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495 JESUS ENORMOUS Love for us. How we can receive it, eternally, after we are taken to Heaven. This after soon 7 Years

This message of mine, reveals the GREAT TRUTH, about God’s ENORMOUS Love for us – and how we can receive it, eternally.

It also shows why, the largest number of Christians in the World, suffer so much now. These suffer more, than any other Earth person, in 2 0 2 2.

Why So Bad Now?

It is BAD NOW, because we are getting much much closer, to the very last 7 Years. This means, that the terrible GODLESS people, left in the World – are gaining a greater hatred for Christians. Why?

Basically, most people resent the great life, that Jesus gives Christians – and are hoping, they can end it. Most people seem to hate Jesus, for some reason, that I cannot understand.

However, the Bible is clear, that this will greatly increase – in the End times. The End times, are what we are now in, this is why Christians being killed – is now growing. To Christians, they should be encouraged, because Christians are soon – going to be totally saved, and taken to Heaven, FOREVER.

Because of this AMAZING Salvation security, for Christians, we DO KNOW – that JESUS DOES LOVE US ETERNALLY, and this will never ever FAIL.

My whole BLOG writings, show IMMENSELY, how much JESUS DOES LOVE US – because of the way, that he lay down HIS LIFE for us.

I will now look at, some of the contents, within:

This includes, these words:

“The following statistics from Pew Research Center, shows that Christianity is the world’s most persecuted religion across all nations and that it continues to grow in number.

According to the 2 0 2 0 report, government restrictions, and social hostilities – toward Christianity, have risen in over 1 5 0 countries. Furthermore, thirteen Christians die every day, due to wide spread persecution”.

These words reveal, the Terror being caused on Christianity, in the World today – in 2 0 2 0, and also now, in 2 0 2 3.

So, what is now happening, and WHY?

Persecution of Christians

From the beginning of Christianity, as a movement within JudaismEarly Christians were persecuted – for their faith, at the hands of both Jews and the Roman Empire. These controlled the areas, where Christianity, was first distributed.

This continued from the First century, until the early Fourth, when the religion was legalized by the Edict of Milan. It eventually became the State church, of the Roman Empire.

Many Christians Fled Persecution, in the Roman Empire, by emigrating to the Persian Empire – where for 1 5 0 years, after Constantine’s conversion, they were persecuted. This was under the Sassanids, with thousands, losing their lives.

Christianity continued to spread, through: “Merchants, Slaves, Traders – Captives, and Contacts with Jewish communities”. Also, Missionaries, who were often killed for their efforts.

This killing continued, into the Early modern periodbeginning in the 1 5 0 0 th year (5 0 0 years ago), to the Late modern period – of 2 0 0 0, and into the contemporary period today.

Greek Christians in 1 9 2 2, Fleed their homes, from Kharput to Trebizond. In the 1 9 1 0’s and 1 9 2 0’s, the ArmenianGreek – and Assyrian genocides, were perpetrated, by the Ottoman government.

In normal society, Christians are persecuted in Iran, and other parts of the Middle East. For example, proselytising, which is illegal there.

Out of the 1 0 0 to 2 0 0 Million Christians, which are alleged to be under assault, the majority are persecuted – in Muslim Majority Nations.

Every year, the Christian non-profit organization, called Open Doors – publishes the World Watch List. This is a list of the top 5 0 countries, which it designates, as the most dangerous for Christians. The 2 0 1 8 World Watch List, has the following countries, as its top 1 0, after these 2.

North Korea, and Eritrea: Christian and Muslim religions, are controlled by the state.

Top 1 0: AfghanistanMyanmarSomaliaSudanPakistanLibyaIraqYemen, India and  Iran. These are all MOSTLY, non-Christian.

Due to the large number of Christian Majority countries, differing groups of Christians, are harassed and persecuted – in the Christian countries, such as Eritrea and MexicoThis more often, than in Muslim countries. Although not in greater numbers.

There are low to moderate restrictions, on religious freedom, in three-quarters of the world’s countries – with high, and very high restrictions, in a quarter of them. This, according to the State Department’s report, on religious freedom – and persecution delivered, annually to Congress.

The Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte, International Society, for Human Rights in Frankfurt – Germany, is a non-governmental organization. It has these: 3 0,0 0 0 members, from 3 8 countries – who monitor human rights.

In September 2 0 0 9, chairman Martin Lessenthin, issued a report estimating – that 8 0% acts of religious persecution, around the world, were aimed at Christians at that time. Also, according to the World Evangelical Alliance, over 2 0 0 Million Christians, are denied – fundamental human rights, solely because of their Faith.

A report released by the UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and a report by the PEW organization studying worldwide restrictions of religious freedom, both have Christians suffering – in the highest number of countries, rising from 1 2 5 in year 2 0 1 5, to 1 4 4 in 2 0 1 8.

PEW has published a caution, concerning the interpretation, of these numbers:

“The Center’s recent report, does not attempt to estimate, the number of victims – in each country. It does not speak to the intensity, of harassment”.

France, who restricts the wearing of the hijab, is counted as a persecuting country, equally with Nigeria and Pakistan – where, according to the Global Security organization, Christians have been killed for their Faith.

In December 2 0 1 6, the Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC), at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – in Massachusetts, published this statement.

“Between the years 2 0 0 5 and 2 0 1 5 (1 0 Years), there were as many, as 9 0 0,0 0 0 Christian martyrs worldwide. This is an average of 9 0,0 0 0 per year. This marked, that a Christian was persecuted, every 8 minutes.”

However, the BBC has reported, that others – such as Open Doors and the International Society for Human Rights – have disputed, the number’s accuracy.

Gina Zurlo, the CSGC’s assistant director, explained that two-thirds of the 9 0,0 0 0 died, in Tribal Conflicts – and nearly half were victims, of the civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Klaus Wetzel, an internationally recognized expert, on religious persecution – explains that Gordon-Conwell, defines Christian martyrdom, in the widest possible sense. This is while, Wetzel and Open doors, and others, such as The International Institute for Religious Freedom (IIRF) – use a more restricted definition.

They use these thoughts:

“Those who are killed, ARE killed, because they are Christians.”

Open Doors document. Anti-Christian sentiment, is presently based, on direct evidence. It bases conservative estimates, on indirect evidence.

This approach, dramatically lowers the numerical count. Open Doors says, that while numbers fluctuate every year, they estimate – 1 1 Christians are currently dying, for their faith, somewhere in the world every day.

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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