “Let no one deceive you, with empty words.  For because of such things, God’s wrath comes on those, who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partners, with them”.
This passage, helps us to realise, that we must not allow bad teaching – from man to grow. This bad teaching would hinder God, from controlling things, the right way.  Our growth needs to come alone from God.  We need to allow/release Him, to do this.  God  has chosen, to not be Lord of all, until we allow Him – to take control of us.
According to the, BAD Word of Faith doctrine, they Falsely Teach, that Faith is not Submissive Trust in God. FACT IS:  FAITH TRULY IS, a Submissive TRUST in GOD!!!
Word of Faith, bad people, believe that they have a formula – by which they can make use, of the spiritual laws. This informs, that what they believe, governs the universe.  It seems they want to believe, that their thoughts of how to serve God, is greater – than what God actually says.
The terrible Word of Faith, also implies the following bad thoughts. They Wrongly teach, that Faith says more, than from whom we Trust.  It badly considers, just a few of the Truths, that we real Christians embrace –   but it also considers other things into their hearts, that we should never follow or believe.  It uses all this wrongly.
They also WRONGLY consider, that a Favourite Term, in the Word of Faith movement, is: “Positive Confession”!  This refers to their bad belief, that Words Themselves, have Creative Power.  Word of Faith Teachers, wrongly claim, that what you say – produces the results, that happens to you. Where do they get this nonsense belief from?
Word Faith leaders, also terribly say, that Your Confessions must all be stated Positively, and without Wavering/Doubt.  Especially the Favours you demand of God.  According to them, God then HAS  to grant us our requests. Thus, God’s ability to Bless us, hangs on our own belief – and not on God, and what we believe in our Faith.
ALL THIS here, IS NONSENSE.  This clearly contradicts, this following teaching from God:
James 4: 1 3 – 1 6.  “Now listen, you who say:  ‘Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.’   Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while, and then vanishes.”
Far from speaking things into existence,  in the future,  we do not even know what tomorrow will bring – or even whether we will be alive.  As already described above: Instead of Stressing the importance of wealth, the Bible warns against pursuing it, because we can never totally know, what will happen, in the future.
Please read:  1 Timothy 3: 3. This covers, that, leaders in the church – should not be:
– Drunkards
– Violent
– Ungentle
– Quarrelsome
– Lovers of Money.
TRUE leaders in the Church, are to be separated from the love of money, as indicated above.  The love of money, leads to all kinds of evil.  Now, please read these THREE Bible verses.
Hebrews 1 3: 5,  Tells us:  “Keep your lives Free, from the love of money, and be content with what you have, because God has said: “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you”
1 Timothy 6: 1 0“For the love of money, is a root of all kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the Faith –  and pierced themselves, with many griefs”.  Jesus warned in:
Luke 1 2: 1 5  “Watch out!  Be on your guard, against all kinds of greed.  A man’s life, does not consist, in the abundance of his possessions”.
However, Word of Faith Falsely Teach on gaining money, and on possessions – in this life.   But Jesus said the Following, in sharp contrast, to the Terrible Word of Faith Emphasis.
Matthew 6: 1 9  States:  “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal”
The great differences, between the False Riches Teaching, and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ – is best summed up, in the words of Jesus.
Matthew 6: 2 4: “You cannot serve both God and Money.”
The Word Faith Organisation, is full of False Teachers. These are influenced by Science, and are trained in the Powers of the Mind, to seduce or manipulate people – and congregations, into doing what the organisation want. This is by using, Hypnotic Type Skills.
I cannot really complete this reply, without first highlighting, why This Group is Very Dangerous.  There are many warnings, written about Word Faith, which prove this.
I suspect, you have some dealings with this group. This is why, I give you this extra information, to help you.  Here is one written item, which highlight, their False Teachings:
The Truth and Danger About The Word Faith Heresy Movement
Word Faith. They follow all the signs of a cult, and seem to be overly concerned, with the Treasures of this Life. They use their religion, for selfish reasons, and self-glorification. They ACTUALLY, show very little heart, for honouring God – and putting Him first.
Their focus, is too much on “Worldly pleasures”, and treasures here and now. Whereas, Jesus said our citizenship is in heaven, not on Earth.
I have had to remove two URL’s above, because the Videos, are no longer available.  However, I have now found, even better Videos – than the ones above.  They are good, because they cover much more material. Here is the link:
Word Of Faith Deception. Everything You Need To Know On Video
This above list, contains 3 videos, which are a series – of a continuous seminar.

Page 4 4 0 (1 4)

– Benny Hinn
– Kenneth Copeland
– Joyce Meyer
– Oral Roberts
– Morris Cerrullo
These are just 5, of the past Most Well known names, of people who belonged to WORD FAITH.  Generally, these were known, as the Prosperity and Slain in the Spirit – Preachers.  Today in 2 0 2 2, the leaders names may have changed. There may now be other names, that I do not yet know about.
Please read Section, that talks about, the Origins of Word Faith.
Word Faith or Word of Faith, comes from Scientology. This is a Recognised False Cult.  It contains their Cult Views, of the NON ATONEMENT OF JESUS.  It is full of Error, and Abuse, of Clear Scriptural Teaching.
Word Faith, deliberately Read Scripture Incorrectly, and often ignore Vital Points. This is totally wrong of them.  We should always, Compare Scripture with Scripture Correctly, and never ignore any parts of it.  All Scripture, is inspired by God.
It is worth looking, at Word Faith’s, False View of Jesus –  and the Holy Spirit.  Note:  They actually preach a totally incorrect Jesus. Word Faith are Not Just a Sect, but are a Heretical Cult.
This Blog 4 7 8, contains 1 4 messages, that reveal the WORD FAITH ERRORSvery clearly.
I have thoroughly investigated this cult,  from my very own experiences, of visiting and learning from them.  That is, from joining those I know, to a full extensive search – of a vast number of Reputable Websites.  If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself.  Please now read this message:
This may contain later comments, which will be added later, as I have time –  using a new Blog Page, like maybe 4 5 3.  This new page, will only contain items, related to this Page 440.

THE WORD FAITH MOVEMENT.  These are False Leaders!

There are a growing number, of these BAD Word Faith people, who are:
–  Pastors
– Teachers
–  Evangelists
Within the Charismatic/Pentecostal Circles, of the False Christian church, there are those – who are wrongly advancing, what has come to be known as Word Faith, or Word of Faith movement.
Its other Major TERRIBLE Leaders, include such prominent figures, as:
– Kenneth Hagin
– Kenneth Copeland.
These have already been mentioned, but I need to specifically mention, that Kenneth Copeland – seems to be the Strongest, and most concerning person. But there are others, like:
– Frederick K. C. Price
– David (Paul) Yongii Cho
Note that:  Yongii Cho, pastors one of the largest churches in the World. This in Seoul, Korea.

Other well-known, Word Faith Personalities, include:

– Gloria Copeland
– Robert Tilton
– John Avanzini
– John Osteen
– T. L. Osborne
– Charles Capps
– Marilyn Hickey
– Jerry Savelle
– Casey Treat
– Dwight Thompson
– Richard Roberts.
In the USA, Word Faith Doctrines, are commonly allowed to Badly Spread – through:
– Radio Broadcasts
– Tapes
– Books
– Tracts
Word Faith Spreads Badly,  through the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which regularly airs the programs – of more than TWELVE of these teachers.  For example, through these:
Paul and Jan Crouch.  They are directors of TBN. These are themselves, deeply involved in the Word Faith movement, and have also featured Word Faith Teachers – as special guests.  This on their “Praise the Lord”, and on “Praise-a-thon”, Fund Raiser Programs.
The Crouch’s Worldwide Platform, has obtained, Word Faith Theology – to the lives of millions of Christians, who would not otherwise have encountered,  Word Faith Theology.
Christianity in the Western world now, has been heavily influenced, in many quarters – in the last 1 0 0 or so years. How?   By the main thrust, of the charismatic movement, to spread wrong news.  But they are still finding ways, of gaining much influence on the Earth, in the wrong way.
In Europe, these bad Doctrines are brought in, through visiting USA speakers – and their bad materials.  Also, by being influenced badly, by poor pastors – and bad leaders.
Please also bear in mind, as revealed to us in the Bible: Genesis 3: 5.  This verse wants us to remember, the disgusting lies of Satan?  Satan only gave, part truth, but mostly he LIED.  He said, “You will be like God”.
Also, Terrible Doctrines, are brought in – through the “GOD Christian Channel”.  This Awful Channel, concentrates on many of these Bad Teachers, via Satellite and Cable TV.
In South Wales, the main adherents, are Pastored by Ray Bevan, in King’s Church. This is in Newport.  But the influence, is also noticeable, in the Elim and Assemblies of God – Pentecostal movements.

What is the Attitude, of Word Faith Teachers, and how they can spread their message?

They firmly believe, that they believe correctly, and should spread their message – to as many people as possible, that they can reach.

Their False/poor, but Vibrant Message, is delivered with great authority – through their media.  The message is seemingly backed up by Scripture.  But the Scripture they use, is clearly, misapplied words.
They Falsely claim the Miraculous, but this wrong belief, has led many people Astray.  These Teachers, also deliver bad disturbing cautions, against those – who would criticise their doctrines.
People speaking against this group, are called  “Nay Sayers”  and  “Negative Influences”.   If such people, cannot be won over, to Word-Faith Teachings – the Word Faith listeners, or readers are told, that these other people should be avoided.
This has also happened to me, in 2 0 1 9 – 2 0 2 0, after my near death accident. At that time, because of my very bad memory, I returned to a local Pentecostal church. I soon remembered, that they were followers of Word Faith.   I now remember and realise, why I should never have re-joined them.
They have now told everyone, that I am these things below, which I am not – as I am now greatly healed in my writings, and now better than I was, before my accident:
– An Inferior
– Unknowing
– Injured Person in 2 0 1 7, who cannot recover real Truth
– Unable to Learn, of the real Truth, Anymore.
I am not left in this state, that they told everyone.  I have been amazingly healed by God.  This Blog should reveal this to you strongly.  It should now be realised, that none of these 4 listed above, can anymore – be applied to me.
This attack is an example, of the kind of sneering, and contradictory attack – launched on anyone, who questions their BAD beliefs, and doctrines. The same can be heard from Ray Bevan.   His ministry, can be seen, from King’s Church tapes.  Dated 6th & 1 3th September 1 9 9 8.
Often when a Word-Faith Teacher, or their Teachings, are criticised – there will be allegations of  “Sowing Division in the Body” or these:
– Lack of Belief in Healing
– Using Demons
– Lack of Belief, in the Miraculous.
A Classic Example of this, can be seen, in a misunderstood and Faulty Bible Quote – from Word Faith Teacher Kenneth Hagin. He wrongly applied this to himself, when it should be applied, to a correct situation. The following, are awful thoughts, by them: 
“When the Lord was dealing with me, concerning the prophet’s ministry, He said that if a church doesn’t accept my ministry – then I should go my way, shake the dust off my feet, against them”.
HUH??? Another teacher said this, using the same bad method: 
“I would remove their candlestick.  I would take away from them, what power they had left.  Judgement must begin in the house of God, and if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the sinner and the ungodly appear.  If a church won’t accept this ministry, then they wouldn’t accept His Word, and He can’t help them”
Again, HUH??? I will now add message, of what we should believe and do, as proper Christians.
We are correctly Taught, that we should always understand more, of why a Bible Verse is written.  We should always put the verse, in the FULL right context, of the whole passage. We should never,  just summarise a small verse part, on its own. We should always look at the whole Bible passage comparison, and never misuse Bible verses.
We believe in:
– Divine Healing, to some occasionally.  But more will be the case, once the last 7 years start, using Jewish Christians.
– Gifts of the Spirit, for the Church, occasionally. But more will be the case, once the last 7 years start, using Jewish Christians.
– Later existence of Demons, and Deliverance from them.  But more will be the case, once the last 7 years start, using Jewish Christians.
– Allowance to discuss the Bible, and a Body of Teachings,  putting the teaching in correct context.
Also, we believe in:
– That we should not judge one, who Accepts Certain WRONG Teachings – but try to reveal,  better convincing Truth, to them.
Christians are told to check Teachings, and compare the Gospel they hear, to the Bible WORD OF GOD.  Also they are requested, to be careful with what they listen to.  Especially, they should not listen, to those – whose lives contradict Scripture.
Please look at:  Acts 1 7: 1 1,  Galatians 1: 6 – 9,  1 Thessalonians 5: 2 1.  We are to watch out, for the following things, and react in best possible way. If a person enters False Words, into the sacred text, to reveal something that does not belong there – what are we to do If they are not consistent with sound Exegesis, and Hermeneutics, what should be do?
Christians have a right, to challenge and expose error. Under the AUTHORITY of Jesus, they have a right, to point out to other brethren – who these bad teachers are, so that they can be protected.
But please bear in mind, that all people, do need to be cared for – in the best possible way. Acts 2 0: 2 8 – 3 1,   2 Timothy 2: 1 6 – 1 8.
It does not mean, that all bad teachers, are not saved – although that may be.  It does not mean, that we should love them any less.  It simply means, that an error has been found, and exposed.  It should be dealt with in love,  seeking for truth and compassion, for those damaged by the deception.
This should be done, until they hopefully, get right with God.  This will happen, if they have good hearts.  But if they haven’t, then we need to watch carefully, unless we also get attacked – by those False teachers.

The Spiritual Mentor, of today’s Word Faith teachers, is    E W. Kenyon.  He is a man, who was greatly influenced, by the Metaphysical Mind Science CULTS –  such as these:

– Christian Science
– Unity School of Christianity
– Church of Religious Science
He was influenced, by those who apparently, received his Theological Training, from the Emerson School of Oratory – in Boston Mass.
The founder of that Terrible institution, Charles Wesley Emerson, is on record – as being a member of the Mother Church of Christian Science, from 1 9 0 3 to 1 9 0 8.  As Christian Science, is nothing more than Gnosticism, in modern garb – it is fairly certain, that Kenyon, was further influenced, by Gnostic ideas during this training.
It is not clear from records, whether or not he graduated.
Kenyon, settled in Seattle, Washington.  He was Pastor here, of the New Covenant Baptist Church, and broadcast a radio program  “Church of the Air”.   This was until his death, in 1 9 4 8.
Kenyon’s Gospel Publishing Society, published materials from his writings, and broadcasts.  He also read  “The Born-Again Jesus, of the Word Faith Teaching” P2 5 – 2 6.
It is from these publications, that most of the presumptions, of the Word Faith Teachings – are drawn. Most adherents, believe they originated from Kenyon and Hagin.  The truth is, that Hagin blatantly and unashamedly, stole the doctrines – from Kenyon, and from his daughter Ruth Kenyon Houseworth.
In any case, whatever terrible things they have done, both people (Hagin and Kenyon) – both support the TERRIBLE  WORD  FAITH organisation.  Kenyon believes, that Word Faith has a doctrine (BAD), he calls, “New Creation Realities.”
This Doctrine, contains Terrible Teaching, and must not be followed. You need to still be aware of this, to understand, why you should not follow it.

Word Faith believe the following, which is Bad/Wrong.

They believe, that FOR the Word Faith’s strong beliefs to work, man must be WRONGLY first exalted – to a high position.  Word Faith Teaching, puts man on the wrong same level, as Jesus Christ.  This is done, by assembling Scripture passages together wrongly. This is to prove, that once a man is in Christ, then the “New Creature” is recreated, as a new species of being.
They say, that this is spoken, in 2 Corinthians 5: 1 7.
Kenyon writes (below):
“You see, man is a spirit being.  He is in the same class with God.  He was created in the image and likeness of God.  He had to be, in order to become a partaker of the Divine Nature.  That is, the part of man that is re-created, in his spirit. When he sinned, he became a partaker of Satan’s nature, selfishness. God imparts to our spirit, His own nature, Eternal Life”
The Hidden Man, P 1 2 1, wrongly says this.  When that happens, one is  “A new species of being, that never existed before” Kenneth Copeland.  He then says:  “Now We Are In Christ Jesus” p. 5.  Hagin says: “The believer, is as much an Incarnation, as Jesus Christ” Faith Food, P. 2 3.
Kenneth Copeland and Gloria, also gave these terrible analysis of man.   “Jesus is no longer, the only begotten son of God”.  Now WE Are In Christ Jesus, p. 2 4.  “We are the Word made flesh, just as Jesus was.”  This was quoted in Crenshaw, Man as God, 2 0 2.
In the False Word Faith teaching, they say that Jesus loses his uniqueness.  They say that the mere human believer, is elevated, to the position of being a God-man – the same way, that Jesus was a God-man.
They claim that the only difference, is that Jesus obtained his position by birth, and the rest of people – can still obtain God’s unique same position, forever themselves, by a re-creation of the Spirit.  That is TOTALLY WRONG!  Now look at what the Bible, actually says.
Isaiah 4 4: 8.  This reveals, the actual real Truth, of God.  “Do not tremble, do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim this and foretell it long ago?  You are my witnesses.  Is there any God besides me?  No!  There is no other Rock; I know not one.” Also please read these: Isaiah 4 3: 1 0, John 1: 1 8,  John 5: 4 4,  John 1 7: 3,  James 2: 1 9,  1 Timothy 2: 5,  Colossians 1: 1 4 – 1 7,  Hebrews 1: 2 – 3.

What happened to the Blood Atonement, of the Lord Jesus Christ?

A further denial, of the uniqueness of Jesus, occurs in Word Faith teachings, on the Blood Atonement. According to their wrong interpretation of Scripture, much more happened, during Christ’s crucifixion and death – than is True or Scriptural.  They very wrongly taught this:  “Jesus went into hell, to free mankind. When His blood poured out, it did not atone.”
What???  Where did he get this nonsense from?
Kenneth Copeland, also quoted this rubbish, in McConnell’s – Different WRONG Gospel, 1 2 0.  “When Jesus said ‘it is finished,’ on that cross, He was not speaking of the plan of redemption.  The plan of redemption had just begun. There was still three days and three nights to go through [in hell], He suffered punishment for three horrible days and nights”
Also they wrongly quoted, “He [Jesus] separated from His God, and in that moment, He’s a mortal man: capable of failure, capable of death”
These 2 writings, above here, contain evil dreadful – False, Terrible teaching. Here now, is what actually happened.
“Jesus died as our substitute.  He who knew no sin, was perfect, but took on the punishment for our sin.  He took upon Himself, our sin nature, and He died.  He was separated and cut off from God.  He went down into the prison house, of suffering, in our place.  He was there, for three days and 3 nights”
Not only was He bodily/physically resurrected,  but His Spirit was made alive, unto God again.  He had died Spiritually.  He took upon Himself, Spiritual death, for us.  And He is the first one, who was ever been born ABSOLUTELY Perfect again, apart from the marks of suffering.  He has kept this, for our sake, to save us for all ETERNITY.

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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31 March 2023. I have now made MASSIVE improvements to this Blog. BUT, I have not changed the whole message. All I have done, is to make it MUCH EASIER TO READ AND FOLLOW, and get the full message understood by you, much better.

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