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289 More info of Blogs from here to 3 0 0. These include, Billy Graham TRUE EVIDENCE given, of Catholic influence. REAL info, you may not know

Page 289

This is a continuation, and same method used, as in my 1 2 message Page 2 8 8. This new set of 8 Pages, start from the Page 0 8 9 within the new 2 8 9.

First, here is a picture of Billy graham (many years ago), compared to how he looked – at the end of his life, before his death. The second older picture, is below this one.

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Page 0 8 9, gives spoken/shown and watch it evidence, that Billy Graham was all pretence – and was in fact, a Catholic supporter, and not a real Christian. The Bible tells us, to WATCH OUT FOR FALSE PROPHETS/Teachers.

The Bible does not say, that we should not expose FALSE TEACHERS, but that we should expose False Teaching or Teachers – for our own Christian Growth, Protection, and Health Sake.

Billy Graham. Real TRUTH about him

Billy Graham died, on 2 1 Feb 2 0 1 8, at age of 9 9. What is the REAL TRUTH? How did he manage to live nearly 1 0 0 years? Did he live, as a TRUE CHRISTIAN?

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In These days Of Apostasy and False Christianity, Should We Still Attend Apostate Churches? Much other Teaching, to look at too.

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Please look at the smaller number of people, who were causing massive trouble for Britain. Britain, were trying to LEAVE EUROPE.

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Details of Jewish and Christian Faith over the years, especially from 1 9 4 8 to 2 0 2 2. Israel are a country again. They are now very Alive again, and things are starting to Happen.

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Later Jews, during Last 7 years, will receive Jesus and be saved. This will be during the time, of the 1 4 4,0 0 0 Jewish people, lined up – after the Pre Tribulation Rapture.

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God told us, that He would bring the Jews back to the Land, after desolations of many generations. This chapter, reveals the full story, of God’s work in all this.

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God’s work, of taking Christians to Heaven first. Then Israel later. This is all part, of His Second Coming Plan. I also explain about my miraculous healing, and Bible Teachings, by God. The main way to bring Jewish people to salvation, is to be able to enlighten/convince them, with more REAL TRUTH – from the Bible

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Muslims Falsely claim, that Matthew cannot be Trusted. This message will now show, how wrong they are, and reveal the real truth – of why Matthew can be trusted.

Page 089:

Billy Graham died, on 2 1 Feb 2 0 1 8, at age of 9 9.

It is also very interesting, that he died at age 9 9 and not at 1 0 0.  Everyone thought, that he would live longer than 1 0 0.  So why did he die, 8.5 months short of 1 0 0?

Billy Graham was Born, on 7th Nov 1 9 1 8 and Died 2 1 Feb 2 0 1 8. Was he a real Christian, serving God in the best way?

We can see in Bible experiences, that most people, would have wanted Billy removed from the Earth. They would have wanted his removal, much sooner, rather than be preached against – to receive Jesus Salvation.

BUT is that the REAL TRUTH, of what was really happening? Also, how come he managed to live, nearly 1 0 0 years?

If all this was true, how could he have had, such a very long Blessed Worldly life like this? He had great WORLDLY Blessings? Is that really true? What happened to him?

His much better Life happened, because he was not really living, the True Bible Teaching – Christian life, under JESUS FIRST, of suffering for his faith. He was actually living, a pretence Bible life, of great riches and protection by Catholic Church – as he TRULY was, a Catholic. I will now show evidence of this, further below.

I now enlighten you, to my near Death Hospital Life, up to July 2 0 1 8.

In my very near-death sleep, I went through dramatically troublesome times. I went through a sleep time, of something very evil, like a brief Satanic Attack.

This was because, I had been going through a time, of partly falling away from my Faith – while I was still alive, but was still writing the truth about movements like Billy Graham. I was previously a Christian, but this End BAD Part of my life, needed me to return – to putting Jesus first.

But God DID, miraculously intervene. Those last days, before I woke up, were dreadfully like demons were trying to kill me. But the intervention of Jesus, will always succeed, over that type of evil – and the intervention happened.

Since I awoke and recovered, I have now been set completely free, from any more attacks – and are now FREE.

I now know, that Billy’s Graham’s death, did seem to have an impact – on awakening me. I have now been able, to chat about all this, and be enabled – to read/write about all this again.

Could it be, that God has given me this new life, to re-enable me – to speak again, about the true way to be saved? And to reveal, the massive Bible teaching things, that I learnt before – and be able, to share these things?

Maybe Billy needed to be removed, before I could wake up again, and come back to normal life – and speak more Powerfully, the REAL TRUTH. Also, for him to be removed, before I could return again – as a much better Christian, with newer Teaching Power.

I have now found out, that Billy was in fact a Catholic supporter, but declared himself as a TRUE Christian. What is the real truth about his Last days? There is much computer news/information, of his False Faith and actions, that were too Catholic supported.

During the Billy Graham Life, he was spoken too well of, and massively uplifted – including being uplifted by the Catholic Church. The Bible informs us, that true Christians, would never benefit – from a following of Billy. Best Christians, would never get the praise uplift, that Billy got.

It is a real wonder, that Billy’s life is still being uplifted, and praised so much. Why is it, that far too many people, do not know the real truth? I do hope, that you can appreciate what I am saying, and able to check these things out properly – yourself! Did Billy TRULY, ever give his life to JESUS? Or was it, just to the Catholic Church?

Please now look at this Blog below, which says a lot more about Billy’s ministry.

Also, use SEARCH above and type in the words “Billy Graham” and press “return”. This will then show all my writings about Billy Graham.

My old previous Blog, can be found on:

I now reveal some massive proof, of how terrible, Billy Graham really was. He was set up as an example of a mighty blessed person, who never suffered any difficulties, but was always praised. This is not what the Bible teaches us, regarding true Christian people. Maybe this is why, he was able to live, to nearly 1 0 0.

Page 096

In These days Of Apostasy and False Christianity, Should We Still Attend Apostate Churches?

Much other Teaching, to look at too.

How to Get Close to God, Pray, and Walk with Him – in these Last Days

God HAS Given Us Freewill. It IS Revealed, in The Bible.

Why The Doctrine, “Salvation Requires Continuing Works, to Get to Heaven” – is a SERIOUS Heresy

Evidence to Disprove, the Evolution of Dinosaurs, into Birds

Evidence, that Global Conditions (After Noah’s Flood), Led to Ice Age

When Did Jesus Drink, the Fourth and Final Passover Cup? The Mystery Truth Revealed

Evidence, that Adam and Noah, really Did Live – over 900 Years of Age

Black Parents, with White Baby (Black/White Twins). Two Stories, which Give Further Evidences, why Bible Can Be Trusted

What The Olive Tree, of Romans 1 1 Represents, and How it Speaks – of God’s Plan for Israel, and the Church

Romans Chapter 9, DOES NOT Disprove FREEWILL, but Actually Reinforces its TRUTH.  This looks at the Context, of the WHOLE BOOK of ROMANS

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning, that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation – Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

How to be Truly Saved, and be Certain, of going To Heaven

Why True Believers Are Eternally Secure In Their Salvation

Why Jesus Is The ONLY Way To Heaven and How To Be Saved

How The Bible Was Put Together and Proving Why It IS The Inspired Inerrant Word Of God

My Rapture and End Times Stance

How Carbon Dating Actually Prove Creation, A Young Earth and a Global Noah’s Flood

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

Explaining The Beast With Seven Heads and Ten Horns and The Woman Riding The Beast.extra picture

Evidence For The Creation Model and For Speedy Evolution Process

Why Dinosaurs Do Not Disprove, But Actually Prove the Bible

Evidence That Neandertal Men and Cavemen Lived In Bible Times and were human

Please advise me, if you are able to, on how you feel on these too. That is, the Two Babylons. First Was Old Babylon and it’s Religion. Then Came a Christianised Babylon Empire.

Will The End Of the World Take Place, on 2 1st December 2 0 1 2?

The GIANT Global Conspiracy, and the Scheme Of Things, who is in Control?

Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

Articles Carrying Most Comments, as at 3 0 November 2 0 1 1. This shows a lot of different articles, on one page.

Are Our Experiences More Important, in our Christian Faith, Than knowing Him through His Word?

Are We Seeing True Church Revival, in These Last Days?

Evidence That the Last Days (as Reported In The Bible), Are Here NOW.

Is God Demonstrating His Love For Israel, by Judging Nations, Who Oppose Them? See this Video.

How To Study The Bible and Why. Learning How To Avoid Deception

A Rebuttal To Muslims False Claim, That Matthew Cannot Be Trusted

In These days Of Apostasy and False Christianity, Should We Still Attend Apostate Churches?

How to Get Close To God, Pray and Walk with Him In These Last Days

God HAS Given Us Freewill. It IS Revealed In The Bible.

Why The Doctrine “Salvation Requires Continuing Works To Get To Heaven”, Is a SERIOUS Heresy.

Evidence To Disprove, the Evolution of Dinosaurs, into Birds

Evidence that Global Conditions (After Noah’s Flood), Led to Ice Age.

When Did Jesus Drink The Fourth and Final Passover Cup? The Mystery Truth Revealed

Evidence That Adam and Noah Really Did Live over 900 Years of Age

Black Parents White Baby. Black/White Twins. Two Stories Which Give Further Evidences Bible Can Be Trusted

What The Olive Tree of Romans 1 1 Represents and How it Speaks of God’s Plan For Israel and the Church

Romans Chapter 9 DOES NOT Disprove Freewill but Actually Reinforces It. Looking At The Context Of The WHOLE Book of Romans

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

How To Be Truly Saved and Be Certain Of Going To Heaven

Why True Believers Are Eternally Secure In Their Salvation

Why Jesus Is The ONLY Way To Heaven and How To Be Saved

How The Bible Was Put Together and Proving Why It IS The Inspired Inerrant Word Of God

My Rapture and End Times Stance

How Carbon Dating Actually Prove Creation, A Young Earth and a Global Noah’s Flood

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

Explaining The Beast With Seven Heads and Ten Horns and The Woman Riding The Beast.extra picture

Evidence For The Creation Model and For Speedy Evolution Process

Why Dinosaurs Do Not Disprove, But Actually Prove the Bible

Evidence That Neandertal Men and Cavemen Lived In Bible Times and were human

Page 097

Please look at the smaller number of people, who were causing massive trouble for Britain. Britain were trying to leave Europe. This should have been MUCH easier, as the majority of people in Britain, wanted to leave Europe.

The rest of this article, will consider many things. But especially, it hopes to show, the best way we can live our lives – to get the BEST BLESSINGS.

1· Rule of Law

This British Government developed, recently, until about the year 2 0 1 7. It had 5 or so years of rule, by a voted in government. Was this voted in government, good or bad etc?

The vote and type of leadership they had, was gained from a split of people, in the country – who have voted for the leaders they wanted.

Questions are these:

1. How do the People decide, who to vote for, why – and what is the result, of voting this way?

2. What will happen, by voting like this?

Most people, will not vote according to God’s way, as revealed in the Bible. They still want to fight against God. Nations ignore God, and Sometimes put into place, what the Government wants – even if this is opposed to God. Things keep changing. The way of leadership of the nation keeps changing, under different Conservative and Labour Governments.

Especially wrong, if a Terrible majority, vote in to place BAD leadership – with Rules/Laws, that should NEVER be voted in.

Despite this occasionally happening, with the heart opposed to God, while voting – God often intervenes. He still ensures, that the best for the whole World happens, at important times. That may be happening today.

Something very serious now, has been happening, in our World now – since about 2 0 1 7. This is still going on, in our time now, of 2 0 2 2.

It had been voted, for Britain to leave Europe, but many people in the Government – chose to ignore majority vote? What if they had of allowed, the minority, to run things? Could that EVER be allowed?

The right decision, has now been made, in 2 0 2 1 – for Britain to leave Europe. Well, it was voted for!!!

Let us now consider, the terrible status, of NON Jesus believers – and Jesus rejecters, in the World.

Most Nations, and Britain, do not fully know God’s truth well. They do not truthfully know, or ever experience, how they should properly live. Such a nation as Britain, may have godless, or even pretend Godly rule of law – to follow. But it is pretence, and not actually the real truth of God.

The Best way to live (without JESUS), is very difficult to follow! However in some way, every good nation needs good laws to follow. This report will now give instructions, on what it knows, is the best way to live – under the true God.

Having a Law, telling us how to live, may be good. But it is not so good, if we are filled, with an unbearable and enormous number – of Rules, Laws etc. These will be almost impossible to satisfy us. They need an easier way, somehow.

Jesus said, that we may be changed, to become much better people – in His strength and power. Through this power of Jesus, we will become more able, to follow all Jesus’s Laws – through God’s help. He enables us, to automatically follow the Laws of God.  All Governments, if they followed this, could then enjoy better lives – as helped by Christian People.

Actually, much of the good law, has been contained in the Bible – for nearly 7 0 0 0 years. The good law, should help us all, to live better lives. But that is NOT TRUE, for Nearly everyone. They do need God, to help them.

God by His Law and ways, will make it easier for us, if we seek him properly – in our lives. We do need to remember, that God loves us (so much), that all we need to do – is let Him take over our lives. We know that we are forgiven, and looked after by God/Jesus, as righteous people – because He gives this to us. All we need to do, is put our full trust and faith, in Him.

2· Individual Liberty

Each of us have a choice, how to live our lives. But this country, may not like the way we do this, and may take us to Prison or Jail – if we are bad. Also, even death sometimes happens. This depends, on how bad we become, at living our life.

This country, has changed a lot, in more recent years. They have now allowed certain evil, to be carried out by some people, without them receiving the terrible treatment – of the past. It all depends, on how people have behaved, with the new Law in mind.

It seems that British NEW Laws, are now set in a way, which enable people – to easily live worse lives, without suffering. These new Laws, help people to give themselves to Britain more, and not be taken over by them. This takeover would happen, if they did the bad things, that Britain do not want them to do.

But why should Britain, only bring in their own Laws, that are opposed to GOD?

This message will now look, at a more revealing time, that we have had – in the last 1 to 2 0 0 years.

What happens, if the Law of the country, is opposed to God? BUT what happens, if people find it very hard, to serve the Government – and also put God First, in their lives? In reality, most people prefer to leave God out of their lives, and focus only on pleasing the country (not God) – FIRST.

3· Tolerance of those, with Different Faiths, and Beliefs

Over the last 1 0 0 0 years, there has been a lot of change in this country, in how those of different faiths – have been treated.

It is very difficult, to cover a long period like 1 0 0 0 years, sufficiently well enough now. Especially, in the way this country, has allowed believers to do things – or not. Therefore, I now concentrate, on just the last 1 2 2 years – of the years, 1 9 0 0 to 2 0 2 2.

Britain generally now, over last one hundred and twenty two years, allows people to run different lives – and say what they believe, without being persecuted. 

However, they are not allowed to ruin other peoples lives, in what they do or say – or this will cause them trouble. Generally, all people are expected to treat people well, and equally – or they can end up in trouble.

Please note, that in many places, preaching about Jesus is not allowed – if it includes requests, for people to change their lives, against the BAD Government. Especially if preaching, is about people becoming different, from the legal Lawful Views.

This all means, that true believers can be affected, to not preach as they should. They will now, only be allowed to preach weakly, and not be allowed – to preach on important things. Preachers homes can become weakened, if they cannot Preach everything, that they want to Preach on.

This can affect the accuracy, of what people believe, in the future. It will also affect them, in how they practice their Faith, in their lives.

I now, need to ask these questions:

– Is it really true, that we have real freedom, in what we believe in?

– Can the Church be allowed to grow, as fast as it needs to, in the best possible way – that it wants to?

– Do we really, also have the tolerance, that we need?

This country, regarding Faith, is not growing – but is becoming far worse! Why?

FAITH DISBELIEF, is growing TOO Fast! The way things are done, is actually making things worse! How can we, or should we, turn this around?

 4· Participation in Community Life

Believers are expected, to live closer to society, and do what the Government wants. Governments want Christians to back them up, and for Christians to believe in what the Government wants them to do. That is, to enjoy our lives more, UNDER THEIR RULE AND CONTROL.

This is why, we should now take the Bible much more seriously. We MUST ALWAYS PUT THE BIBLE FIRST, BEFORE GOVERNMENT RULE. We need to live our Christian lives for Jesus, and not for the Government. God says we can live better lives, and have more Freedom, with His Power – within us.

Jesus also said: “you have heard it said, but I say unto you”. He can change us to live better lives, and do it the best way for society.

If the Government, will not let us live this life, without punishing us – it is still correct, for us to expect intervention from God. Also to expect, Jesus to live His life in us, and use His penalties and power – to help us. God will not be bothered, by the Government trouble.

The question is, should we live for the World, or for God?

Life following Jesus, may be difficult. But remember, God is with us, and He empowers us – to be able to live this Christian life. He wants us to do the right things always. We cannot, and should never (as true believers), submit to a rebellious world.

His ways are best, and will do the whole world much better, if we obey Him. Disobeying, should never be followed, as it weakens the world – in a massive way.

We are called, to preach the way of salvation, to all people – and inform how to be changed, and become more like Him, for their good. Fewer people now listen to this, and follow God’s ways.

Therefore, we need to learn the best convincing ways, to speak out – with more courage, belief and faith. This, without being concerned about anything. This includes, concern for any harm to ourselves, in believing. We always need to trust God more, to intervene.

We need to consider, whether joining in on community life, will help people meet God (or not). If it doesn’t help, then we need to change the things we do, and bring God more into lives – in a far better way.

5· Why we need to Become a Citizen of God, Compared to Citizen of this World?

A citizen of God, is what we should all aim for, but do we aim for it? Being a citizen of God, will bring the best possible things, out of our life. It will draw us closer to Him, and show us the best possible way, to live our lives.

But following the World (rather than God), can only give temporal, and not long-term help. Only God’s way, leads us all to eternal life. But worldly ways, can never last very long, and cannot ever satisfy.

I will now speak, about a more glorious life, that we can live in the centre – of Gods plan, for us.

6· Is it God’s Will, for us to be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

First let us consider, these things.

– The effect of being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the change it will have, on us!

– How can we all be filled?

– Is it God’s Will, for us all, to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Please now check through Acts, chapter 2, to Acts Chapter 2 8.

I read, that in the earlier days of the Church, up to halfway through the book of Acts – God worked much more miraculously, at the beginning. He worked much more often at that time, than He did, towards the end of the book.


In the early parts of Acts, we read of the Holy Spirit’s blessing, coming onto many believers. What sort of blessing is promised to them? Should we become better, more powerful people today, through the Holy Spirit work?

We should never evaluate the strength of a believer, as whether they are filled with the Holy Spirit, or not. I notice some people say, they are filled, but I cannot see the full life of Jesus in them. How did the early Church evaluate things, through to Acts 2 8?

True believers, were not evaluated, by whether they spoke in tongues – but whether the real life of Jesus flowed from them. Also, whether they were showing God’s Power, in them.

I do believe, that we all need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and this will be good for us – but how do we know if this has happened, or not?

Being filled, is not an inner temporary feeling, or blessing – but a reality of permanent life, in His power, and not just a good feeling. The Holy Spirit, will start a continued work of changing us, for the best. So, it is not just a feeling of temporal good, but an everlasting change – which we will know has happened.

I know, that the church had become much more established, by the end of Acts – but do not fully understand, why the true miracles became less, by about year 0 0 6 0. Let us now consider, these other questions.

A· What were the Reasons, the Level of Miracles, became Less?

B· Do these lesser miracle reasons, still occur, in year 2 0 2 2?

C· Was there a sudden change, in People’s Faith becoming stronger, and more knowledgeable in God – so that lesser miracles were needed?

D· Were miracles an early need, to set up the church better, until about 0 0 6 0 or so?

Much of the above reasoning, may be true. But is it all true?

This miracle experience, from about 0 0 3 0 to 0 0 6 0, was not a very short time! It was not to give a small Christian party, a power experience, of just a couple of years! It was much bigger, over about 3 0 years.

The miracle experience, before 0 0 6 0, was much bigger and better – than has recently been poorly announced, by the Fake church. These teachings by that church, were since the early 1 9 0 0’s.

The early part of 1 9 0 0, does not follow the same power and functions, of the early church – up to the year of about 0 0 6 0. I would guess that a real experience, should be much more Overwhelmingly Real.

The end of the Acts church, chapter 2 8, grew in many good ways – but it is hard to understand, why there were a much lower numbers of miracles, from about year 0 0 6 0 to 0 0 7 0. It could relate, to what God was doing, and His timing of things. Maybe it is because of, the 2 0 0 0 Year lead up, to the Last 7 years – around years now, of 2 0 2 2 to 2 0 2 3?

I believe God’s plan, was to initially start the foundation of the Church, by great miracles – but then He moved in a more powerful way, through the Church, in a different way later. This was after the Church had been fully established, in 0 0 6 0, until the end times of the church – in 2 0 2 2 to 2 0 2 3.

This time coming up now, for the start of the LAST Seven years, after Church is taken to Heaven – will now have the great healing power returned, to that late (but LAST) JEWISH people, called Saints.

When we truthfully and properly, look at what God is doing in our day, we can see powerful things are starting up – and more often, and will increase, as soon as the last 7 years start. The increase will come, as we are nearing 2 0 0 0 years, after Jesus death. Also, we are arriving, at the ultimate 6 0 0 0 years – since the Earth was first put together, as in Genesis chapter 1.

7· The Bible tells us, that the Last Time on Earth Happens, at Start of Year 7 0 0 0. This time, is Now VERY Close.

If we look at the gospels, we can see how true believers are revealed, in many ways. They are also, usually speaking the Word of God. They SPEAK more powerfully, than speaking in tongues. They express the power of God’s love. This is very necessary, to help us, in the way we love and forgive.

We must seek to get closer to God, and to reflect more on His glory, than speaking in tongues. Tongues is just a mere example, of the Holy Spirit presence.

Tongues is usually given, to those not so mature in Christ, and not growing so powerfully. They need it, as a starting point for their faith, although there can be exceptions.

I read that the best Churches, have learnt more of the absolute power of God, and the way he works. They believe more in God’s miracles, restarting from the Last 7 years. They prepare more, for God’s plans of the Israel Saints, with many millions of them being saved.

Preparing for these 7 Years, is becoming more important, than tongues – as greater power will follow, at this time. But, as tongues are God’s gift, there is some great benefit from it, if used TOTALLY correctly.

The future will include, a third of the whole nation of Israel, coming to faith – which will be the largest EVER number, of saved people. The best we can experience of God in our time, will be to concentrate on God’s special work, to save Israel.

AND – Not ever ignore this.

Page 0 9 8

Jewish, Israel and Christian, Past and Future Experiences – now discussed, as Vital things are now happening. This on Pages 0 9 8 to 1 0 1.

The Bible gives Dates/Times, of Jewish and Christian Faith. The Last Massive Jewish event recorded, was just under 2 0 0 0 years ago, BUT IT THEN SUFFERED ALMOST DEATH. However, multitudes of Jews, DID NOT DIE.

But now, almost 1 9 0 0 years later, between our time now – of 1 9 4 8 to 2 0 2 2 (7 4 years), we see the Newest Jewish Event, now very Alive again. IT IS NOW, Happening.

The Bible does refer to believers in Jesus, like us, but mentions Jewish Faith as well. It also explains, the return of these Jews, to Jesus and God – once the last 7 years start.

The NEW TESTAMENT Bible, until 2 0 2 2 from 0 0 7 0, refers to Israel/Jews and Christian Faith. In the recent years, of about 1 9 4 8 to 1 9 4 9, the Jews returned to Israel, and lived in the land – owning it, for themselves. This was about 7 3 years ago.

The average, of a persons full life now, is about 8 0 years! This also would indicate, that the 7 years after Church is taken to Heaven, needs to start soon. That is because 8 0, less that 7 year Tribulation, equals 7 3. That is one more year, until the 7 4, which was mentioned above.

Although I do not know for sure, on these timings, they do all seem to fit together – related to the years 2 0 2 2, to 2 0 2 3.

We are now, in time of Earth Trouble. The Bible calls this time now, as DAYS OF SORROW! Please read this:

Since 2 0 2 0, the Covid1 9 and Corona Virus started. How long will this last, until the Last 7 Years start, and Satan can start the last 7 years? Soon after the start of these 7 years, another much more TERRIBLE event will start. It will be alike Covid1 9, but much worse. This event, will be:

The Satanic 6 6 6, with the taking, of the Beast Mark.

I will try to show, what the Bible is clearly talking about, regarding this 6 6 6 – and its effects (non effects) on Jews and (Christians). The Bible discusses all this, as I now reveal:

– What happens to Christians and Jews, during this time?

– How are they saved?

– Who are they?

These questions (above and below), will all be answered, within. I will also try to find time, to specifically write them all down, here. Although some will be answered here, other parts may be added later, further down. Aim is to give specific answers, to specific questions, at specific times. Please now look at these 1 2 Questions asked, and then answered.

1. Who are the Saved?

2. How are they Saved?

3. How long will they be Saved for?

4. What was happening on Earth, before Jesus came first time?

5. What happened, during and after His First Coming, nearly 2 0 0 0 years ago?

6. How are People Saved in 2 0 2 2, before the last 7 years start?

7. Who were these people being Saved, at that time, and why?

8. What happens before 7 years start, and what happens during His Second Coming, 7 years later?

9. Are there different ways, that Jewish People are Saved, during the last 7 years – on this Current Earth?

1 0. How is the Second Coming Fulfilled?

1 1. Who are these New Jewish People, who will be massively saved later?

1 2. What happens in the life, of these New Jewish People, who will soon be massively saved – through believing?

These massive numbers of new Jewish people, will become revealed later, and saved – possibly between years 2 0 2 2 to 2 0 3 0. This will happen, after Church (Christians), have been taken to Heaven first – in possibly September 2 0 2 2 to October 2 0 2 3.

Let me first remind us, that there is no way, or anything we can do – to change this glorified way, that Jesus will SAVE THEM.

We need to simply trust and serve Him Lovingly, and trust in HIS own ways, of who He Saves. We must never try to earn salvation, through works etc. This is because, we can never Earn Salvation. Jesus and his own works alone (never ours), grant us this, and will never be lost. This is always the greatest, amazing salvation, that nobody – would EVER want changed.

This amazing salvation of Jesus, is always ours. This is already given to us, before any massive sufferings begin, in the last 7 years. These sufferings begin, after Church has already, been taken to Heaven.

In the Book of Revelation, there are words given, to describe the full number of Global people (saved or unsaved). The truth is, that Salvation will come to Christians first, before the massive terrible times come in the last 7 years – which will affect the Jewish people. The Jewish people, will go through this Last 7 Years. A third of these will be Saved.

I will try to show, that the book of Revelation, uses different words – to describe different people. The Early part of Revelation, speaks about Christians saved from the Earth. It then, no longer discusses Christians, who are now safe, and secure in Heaven. But discusses a different people, called SAINTS.

The Massive Terrible times, will happen at the start of the 7 years. This will begin, with the renamed Jewish people, now called Saints and Elect. Christian Gentiles, were never, ever called Saints or Elect. Those words, are only reserved, for the Last 7 year Saved Jews – before massive terrible times happen, on Earth.

People saved on Earth later, are described differently. These suffer much more, as mostly Jewish People. What will happen to Jewish people, and their response?

Jewish Salvation in Old Testament, is different, from our time now. It was BEFORE Jesus came to Earth, and this Last Seven Years, of new Saved Jews and Gentiles.

Latter Jewish time Salvation, once Church has been taken to Heaven, will be very different. The latter times for Jewish people, regarding how they are saved (after Christians are taken to Heaven), will again return back – to much of the Old Testament ways.

These Old Testament ways, but now following Jesus, will be much better. This will be the best way, for the Jewish people – to get close to God again.

To confirm, this. This Latest THIRD of Jewish People, will greatly return back to the Older Times, BUT SALVATION THROUGH JESUS. This will be, after Church is no longer on Earth.

But the Jewish people suffering, will be far worse. The Bible is clear, that despite this suffering, there will be – even more Power of God Evident.

The Jewish people will suffer later, because they INITIALLY rejected their Saviour Jesus, terribly – in a big way. They rejected Him, by wrongly using the Old Testament, for Two thousand years. They had terribly rejected Him, over this Last two thousand years.

That is why, the Jewish salvation now, will be during a much harder time – of the very last 7 years.

They will suffer much more now, during these 7 years, before death. This is because, as said above, the Jewish people caused so much difficulty – to believers of Jesus – for far too long.

Please look at the Jewish conversation, and way of life, as recorded from about Revelation 7 onwards. It reveals a different type of life, to what Christians now experience. That is because, the Last 7 years, will change Jews immensely. It will be a different people, to Christians of today. That is because, Salvation for them, will be slightly different.

Book of Revelation (last book in the Bible), contains words, describing different people – at latest times. Christians Salvation now, comes before the Seven years start. These Seven years, will include a massive Terrible time, for the Jewish people.

Please press and read through, the next message, appearing in Red below – to take you into my Last Blog.

It talks about these things, much more and better.

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

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There will be a THIRD of ALL Jewish People, who are left behind on Earth, after a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of Christians – who will put their trust in Jesus, and avoid death, whilst going to Heaven.

This will happen, after a soon 1 4 4,0 0 0 Jews, are first chosen by God – as Global Leaders, for the Saved THIRD.

This soon to come Faith, will happen, just before the full Return of Jesus to Earth – at the end of the 7 years.

But before that return of Jesus, they will be gathered together, to a place of security. This place of security, will be in a wilderness area in Israel, called Petra.

Those who are martyred during the Tribulation, will be resurrected to life again, after the Full Second Coming of Jesus. They will be resurrected, to participate in the thousand years. That is: 1 0 0 0 Years.

Rev 2 0: 4 proves this 1 0 0 0 years.

4 “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years“.

How could they be watching in Heaven, if Post-Tribulation was correct??? How would a Post Rapture belief, make sense, if we consider:

1 Thessalonians 4: 1 4

“For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.”

This says, that the dead believers, are raised from their “sleep or (death)” to be part of the Rapture. This does not make sense, if they are already Watching in Heaven.

How can they be Watching, if they are asleep (Dead)?The only thing that could work properly, is if they were part of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture (not Post-Tribulation).

They were raised from the dead, to meet Jesus in the air. It is never declared, that this would all be done on the Earth. They are presumably, taken to a place of rest, to Watch things Pan out in Heaven.

At this time, this multitude of Christians, now waiting in Heaven – observe the 1 4 4,0 0 0 sealed remnant Jews on Earth. These Jews, are to become Messianic Jews. These 1 4 4,0 0 0, will remain on Earth for a while, before the GREAT TRIBULATION starts. They will not be taken immediately.

These are the ones, that Jesus is referring to in Matthew 2 4, as the Elect. Remember the Jewish only known words, ELECT and SAINTS. The Jewish ELECT, will be later gathered together, by the Angels. These from the four corners of the Earth, to one place.

At the Second Coming, the Raptured ones, will return with Jesus – on white horses, within the return of the cloud. These will join in with the 1 4 4,0 0 0, plus many others, to defeat Satan – the Anti-christ.

These will finally, usher in the Thousand Years (1 0 0 0 Years) and Reign of Christ. But the thousand years, will first be preceded, by the Wedding of the Bride of Christ. This Wedding, does not make any sense, for Post-Tribulation bad belief. The WEDDING ONLY MAKES SENSE, to Pre-Tribulation Faith.

What is the Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

The Rapture is an event, that will take place, sometime in the near future. These following things will happen:

– Jesus will come in the air, collect the Church from the earth first, to take to Heaven – and then the seven years will start.

– Jesus will then later, collect the Jews. That is, the one’s who have now surrendered to Jesus. This will be, after about 3.5 years

– Both Church, and Jewish redeemed believers in Jesus, will be enabled to have a wedding with Jesus – arranged in Heaven, during the last 3.5 years. The Jewish redeemed believers, will be known as SAINTS

– The seven years will end, and then Jesus will return with all the believers to Earth, to start the 1 0 0 0 Years Reign of Jesus – on Earth

– There will be other events, but these will be discussed later

The Apostle Paul, gave a clear description, of the Rapture Event – in his letters to the Thessalonians and Corinthians. He said in: 1 Thessalonians 4: 1 6 – 1 8.

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

This should be so obvious, to you all. It says “To Meet the Lord in the Air”.

If Post-Tribulation (wrong belief), was correct. Then we would not meet the Lord in the air. But we are told, that we will meet the Lord in the Air. The REAL TRUE details, are Pre-Tribulation. I hope to continue, proving the reality, of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Please now look at: 1 Cor. 1 5: 5 1 – 5 3.

“Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on in-corruption, and this mortal [must] put on immortality”

I will now, just briefly explain, why we use the word RAPTURE.

The word “Rapture”, comes from Paul’s “caught up” remark, in 1 Thessalonians 4: 1 7. The words “caught up” are translated from the Greek word “harpazo”, which means “to carry off,” “snatch up,” or “grasp hastily.” There was also a translation from “harpazo” to “Rapture”, which now gives us that word “Rapture”, which we now use.

Explanations given here, of the differences between, the times of 1 2 6 0 to 1 2 9 0 days – and the two 3.5 years.

Revelation 1 2: 6

This indicates, that the Jews will have to wait on the Lord, for 1 2 6 0 days. This may also be a time, when:

Petra will be provided, for the Jews.

By the way, the first Woman, was actually Mary the mother of Jesus. But what is mentioned, is another woman. This time, the evil woman (Catholic Church), was another evil – which was also around, at the same time, from the first 1 2 9 0 days to the very last 1 2 6 0 days.

This last 1 2 6 0 days, is when the Antichrist (Satan) stands in the Temple of God, and declares himself to be God.  This event will take place, at the mid-point of the 7 year Tribulation.

See also 2 Thessalonians 2: 4 and Dan 9: 2 7, which refer to these following times:

– Last 3.5 years, of the Seven Years

– New Temple

– Satan becoming, far more Powerfully involved, in everything.

Some people only, see a 3.5 Year terrible Tribulation. In a way they are correct, because the first half of the Tribulation, will be for 1 2 9 0 days. This time will be relatively peaceful, compared to the last very terrible times, of 1 2 6 0 years. This latter time, will be called, the GREAT TRIBULATION.

Nonetheless, peaceful or not, there still remains an overall 7 year Bad Period – called the Whole Tribulation.

At this time, “The Jews will flee into the wilderness”, for safety – as described in the Bible. I previously mentioned, that the Bible discusses this, as Petra. They know, that all they have to do, is wait out those 1,2 6 0 days.

These are the events, that are revealed in Mat 2 4: 1 6. It says: “Then let them which be in Judaea, flee into the mountains”. These are the days, we will soon go into. They cover the last 7 years from beginning to end.

1. The Rapture of the Church, which comes before the Tribulation

2. The return of Jesus to the earth, which takes place, Seven Years later.

3. The rest of the end day events.

This following promise, is to the Jews. It is from Jeremiah 3 1: 3 1.

“The time is coming” declares the LORD, “when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah.”

That prophecy, is NOT concerning the Gentiles, or the Church. It specifically states, “the house of Israel and Judah combined”.

Ezekiel chapters 3 6 to 3 9, specifically state, that God will bring the Jews back to the Land – in unregenerate and unrepentant hearts first, and then convert them later.

Zechariah chapters 1 2 – 1 4, discusses the nature of the conversions.

Please now read Ezekiel 3 6 to 3 9. It clearly states, that God will give them a heart of flesh, later on.

What we see in Israel now, is the first stage, in God’s plan of Israel’s redemption. We see the physical resurrection of the Land, and the people, back to its former glories – and becoming fruitful again.

1. Next will be Tribulation, after the Church has been taken to Heaven

2. Followed, by the Spiritual Restoration of the Jews

3. Then Great Tribulation, while Jews are being taken to Heaven

4. After 7 years is complete, Jesus will return to Earth. Everyone will now be ready, to FINALLY say “Blessed is He, who comes in the Name of the Lord”.

Also consider, that God knows the end, from the very beginning of time. He clearly knows, everything that will ever happen. Nothing ever happens, by accident. God has ALWAYS been in full control, of KNOWING EVERYTHING that will EVER happen, throughout ETERNITY.

That was before, He even started on creating the Earth, 6 0 0 0 years ago.

God knew about us Christians then, and the Jewish People. He knew everything that the Jews, would ever do, but He still chose them for a purpose. God’s decisions and choices, NEVER CHANGE, as He is in TOTAL CONTROL. Therefore, the Jews are still chosen, for a purpose.

God knew, before the foundation of the Earth, that He would choose Christians – for Heaven FIRST, and then the latter Jewish People, to be part of the Seven years. Also He knew, that all TRUE BELIEVERS in JESUS, will all be part of the 1 0 0 0 years, and then overall Eternity, never ending.

At the very beginning, God chose the Jews.

Despite this, the Jews continuously rebelled against Jesus/God. It got so bad, that they would reject Jesus, and then be exiled from Israel – from 0 0 7 0 to 1 9 4 8. That is 1 8 7 8 years. This is a very long period of time, which the Bible told us would happen, in the very last days. In 2 0 2 2, most Jews still reject Jesus. But that will change, once the Last 7 Years start.

The actual death and resurrection of Jesus, happened, before the Catholics used wrong records – of birth year 0 0 0 0. The real truth is, that Jesus died and rose again, in about year 0 0 2 9 or 0 0 3 0 (not 0 0 3 3).

In our year now of 2 0 2 2, the birth was about 1 9 9 2 to 1 9 9 3 years ago. The last 7 years, will probably start in the real year 1 9 9 3, leading up to the year 2 0 0 0. The end of 2 0 0 0 years, will probably be around the true years, of 2 0 2 9 or 2 0 3 0.

With the 7 year deductions, of Christians being in Heaven, the LAST 7 years will start – around the years, of 2 0 2 2 to 2 0 2 3.

The time we are now in, is almost 2 0 0 0 years, of Jewish failures – to follow God/Jesus. God has extremely promised, that He will bring the Jews back to Himself, much later, after the desolation of many generations. The time of Jewish desertion from Israel, from 0 0 7 0 to 1 9 4 8, was 1 8 7 8 years. THIS IS a great example, of MANY GENERATIONS.

God DOES NOT change His mind, regarding His promises. His promises are IRREVOCABLE.

God NEVER said, that He would wipe out the Jews Totally Forever. We are instead told, that He would ALWAYS reserve a remnant. We are told, that only a THIRD of the Jews (in the Land), will survive the Tribulation. It is the third, who will be TOTALLY SAVED, Spiritually.

Quite honestly, we should apply this: “do not be conformed to this World”, i.e. its BAD thinking, attitudes and values, “But be TRANSFORMED, by the RENEWING OF YOUR MINDS”. Romans 1 2: 2

If God said it, then we should accept it. His thoughts and His ways, are far higher, than our thoughts and our ways.

I would like to add: Paul was specifically referring to Christian JEWS, not about the Gentile Christians. Please see Romans 9: 1 – 8.

He was simply stating, that for TRUE JEWS, they needed Natural Birth PLUS FAITH. This was required, to be a True Jew. Therefore a True Jew, still needs to be one NATURALLY, as a first step to qualify – as being Jewish. A completed Jew, is the Jew, who has received Jesus as their Messiah. That is, a Natural Jew, AND Spiritual Jew, combined in one person.

That was the Whole Crux, of Paul’s message. He then went on to explain, that God continues to have a remnant of Jews, who WILL choose Jesus as Messiah – and be saved. However, before they are saved, they are unsaved, and unregenerate. They need the Life Of Jesus, to save them.

Conversion, does not take place at Birth, but happens Later – through God’s choice, and Power.

These Jews, who are the chosen by Grace, are True Jews. That is because, when they repent later, and receive JESUS – they will be immensely saved, specifically. They are of the Elect, and not the ones who will not believe.

Remember, I pointed out earlier, that the word ELECT – is a Jewish Word, not a Christian word.

The situation is, that the Last 7 years set for natural Jews, is that they will be saved. They will become a Third of all Jews. This is what the Bible tells us. These are those, who return to the Land, in unbelief – but will be saved, when they call upon the Lord.

Going back to the opening question: “Does God change His mind?”

It may seem to us, that God sometimes changes His mind. I will now look at this question, but first state, that God is always PERFECT – and never needs to CHANGE HIS Perfect Decisions. This whole question, is related to OUR WEAK imperfect minds. It would help, if we could understand this better.

God may sometimes seem, to change His mind, to OUR imperfect thoughts. For example, in Nineveh the people were told, that they would suffer death. They repented of their sins, and were then told, that they were forgiven – and that God would change his mind, and allow them to live, because of this repentance.

However, God always KNOWS WHAT WE WILL DO. He never changes His mind, over what He will do for us. He knew beforehand, as He knows all things, that the Ninevites would repent.

God warned them, that if they did not repent, they would DIE. That is a TRUTH. But God also KNEW beforehand, that they would repent. This is why, He stuck with His already made decision, to save them. Sometimes God’s promises are conditional, on what we do.

If it seems God has changed His mind, which He never does do, it is because He has placed decisions in our hand. If we do what He wants, that is great. If we do not do the best things, then God overalls everything, to make sure the correct things happen. This is so, with:

– Israel

– Jews

– The Land

Although God always knows, what we will individually do, in the future – we ourselves, do not know this, beforehand. The choice of what we do, will be in our hands.

Here is an example, Ezekiel 3 6: 2 2 – 2 4:

“Therefore, say to the house of Israel, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD’, “It is not for your sake, O house of Israel, that I am about to act, but for My holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you went”.

“I will vindicate the holiness of My great name which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst. Then the nations will know that I am the LORD,” declares the Lord GOD, “when I prove Myself holy among you in their sight.

For I will take you from the nations, gather you from all the lands, and bring you into your own land.” “

No indication here of conditions, and no mention of repentance. But there is mention, of God making them holy (by His own hand), in the subsequent verses. First is the gathering, then later the cleansing, then even later – receiving the Holy Spirit. 

“Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols.”

God SAID IT, it must therefore come to pass. And it has.

God’s promises regarding Israel, will be controlled by Him, not by the Jews. God’s promises, are unconditional and unchangeable.

Anybody who denies these Miracles of GOD, and continues to preach that Israel is a political accident, are denying the Truth – and closing their hearts. This includes, closing their minds, against GOD.

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God told us, that He would bring the Jews back to the Land, after desolations of many generations. This was told through the prophets, in many places.

See Isaiah 6 1: 4

“And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities – the desolations of many generations.”

Israel were exiled for ONE generation, when they were taken to Babylon, and not to MANY generations. The MANY generations would happen, in a later time, as mentioned in Isaiah 6 1: 4.

This verse states MANY generations.  Israel were exiled again, around AD 7 0, and were exiled for nearly 2 0 0 0 years. To be exact, that is 1 8 7 8 years. This 1 8 7 8 years, makes it clearly, Many Generations.

The Israel born people, who were scattered all over the World, returned again to Israel – in 1 9 4 8. This was when the Land was in desolation, and had been for about 1 8 7 8 years. But since 1 9 4 8, the desolation of MANY generations, Israel – has seen the Land become fruitful again. So the year 1 9 4 8, was the fulfilment of the MANY GENERATIONS.

Some say, that the current nation of Israel, is a political mistake. They say, that the leadership in Israel, were all part of the Illuminati/Freemason Conspiracy.

Firstly, is God in control, or not?

If Heaven is GOD’S/JESUS Throne, and the Earth is His Footstool, with Jerusalem as the place of His rest – then God will intervene. So, whether the Freemason’s were involved or not, GOD was involved!

Why would God say, in the amazing Bible, that He would bring the Jews back to the Land – if He knew, that the Jews would cease to exist? Clearly God is telling us, that THE JEWS WOULD exist in the LAST DAYS, with their own Country again.

You need to ask these questions:

. Was every single Jewish woman, in Israel, really raped – by the Romans in 7 0 AD?

. Was every single Jewish male killed, so that no more viable males, existed?

. What about Ruth?

Many Israelites, were still living in other countries (Diaspora), and would come to visit Jerusalem, for the feasts.

In the Old Testament Bible times, a natural Jew, was one born from a Jewish Father!

As I understand it, the Leaders (Rabbis?), changed things. They felt, that protection of real Jewish people, was needed. They felt, that the best way of protection, was to now recognise real Jewish people, through the Mothers, instead of the Men. That is, that whoever was born of a Jewish mother, was now Jewish. That would mean, that those born of raped women, would still be Jewish.

I understand that problem. But remember, it is God who sets the terms. It is not Rabbis, who are allowed to change things. However, let us now Consider Ruth.

Ruth was not Jewish, but was a Gentile. But through her Bible line, the mighty and greatest Jesus, came to us.

Ruth was not Jewish, but her husband was Jewish. Ruth chose to identify herself, with the people of Israel. She said: “Your people, will be my people, and your God – will be my God”.

Paul stated that a true Jew, was one inwardly, not outwardly. Simple outward circumcision, did not make them Jewish, if their Hearts were not yielded to God. They needed to be Jewish, inside their Hearts, not on their outward body.

So, what makes them Jewish, inside their Hearts? We have clues about this, when Paul discussed Abraham, and his Faith in God.

Therefore Faith, is an important issue of the Heart. True Jews are those Jews (not Gentile Christians), who love the Lord their God, with all these things:

– Heart

– Mind

– Soul

– Strength

And they must follow His commandments, with a Pure Heart.

I will just (almost) sum up, by saying the following: Anyone who chooses to be a Jew, and identify themselves with the Jews, and love Israel – CAN SAY correctly, “Your people are my people, and your God is my God”.

Ruth said these things, which revealed her Faith in the Jewish God. She was later considered to be Jewish, because of this statement.

ANY people, including Ruth, may all be considered Jewish by God – with this correct attitude. Does that mean, that all of us Gentile Christians, who identify with God – in that way, make us Jewish?   NO!

It is the non-Christian Gentiles, who can join themselves to Israel, and show that love (for Israel) – by following the Torah etc, and getting circumcised. These can become Jewish, but not saved Christians. These can reveal themselves, as becoming Jewish, but not yet Christians – as they have not yet received Jesus, into their hearts.

However, Christians have already become Spiritually Jewish, because they have received Jesus into their Hearts – and been grafted into the Olive Tree.

REAL identification with Jews, and BECOMING Jewish, is much more – than having a love for, and identifying with Israel. It is a radical life change, by virtually becoming Jewish. That is the case, BEFORE they become SAVED Christians. These Jews, who have done this, have not yet received Jesus – but have now become Jewish.

Therefore, they are now Israeli/Jewish and part of Israel, no matter what FALSE people may say – about FALSE JEWS.

Christians no longer need to become Jewish, to be part of God’s family. This is because they are already saved. But all Jews, do need to receive Jesus into their hearts, to become fully saved.

Last details proving, that today’s Jews, are indeed real Jews.

For the Non-Christian Gentile, they WOULD have to become Jewish, if they want to become natural Jews, but not saved Jews. However, they cannot be saved, by remaining non-Christians. They also cannot be spiritually/saved Jews, if they are not Christians.

I am not saying, that a Gentile becoming Jewish, saves them. NO, this is never possible!

A Gentile may become Jewish, but he/she still needs to accept Jesus as their Messiah/Saviour, to become a child of God. Who else in the WHOLE WORLD, would be foolish enough, to claim to be Jewish (when they are not) – and also be an unsaved Christian?

No-one would ever, want to become Jewish, if they were not TRULY Jewish. This can be seen, by the way, Most people hate Israel.

I now firmly believe, that those who are Jews today, are the very same ones – that the prophets were prophesying about, who would be restored to the Land of Israel.

“God is not man, that He should Lie”.

God said: “He will restore the Jews back to the Land, after MANY generations, from ALL corners of the World – not just from Babylon”

Therefore, you can be sure, that He has done EXACTLY that!

Here’s some stats, from a must-see short video, of Israel.

Click Here

This is an amazing video to watch, and there are many others, like it. It proves, that Israel is amazingly much more unique, than any other country in the world.

Why is this happening in Israel? It happens, because God is doing a mighty work, with and in Israel – in these last days.

The question is: Who is Blessing Israel?

Israel is a Nation, that is hated of all other nations, and is pressured by the nations – through the UN, to divide the Land?

God’s Promise, of the Land to Israel.  Another video to open.

To whom does the land of Israel belong to?

The answer is really very simple. God gave the land of Israel to Abraham. What does that all mean? Please read these too:

Genesis 1 7: 8 and to his descendants, through Isaac Genesis 2 6: 2 – 5. And Jacob Genesis 2 8: 1 – 4, 1 3 – 1 4.

The land belongs to the descendants of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel.

Romans 1: 1 6, says

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God, that brings salvation to everyone who believes: First to the Jew, then to the Gentile”.

In the early days, we had an Abrahamic covenant, which was between God and Abraham. It originally included a teaching of: Free from Law. But then Latter Covenants, were based on Law.

Some People including Jews, immediately protest this claim, by not accepting FREEDOM FROM LAW. They argue, that the Abrahamic Covenant was done away with. That is done away with, either by the Cross of Jesus, or by the disobedience of the Jews. But the Bible clearly teaches, that the Abrahamic Covenant is everlasting, and still in effect.

Remember that the above, is solely related to the Latter time Jews, after 2 0 2 2 – and not to the Gentiles, of our time now, in 2 0 2 2. We are also told:

“First to the Jew, then to the Gentile”.

This illustrates again, that God deals with 2 people. The Jews first and then the Gentiles (secondly). Please also now read these, which illustrate the above passages:

Genesis 1 7: 7, 1 Chronicles 1 6: 1 7 – 1 8,   Psalm 1 0 5: 8 – 1 1 and  Romans 9: 4.

Paul states in Romans 1 1, that the disobedience of the Jews, has not nullified the promises of God to them: for the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable Romans 1 1: 2 9.

God’s promises are going to be Fulfilled, to a believing remnant. Romans 9: 2 7. In fact, in Romans 9: 4, Paul specifically states, that God’s promises to the Jews, are STILL VALID.

The fact is, that God wants to make a way, for the Gentiles (as relates to 2 0 2 2) – in which the Law no longer rules. We are set FREE from this, by being given a new way. This new way, is FREE from the punishment, of the LAW.

Important OTHER info here.

This includes, explaining the difference, between the Tribulation – and the Great Tribulation. Also are given the latter stories, of the 1 4 4,0 0 0 First Jewish Saints, who start things off – during the Very Last 7 Years.

Jesus WILL return, and deliver us all from evil, once and for all time – to live in His Glorious Kingdom Forever.

Matthew 2 4: 3 1 says this:

“And he shall send his Angels, with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his Elect – from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other”.

This is referring to the “Elect”, of the Jewish remnant, at the end of the Tribulation – during the Last 7 Years.

We then have in, Revelation 1 4: 1

“And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him a hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads”

The Rapture of the Church, is not referred to here, but the later First Jews – are being referred to. They are the saved ones, experiencing the start of the 7 Years, and getting ready to save ONE THIRD of all JEWISH PEOPLE. That chapter never says, the Church will suffer Tribulation, but the Tribulation will be incurred – by Israel alone.

Jesus is saying, that it is THE ANGELS, who gather together, the 1 4 4,0 0 0 sealed Jewish survivors – at the end of the seven years, to a place of protection, prepared for them, in the wilderness in Israel. These Angels, enable the Jews, to receive their Messiah JESUS.

Revelation 7: 3 – 8 explains, that the 1 4 4,0 0 0, will not be Raptured – but remain on Earth, because they had not yet believed on the Messiah.

But they will believe soon, and be amazingly used by JESUS. They ARE sealed for protection, as believers TO BE – and as the Jewish remnant. Their trust in Jesus, is probably triggered by the Rapture.

In Revelation 7: 9 onwards, we then hear in verse 9 of: “A great multitude, that no-one could count”. We are then told in verse 1 4, “These are they, who have come out of the Great Tribulation”. They were Raptured, out of this Great Tribulation, before its impact started.

The First 3.5 Years (out of the Seven), were before the Great Tribulation Time. Only after these first 3.5 Years, is the Great Tribulation mentioned, in Revelation chapter 7. Only then, is discussed the Great Tribulation, and the judgements of God.

The Chapters before Revelation 8, were just increasing in the tempo, and setting the scene for the start. This included the Rapture and First Tribulation. But not, the GREAT Tribulation.

I discussed, a gradual increase in intensity. That is with Wars, Famine, Persecution etc. This is just like we have experienced, on Earth, in our recent 1 2 0 years or so – up to 2 0 2 2. We are now experiencing, an increasing intensity. The time now in 2 0 2 2, is just the very beginning, of the Birth Pangs, as Jesus described.

Before the Rapture comes soon, we read of the martyrs, being told to wait a little longer. They are not yet in the throne room. This “Little Longer”, is presumably, until the Rapture occurs.

See 1 Thessalonians 4: 1 6 – 1 7.

1 6.  “For the Lord himself shall descend, from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel – and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:”

1 7.  “Then we which are alive, and remain, shall be caught up together – with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so, shall we ever be with the Lord”.

This is similar, to the days we are now living in, where we may suddenly see a Rapture – of believers being martyred, for their Faith. We are now living in a time, when Christians suffer Persecution. But this may well lead up, to the time, when the Rapture occurs.

Paul said in 2 Timothy 3: 1 2: “Those who desire to live Godly lives in Christ Jesus, WILL suffer Persecution”. Does that also include Tribulation?

We Christians who are alive, will be called upwards to Heaven First, before God intervenes on Earth. This means the Church’s full return to Earth, will be later. It will be after the Tribulation, and after the Great Tribulation, which ends 7 years later. This will not be close, to the start of the 7 years. Those who preach Post Tribulation, have got it TOTALLY WRONG.

My teachings, in this whole Blog of 4 0 0 Pages, reveal HOW VERY TRUE Pre-Tribulation is. It has FAR MORE PROOF, that it is true, and can easily explain – all the wrong points given, by Post Tribulation.

There is now an increase in normal Tribulation. Maybe this year 2 0 2 2, is an example, of the beginning of terrible Earthly troubles – before the Tribulation starts.

The normal start of Tribulation, is not the GREAT Tribulation, yet. The GREAT tribulation only starts, 3.5 years, AFTER the Rapture takes place – and the start of Tribulation immediately. The Great Tribulation ends, after 7 years.

A THIRD of all Jewish people, who are left behind on Earth, after a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of Christians – will then put their trust in Jesus, and avoid death, whilst going to Heaven.

This will happen, whilst being gathered together, with the 1 4 4,0 0 0. This later Faith will happen, just before the full Return of Jesus to Earth. But before that return of Jesus, they will be gathered together, to a place of security. This place of security, will be in a wilderness area in Israel, called Petra.

Page 1 0 1

God’s work, of taking Christians to Heaven first. Then Israel later. This is all part, of His Second Coming Plan.

First a bit, about myself.

I am very keen to talk to people, about my faith in God now, after my accident – and reveal the amazing things God taught me, before that happened. I know it will help you immensely. I also want to help, bring all people, to a great salvation.

I know that the main way to bring people to salvation, is to be able to enlighten them, with more truth from the bible – and use these, for them make deciding decisions for Jesus. This includes advising, why Jesus should be followed.

There is much truth, in the Bible, which contains what we need to do – to be saved. This is prepared for us, in the best way.

Having faith in God, and reading the Bible, will help us immensely. But not reading the Bible is very bad, as it could place us in a bad position.

Not reading the Bible, can leave people vulnerable, from non readers – who give poor information, leading to falsehood and deception. This will happen, if those who can read the Bible, choose not to.

These are bible teachings, that we need to read and follow, to bring us closer to God.

God wants those who can read, to specifically find time, to read, and become more equipped. Those who are weakened, to not be able to read so well, will still be given help by God – if their heart is after God. This will happen, if they are truly saved. If you can read, please find a way, to read through the Bible. Please also read through, my previous best blog writings.

By the way, I have experienced this amazing power from Jesus, to be able to study the Bible myself – in my life, since my near death in Nov 2 0 1 7.

It has become so clear to me in the Bible, and specifically in Revelation, that there are parts before the second coming of Jesus, that will first involve Israeli salvation. This after the first event, of saved born again believers, taken to heaven first.

Christians taken to Heaven first, is then followed, by Jewish people saved later.

This comes, soon after true believers have been taken to heaven, allowing about 1 4 4, 0 0 0 of Jewish people, afterwards – to spread the true message of Jesus further abroad, to about one third of Jewish people in the earth.

There is a very clear description, of the second coming, for the Church believers – given now. But then later, on other blogs, there will be other explanations – for Israeli salvation and others.

There will be a different way to be saved, after Christians alone, are taken to Heaven. This different way, will be for the non-Christians (Mostly Jewish people) who are left behind on Earth. A third or so, of Israel, and others – will be saved in a different, harder, but more all powerful way.

It is clear (if we are honest), that God has always had a special plan for Israel, in the future. This comes, after the way has been opened up, for mass overall salvation – to the whole world, first.

We are now living in years, that are more appropriate, to what the Bible tells us now. Israel have been a nation, since about the year 1 9 4 8 or later, and Europe is getting much bigger – with vaster nations involved. This is all reported much clearer, in the Bible now, if we can better understand – what is happening around us.

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Muslims Falsely claim, that Matthew cannot be Trusted. This message will now show, how wrong they are, and reveal the real truth – of why Matthew can be trusted.

Incidentally, there is a passage towards the end of Matthew, in which it states, that a number of Saints (Israel Older Believers) – rose from the grave, after the resurrection of Jesus. This should tell us, that God would much later, start the 7 Years – for Jewish Christians.

This very teaching, is disputed, by very knowledgeable holy Muslims. They say, that Matthew and the Bible cannot be trusted, as this knowledge would have been reported highly, but was not. I now report on the Muslims thoughts.

Matthew 2 7: 5 1 – 5 4 says:
And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the Saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

When the centurion, and they that were with him watching Jesus, saw the earthquake – and those things that were done, feared greatly, saying: Truly this was the Son of God.”

Muslims bring a serious statement of unfairness, as I will demonstrate. They say that Matthew must have been lying, because such a momentous event like this, would have been reported far and wide – and yet only Matthew reports it. So, why did only Matthew report this, and not the other gospels?

I would submit, that the reason the writers, of the other gospels – did not mention the multi resurrections, was because they did not see it: The other writers, were not direct eyewitnesses, of what happened.

Only those who saw what happened, wrote in truth what they saw. This is a much more believable reason, why the gospel is very trustworthy, in declaring the truth of what happened. Only what was seen was written down, and nothing that was not seen, were given.

Remember, that 3 gospels of the 4, were based on the actual events and speeches – that were seen, and heard by the eyewitnesses.  In 3 gospels, this was so.

But in one gospel, the 4th gospel (Luke), he collated his findings and investigations together – from the other eyewitnesses, and he is remarkably consistent, with the other 3 gospels.  He wrote about, what the other 3 saw, and not what they thought.

I will now reconfirm things in another way, to press the point home.  None of the Gospel Writers, ever reported things they did not see, but only reported what they individually experienced – and saw with their own eyes. They never reported on anything, they did not see.

This point should clarify, why only Matthew discussed the Saints. That is, Saints are Jewish believers. They rose from the dead.

It could be, that only Matthew saw what happened. Maybe Mark and John, didn’t see it happen, and therefore – as faithful witnesses, did not write it down. They only wrote down, what they themselves, had seen and heard.

Matthew’s Gospel, revealed an example, of a late Jewish/Israel person – being saved. It was showing what will happen in the future, as Jewish people, are saved as Christians. This was very rare at that time, but will become much more real, in our days now – as the Seven years start in Heaven, for Christians soon.

Because of this event, the Temporarily Risen Saints were mentioned, as a Testimony – against the Bad Jewish leaders of that time. These Jews had rejected their messiah, 2 0 0 0 years ago.

Those who were resurrected, only appeared in Jerusalem, amongst the Jews. Jesus stated, that the nature of 1st century Jews, is that they would not be convinced – even if there was a resurrection.

Jesus said:  “They have Moses and the prophets. If they don’t hear these, neither will they believe, if a resurrection occurs” Luke 1 6: 3 1.  That means, that they need to put their Trust in Faith, and Act it Out.

Scripture also tells us, that signs are for Believers. That is, those whose hearts are ready to receive Jesus. It is not for unbelievers, or those with stony hearts.

Are Muslims now asking: “why has the truth, of such a momentous event, not widely spread”? and “should we then consider, if the Jewish, or Roman authorities – would be willing to publicise this event”.

Fact is, truth was never exaggerated, but was properly reported – exactly as it happened, by those who saw it.

Truth is, if the false Jewish leaders went to such great trouble, to try falsely lying – that the disciples stole the body of Jesus, then you can be sure, that the other events would be hushed up too.

Also, the Romans wanted to control everything, and reign in that area of the world. Would they be keen in publicising anything, that would jeopardise the Romans control, or take away the peoples worship of Caesar – and their false Babylon originated religion?

The same method is used today, in the controlled media of the world, if they do not want the Truth to be heard.

As someone else put it, if the Saints appearing, were actually much older people. For example like King David, Abraham, etc. Then who would recognise these older people, and be able to say who they were? Many would be scared to mention it, as it could appear that they were mad.

The point is, that we cannot use fallible, finite human reasoning of Muslims – to decide, if the story was true.

We should not consider this, if it doesn’t make sense to our minds, in the 2 1st Century. We simply do not know what happened, or why it was hushed up. But we CAN trust Matthew’s account, as he was simply being a Faithful Eyewitness, telling us what he had seen.

If we examine the 4 gospels Fairly, we will see, that they are incredibly consistent. Those that initially seem to disagree (usually over minor points), can be given great explanations.

Please check out this link, which goes into great detail, why the Bible can be trusted:

How The Bible Was Put Together and Proving Why It IS The Inspired Inerrant Word Of God

Please as mentioned below, go into this above blog. It opens up in:

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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