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810 HAS MARK OF BEAST STARTED. Wrong report is now being handed out, telling us it has started. You need to be aware of this TRUE BIBLE TRUTH

I can now see distribution, of terribly incorrect writings, saying that the Mark of the Beast – is already in operation.

The start, of the Mark of the Beast, may be soon. It may be already, being put in place as started, but the start of it will not happen – until Satan can arrive on Earth.

Satan’s arrival on Earth, can never happen, while the Glory of Christians are on the Earth. Christians first need to be taken to HEAVEN, at the start of the 7 Years, before the mark of Beast can start its operation.

This will happen later, after Gentile Christians of now, are first taken to Heaven – during the soon starting 7 Years. Only after Gentile Christians, are first taken to Heaven, can a time start – with Satan’s appearance.

This Satanic time will start, just before late Jews can become, the LAST NEW CHRISTIANS.

This Blog explains so much, about these Last 7 Years. To read it all, please go to SEARCH, and look up all my multitude Blog Messages – which contain the words “Last 7 Years”

The Amir Tsarfati, and other written books of mine, declare all this TRUTH – very strongly.

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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