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481 John Mackay. Creation, Young Earth, Noah Flood and Carbon Dating. All Globally proved true with Evidence, as proved here

Please open my 9 Pages, of: 1 8 9, 3 3 4, 3 3 9, 3 6 9, 3 9 9, 4 0 1, 4 0 3, 4 0 9, 4 2 3. Please now watch this first part, of John Mackay messages.

The Seventh message, will be completed on, page 4 8 3. These Seven messages, includes all of these older messages, 3 0 0 and 4 7 8 to 4 8 3.

This section, now looks at my attached 9 serious messages, which I have saved on this Blog – about John Mackay teachings.

These will contain, many other TRUE messages, about my other trusted people – re the truth of REAL CHRISTIAN FAITH. This is through, these 6 people:

That is of, Amir Tsarfati, Tony Pearce, Robert Breaker, Justin Peters, John Mackay 2 Pages, and Jack Hibbs (1 message)

These 6 Great leading people, in full total (including 3 0 0), will cover multiple other pages, within 4 7 8 to 4 8 2. For now, this looks at John Maguire, 9 pages of – 1 8 9, 3 3 4, 3 3 9, 3 6 9, 3 9 9, 4 0 1, 4 0 3, 4 0 9, 4 2 3.

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Why Mankind lived longer, with far more Births, 6 0 0 0 years ago. Correct Older Living Life, NOW revealed

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Evidential Proof, that Noah’s Flood, FULLY took place – over Full Earth. Also discussed, is the much Faster Rock growth, after the Flood – moving over vast areas, Speedily.

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BBC Hard-Talk Video. Strong Creationist Proof given, opposing wrong ideas of Evolution. Great talk given, by John Mackay

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Prayer needed, due to massive recent events, which have recently happened. This between 2 0 1 9 to 2 0 2 2. Comparison, to Older Noah Flood

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True evidence shown, that Dinosaurs DID NOT start Evolving into Birds – Millions of years ago. They have only been on the Earth, 6 0 0 0 years

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Proof that Global Conditions arose, immediately after Noah’s Flood, 4 3 4 5 years ago. These did lead, to the Ice Age.

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Answers in Genesis. Details about Noah very Serious Experience, on Ark. Please also, read my Blog Page 4 0 9, which gives very clear details – of when the Flood took Place. This was about, 4 3 4 2 to 4 3 4 4 years ago.

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When Methuselah died, the Global Flood immediately started, after his death. New Life started afterwards, but the life span, immediately shortened. That is from 9 0 0 years, to 1 2 0 years, then 8 0 years.

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How did Animals, manage to Spread all over the World, from where Noah’s Ark Landed. Bible Truth given, of the Flood, with Dates. Also, note the Recent Flooding, in July 2 0 2 1

Please note: I now show the Pages, covering parts 1 to 9, on Page 4 8 2.

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Adam, Eve, Cain and Able. More Births, and longer lives, 6 0 0 0 years ago.

We need to read the Bible, much better than we do, and understand it properly – by measuring the changed time of then, with our time now. We must look, at how life has now changed, from say 9 0 0 years – to our time now, of just 1 0 0 years max. Our time now, of say 1 0 0 years only, is much shorter – because of massive sin, in the earlier days, before the Flood 4 3 4 2- 5 years ago.

Every single person, who has ever lived on Earth, from the longer first years – until the shorter years now, together, has still been on Earth at least 6 0 0 0 years now. This is still an immense time, but much shorter, than most people say – of Millions of years.

No-one has ever, measured things properly, and well enough, up to that length of 6 0 0 0 years. Nor are they able to calculate it accurately. So why, even TERRIBLY, do some people imagine – a longer time of Millions of years?

There are those who reckon, we have the ability, to measure much longer time – than 6 0 0 0 years. That is totally inaccurate! Such a longer time, can/has never ever been capable, to be measured – at all.

This is not possible. But do people, DECLARE THEIR true HONESTY? The reason that longer than 6 0 0 0 years, can never be calculated, is because Earth is only 6 0 0 0 years old – so other calculations, are IMPOSSIBLE.

As stated, there is no proof, of longer than 6 0 0 0 years – nor even shorter time than this. The World’s thoughts on these things, are terribly inaccurate. I say this, hoping that honesty, can have its way.

The much longer period, stated by them, on how old the Earth is – is pure guesswork, and is impossible, to ever be actually measured. All the people who try to measure it, should tell the truth, that it cannot be measured – and is complete guesswork. They should be honest.

But they always give you the impression, that their thoughts are correct, and should be used – to govern events. But they are at fault, with just guesses.

There is so much discussed, in this World, that is so anti-God. No-one can put their hands on their hearts, and say the thoughts are completely trustworthy. They cannot say this, as their words, are all guesswork.

You all need to know this. Please properly look, at what God has actually given us (and done for us), in His creation – which is much more trustworthy, and reliable. This is as I explained, in my last blog, and in this one.

There are also terrible lies being given, about how this Earth has been given an ability, to virtually stretch the Heavens – in understanding.

They BADLY/FALSELY LIE, that they have been on the Moon, but evidence is proving more and more nowadays, that it is impossible for man to live on the moon.

How many years have now gone by, since gaining the proof, we now have – that man did not land on the moon. Is there any real, proved proof, that we did – and not just Americans taking Moon pictures, actually taken from America?

Climate now shows, it is impossible for man to get to the Moon. There is proof that the landing, was in USA, as old pictures can prove – which have now been hidden. No more people, have been to the Moon, in about 4 0 years. Why no more?

The fact is, that though some people may want to go to the Moon, they cannot actually go there. We cannot go there, because it is impossible. Those who say they have been there, are lying. They have been forced to tell lies, about the past, or their lives will be ruined. Where is their real proof, that the pictures were taken on the Moon, that we can now accept?

In our days now, they will never get away, with such poor truth anymore – but either need to keep quiet about it, and not take part, to protect themselves.

Also, I cannot complete my teaching, on this matter – without revealing how false it all is. This is because, there are those, who choose to hide things! Why try to hold onto this false lie, and use it, to make us believe – that there is no God, by planting terrible beliefs on us?

This is because there are those, who have chosen to hate God, and they find a way (impossible) to fight against God’s ways.

There has been found evidence, to prove, that Moon pictures were not actually taken on the Moon. They were copied from USA. Those saying they went to the Moon, actually did not leave the Earth. It was all pretence.

It was taken at a time, when false pictures, made things look more real – at that time. Now these can be shown, as taken from the Earth.

So why take these chances, to try to publish such terrible false stories, in outer space. Do people really hate God so much, and want more people to think, that they can live lives without Him – by inventing such terrible bad lies, to try to convince? Seems so.

In these days now, ELON MUSK is trying to get us to Mars. As shown with the Moon, this will NEVER actually happen. Please read this:

I now show you these next messages, which I wrote/copied before my accident. Please check these writings, which reveal how God has always created things. These led to the true ice-age. Message details are below. Please click both, if one does not open for you.

Creation Model Evidence and Speedy Evolution Process

Evidence For The Creation Model and For Speedy Evolution Process

Is there evidence, for the creation model?

When God first created animals, he created them according to their kinds, with the ability to reproduce. They had instructions to increase in number, and fill the earth and seas.

Genesis 1: 2 0 – 2 2, 2 4 – 2 8. This is what the words of Genesis 1: 2 0 – 2 2 says:

And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.”

So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth.”

After the Flood, land animals and birds (that had been preserved on the Ark) again reproduced, to fill the earth.

Genesis 8: 1 5 – 1 9.

To read message, please open your Bible, to read this above section.

Historically, evolutionists have wrongly told us, that changes in living things – occur at a slow, deliberate pace. Yet the creation model clearly requires, that significant changes occur quite rapidly, if necessary, as animals multiply and fill the earth.

Today we see animals, that have adapted, to a variety of different environments and niches. Is there any scientific evidence, that animals can adapt so quickly?

Indeed There Is! Before I show you this, I need to advise of this.

The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the lies/exaggerations of Evolutionists – who never tell us, that their estimations are JUST Theory. They always tell us these things (including timescales) as if they were facts. They deliberately conceal/withhold REAL TRUTH. This is lying about real TRUTH! Why do they LIE?

With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true – and far more reliable, in its details. Mere men try to figure things out, with imperfect and finite minds.

When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in God. He effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible, and therefore they should realise – that God knows about His Universe, infinitely more than what we think.

Please read these articles, which proves, why the Bible can be trusted, and why it IS – indeed the Word Of God.

I now continue my above “INDEED THERE IS” showing, that Animals can adapt FAST, because of the ICE AGE.

I now write more, on how much faster life is, because of – and AFTER the ICE-AGE. It is more, than you can ever imagine. Most of this was discussed, with me, by EXPERTS – who are much more deeply involved in these things, and can explain and prove them very well.

Some of it has been slightly changed, to make the words easier to read (hopefully), but mostly the ideas – have come from the experts.

There is Evidence that Global Conditions (After Noah’s Flood), led To Ice Age. What was the World like, after the Flood?

The Flood of Noah’s day, was the greatest catastrophe in earth history, up to that point. It involved much more than Rain. It reshaped the surface of the WHOLE earth, revealing massive Volcanoes and Earthquakes. These were far more in intensity, than can possibly be observed, in modern times.

Such a tremendous catastrophe, would have radically altered the earth’s climate, Resulting in an Ice Age.

In general terms, an Ice age, is a time of extensive glacial activity – that covers a relatively large area, with Ice. During the true Ice Age (not imaginary), which ended a few thousand years ago, 3 0% of the land surface of the earth – was covered by Ice.

In North America, an ice sheet covered almost all of Canada, and the northern United States. Today, only 10% of the earth’s surface, is covered by ice.

The changes of that time, greatly affected peoples living abilities, and it much reduced their (earlier) much longer lives – from around about 5 0 0 years at the ice-age time, to what we now know, of about 1 0 0 Years.

We know the extent of the Ice Age, because the glaciers left features on the landscape, similar to the features we observe around glaciers today – such as Lateral and Terminal Moraines.

A “Lateral Moraine” is a mound of rocks, of varying sizes, deposited to the side – of a moving glacier. A “Terminal” or “End” Moraine, is a mound of rocks, dumped in front of the glacier.

Two particular aspects of the Flood, were instrumental, in causing the Ice Age:

(1) Extensive Volcanic Activity, during and after the Flood

(2) Warm Oceans, following the Flood.  

The Worldwide Flood, would have caused upheavals, and tremendous Volcanic Activity. As a result, Volcanic dust and aerosols (very small particles), would have been cast – into the Stratosphere.

The Stratosphere, is a layer of the atmosphere, from 1 2 to 2 1 miles – above the earth’s surface. The Volcanic dust and aerosols, would have been trapped in the Stratosphere, for several years – following the Global Noah’s Flood. These particles would have reflected some sunlight, back to space, and caused cooler summers – mainly over large landmasses.

The rapid Flood currents, would mix the warm water, so there would be no Sea Ice – and there would be a much higher evaporation, of the sea. The result would be heavy snow, over the middle latitudes, and polar regions. This last red part, was copied by me. Is that information given to me, true?

The opening of the “Fountains of the great deep”, and the resulting Worldwide Flood, would have caused upheavals – and tremendous Volcanic Activity.

Volcanic dust and aerosols (very small particles), would have been cast into the Stratosphere, and been trapped there – for several years – following the Flood.

These would have reflected some of the sunlight, back to space, and caused cooler summers. These, mainly over large landmasses. So this is evidence, that activities on the Earth, affected the heavens.

This is abundant evidence, of extraordinary Volcanic Activity, during the Ice Age – which would have restored the dust, and aerosols in the Stratosphere. Please note that, Ice cores taken from Greenland and Antarctica, also show abundant Volcanic Particles and acids – in the sections associated with the Ice Age.

An Ice Age, also needs huge amounts of water, in the atmosphere – which then falls as snow. But where would the tremendous amounts of water, necessary to saturate the atmosphere, have come from? The answer is in Genesis, in the Bible.

The Genesis account records, that the “Fountains of the great deep” burst forth, during the Flood. See what Genesis 7: 1 1 says.

Genesis 7: 1 1.

Movements in the earth’s crust, would have released, high-pressure outflows – of deep, hot water reservoirs. This would happen, while huge Volcanoes, and large underwater lava flows – would have added heat, to the oceans.

See this article, by pressing this A Catastrophic Breakup”. This important article is attached. The rapid Flood currents, would mix the warm water, driving it from pole to pole.

Warm water, would prevent the formation of Ice, in the sea. As a result, the warm ocean, would have a much higher level of evaporation – than that in the modern cool ocean. Under such conditions, most of the resulting snow, would fall – in the middle latitudes and polar regions.

Warm water, and cold continents, are a recipe – for powerful and continuous snowstorms, whose behaviour can be estimated well, using basic weather principles.

The Rapid Ice Age

Based on what we know, about atmospheric science, we can estimate easily – where the warm water would evaporate, how deep the Ice would become, and even how long the Ice Age would last.

To discuss all this information, we need to know, how long the major Volcanic Activity lasted – and how much time passed, before the oceans cooled. Once the Volcanoes decreased in strength, and the oceans cooled, the ice sheets would have stopped growing – and begun to melt.

I have calculated, that at the height of the Ice Age, the average depth of Ice – over much of the Northern Hemisphere, was approximately 2,3 0 0 ft i.e (7 0 1 meters). It took about 5 0 0 years, to accumulate to that depth.

This approximation, was calculated, by estimating the sources of Water Vapor – including evaporation from the warm ocean. This at mid and high-latitude, as it cooled, and transport from low latitudes to higher latitudes. Two-thirds of the cooling of the oceans, is by evaporation of water.

By estimating the initial, and threshold average ocean temperature, I was also able to estimate – the evaporation. I then calculated the approximate proportion, of water vapor, that would fall on the Ice Sheet. I used minimums and maximums, for the variables, and estimated the best value – in the middle.

If we apply the melt equation, to Ice Sheet Meltback, the gigantic glacial Ice Sheets would have melted – within time of 2 0 0 years.

Of course, Greenland and Antarctica, would have continued to grow – because of their high latitude, and altitude. Thus, the total time for the Ice Age, is a maximum – of only about 7 0 0 years. That is, 5 0 0 years to accumulate, and 2 0 0 years to melt.

The Flood Explains, much Faster Activities, on the Earth

Based on what we know, about the impact of the global Flood, on the:

– Continents

– Sediments

– Climate

It is then clear, that an Ice-Age, would definitely not require – 1 0 0,0 0 0 to millions of years. This previously, had been stipulated as true, by bad evolution beliefs. I now show, that this old timing, is completely wrong – with proof given.

Moreover, it is unnecessary to accept, the current complicated Evolutionary Ideas – of about 3 0 separate Ice Ages, over the past 2.5 million years. This time level, has NEVER been proved correct. This included the most recent (UNTRUE FIGURES), lasting 1 0 0,0 0 0 years, and the earlier ones lasting 4 0,0 0 0 years.

Instead, we need to start, with the Bible’s history of the Flood – and then look at the evidence, from this Biblical perspective. We can now heavily discover, and readily understand, both. That is, how the Ice Age started, and how long it lasted.

New Subject. Why is the World, terribly declining now?

I now want to ask, why the Earth is getting into an increasing mess, with greatly increasing events – over the last 3 0 years, killing too many people. This now includes, looking at the recent Corona Virus and Covid19, since 2 0 2 0.

As I have described, we are now in the very Last days. There is a great Godly/Man story, over 6 to 7 0 0 0 years, and we will very soon enter – the end of 6 0 0 0 years. The end of 6 0 0 0 years, will be followed, by the return of Jesus. After the church is taken, the things on Earth, will get absolutely disastrous – and terrible.

They will get even worse than now. But how much worse? Fact is, that these disastrously terrible times now, are a great indicator – of how close things are.

The best thing for all of us, is to seek to escape these terrible days, that we are in. The way to escape all this terror, is to surrender your lives to Jesus, be saved by Him – and then get much faster access to Heaven. This before the great disasters, get much worse.

The days are now getting bad, but will get even worse, before the church is taken home. But I do not believe, the days will become unbearable for Christians, before they are called home to Heaven. This time is very near, now.

Page 3 3 4 (2)

Evidential Proof, regarding Noah’s Flood, over Full Earth. Also discussed, is much Faster Rock growth, moving over vast areas, Speedily

Thursday, 1 8 March 2 0 1 0

Strong Evidence, For a Global Noahic Flood, as Shown by Rapidly Formed Rock Layers – Spread across Vast Areas

Above Picture, and all the details, reveal the life and ages of Bible people. It reveals, how people first grew on the Earth, about 5 to 6 0 0 0 years ago – and why, they originally lived much longer. That was, at that first timing, of around 9 0 0 years.

This letter shows, how Rapidly Deposited Sediment Layers, were Spread Across Vast Areas, very speedily. These actually occurred, much more speedily, than we are told about.

On every continent, there are found layers, of sedimentary rocks – over vast areas.  Many of these sediment layers, can be traced, all the way across continents.  Also, they can be traced, between continents.

Furthermore, when Geologists look closely, at these rocks –  they find evidence, that the sediments, were deposited rapidly. Consider the sedimentary rock layers, exposed, in the walls of the Grand Canyon – in northern Arizona.

Also note, that the Human growth (and animals), has been immense.  It has been around, and grown much more speedily, than most people imagine. The growth, Gradually got much Faster, in recent years –  compared to the first years.  It all started to be much Faster, after Noah’s Flood.

This all proves, that the life of Earth, has now got much shorter – in our recent year of 2 0 2 0.  This is now, unlike the times, of 6 0 0 0 years ago. Things happen MUCH FASTER NOW, than you can imagine. We can see examples of this, since the start of 2 0 2 0. These events happen, many multitude times Faster, than most people – can ever figure out.

My urgent summary, is now below here. The rest of this Blog, now sums up everything, including: Noah’s Flood, catastrophically, swept over all the continents – to form a Global Ocean. See Genesis 7 – 8.

Therefore, we would expect the waters, to deposit fossil-bearing sediment layers – rapidly across vast areas, around the Globe. That is exactly, what we find. This is further evidence, that the Global Cataclysmic Genesis Flood, was a true and actual event in history – just as God had told us, in His eyewitness account, of earth’s history.

The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the lies/exaggerations – of Evolutionists, who never tell us the truth, that their estimations are theory. Their stories, are conclusively, not fact! They always tell us these things (including timescales), as if they were facts. To deliberately conceal/withhold truth, is lying!

With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true. The Bible is far more reliable, in its details. Far more so, than given by mere men, who use imperfect and finite minds.

When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in God. He effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible. Therefore, you need to realise, that God knows about His Universe. He knows about it, infinitely more, than what we think.

Please read these last two articles, which proves, why the Bible can be trusted – and why it IS indeed, the Word Of God.

Page 3 3 9 (3)

Great, Very Strong Talk given, by John Mackay. Proof given by Him, that opposes wrong ideas of Evolution. It opposes BBC Hard-Talk Video.

Friday, 2 September 2 0 1 1

BBC Hardtalk Video. Strong Creationist Argument Against Evolution By John Mackay

John Mackay (a Creationist) was interviewed. This was on the BBC News TV programme, called “Hard-Talk”.  This message, relates to that interview.  See these 2 Blue Pictures.  Hopefully, one of them will work for you.

This is a very Watchable, and enjoyable argument, against the Biased unproved Teachings – of Evolutionists.

Evolutionists are not Scientific. They refuse to consider, or properly examine, the very strong Proof/Evidence – of our actual Creation. They deliberately, with Blindness, ignore – the overwhelming Fact, of a Young Earth.

From my Perspective, it appears, that John Mackay gives a convincing argument.  Please let me know, what you think of this. To watch the video, please click on the following shortcut link:

Then within that website page,  click on the part, that says: “Click here, to watch the full Interview”. Once you do this, the video will then download to your computer.

Here is another excellent video, from John Mackay.  He is being interviewed, by Opponent Richard Dawkins. The Richard Dawkins argument, has been exposed, as very weak? I managed to find the whole interview, on just one video. But it is shown on an Atheists Blog. I watched it, but, I do not want to give the url here. It powerfully exposes, False Evolutionary Theory.

Anyway, here is the link to part 1, which (temporarily) – is still accessible:

I would like to add something, that I have noticed. The pages/places called “Answers in Genesis”,  and John Mackay’s Creation Organisation, have both received – a lot of wrong/terrible and unfair Bad Press.

I believe this unfairness, is to try to wrongly counteract “Answers in Genesis”,  and John Mackay’s – very strong arguments, against the very wrong thinking/conclusions, of Evolution. As with all bad opposition, they use very poor faulty arguers. Their tactic, is always this nonsense.

If they can rubbish, the good person’s character, or accuse them – of ill behaviour, they will feel they have destroyed our good argument.  That is Complete Nonsense!

What if Creationists, badly used the same tactics, and delved intothe lives of Evolutionists?  What if they expose them, as Frauds, with nasty characters – and with hidden agendas?

As we know, believers will never do this, if they love the Lord – as far as I am aware.  Christian Believers, do not behave like these Fraudsters.  Why not?  Because it is not Godly, and is Childish! Anyway, if they did, would that (in itself) debunk Evolution?

Neither can they debunk Christians.  However, this bad debunking, tends to be the approach used – only by opponents of the Christian Faith.

The Fact is, that no human being is perfect, because “To err is human”.  Christians also, are not perfect. Christians are all sinners, saved by grace. They are gradually changed, by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, which is a lifetime work.

Just because some may have erred,  in some way, does not nullify – what they teach, if it is true and sound. Therefore, we should always, ONLY debunk the argument – if it has Flaws, but never debunk the presenter, of the argument.

If Creationists, give solid and true evidence, then do not mock them – but instead examine it, for yourself.  If you study it properly, you may be amazed, at how true it actually may be.

Posted by John Chingford at 8: 2 0 pm

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Page 3 6 9 (4)

Prayer needed, due to massive events, which have recently happened. This between the time of 2 0 1 9 to 2 0 2 2. That is, the wrong Comparison now, to Older Noah Flood, in the Bible.

Thursday, 1 1 March 2 0 1 0.

A Call For Prayer and Action

A serious situation, and trend written about 2 0 1 6, developed in the UK. This probably, also happened, throughout the European Union.  I guess (in days of Globalisation), this could happen Globally.

Basically, step-by-step, the government wanted to take away – the correct upbringing of children, from the parents. So how do we still bring up our children, and take control, without the government – messing things up?

These were the older serious thoughts, which were tossed around, in 2 0 1 5 to 2 0 1 6.  But I can no longer remember, much of what happened, in 2 0 1 6 to 2 0 1 8, because of my near death accident – in Nov 2 0 1 7.

The accident, of a Car Crashing into my Cycle, has messed up my memory – and my ability to remember everything, that happened on Earth, from years 2 0 1 7 to 2 0 1 9.  My mind now, is much better, re the timing of things – between end of 2 0 1 9 until now, in year 2 0 2 2. But it is still, a little bit difficult, in putting everything together in my mind, of that earlier time.

Things suddenly, seriously changed in 2 0 2 0, more than 2 years after my serious accident.  These 2 0 2 0 events, may prevent that older 2 0 1 6 plan, from starting – for a while.

In 2 0 1 9 to 2 0 2 2, THREE amazing things happened.

ONE: Britain left Europe in 2 0 1 9. TWO: A Global Virus, hit the whole World soon afterwards. That was in 2 0 2 0, of Corona Virus and COVID-19.  THREE: Britain had a massive London Flood. That was in July 2 0 2 1.

At that last event, at one point, the skies were so filled with water – that it was like, the restart of the worst flood ever AGAIN, of 4 3 4 5 years ago.  That very similar Flood, went on, for 4 0 days.  This newest very heavy event, went on, for just a Few hours.  But just a Few hours, of very heavy rain, without it stopping – was very terrible, in many places in London.

The water outside my house, rose to about 2 feet, and was just about to break into my house. Then I reminded the Lord, that He had said, that there would never be that type of Flood again.

An amazing thing then happened, immediately after my prayer, that the rain stopped – just slightly short, of the water getting into the house.

Imagine that recent Flood, and the mess the whole world would have got into, if the Rain went on for 4 0 days – all over the world, at the same time, and same level. The whole world would have been Flooded again. This would prove, that the FLOOD in year 4 3 4 5, of 4 0 Days – in Noah’s time, REARLY DID HAPPEN.

This now shows evidence, that what the Bible reported about earlier, IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

At that time, 4 3 4 5 years ago, God promised –  that the World would never again, be Flooded like this.  This is, as I mentioned above, in my prayer. So this newest Flood, was just evidence, of the very terrible times this world would go through – leading up to the very Last 7 years.

The Bible calls this time, as a latter time of suffering, before the last 7 years start.

The Lead up, to this whole Earth of now, came to an almost standstill – during this recent Virus Time.  It surely is amazing, that all 3 things happened, in a very short space of time – over about 1 year, and not even many years!

God is in control, and all things will happen, according to His Will.  It will prepare Christians far better, to be taken to Heaven first, before worse terrible times hit this Earth –  without Christians left on Earth, to suffer. This all shows, that at a moment, God can change everything – so fast.

Maybe the recent events of the past, have already changed things, anyway? The Fact is, that the things happening in the world now, until year 2 0 1 6 – can quickly be changed. Well events since 2 0 2 0 prove this.

Posted by John Chingford
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John Mackay gives proof, that there was recent Dinosaurs on Earth. These Dinosaurs, mixed with mankind, up to 4 3 4 2 years ago. Evidence also reveals, that Dinosaurs, DID NOT Evolve – into Birds.

Wednesday, 2 4 February 2 0 1 0

Evidence Disproving, the Evolution of Dinosaurs, into Birds

This guy John Mackay, has written a lot, on proof of creation – and how God has done this. It includes how I am, a good pointer to this article, about False Beliefs – and True active Beliefs.

Article on: Birds did not Evolve, from Dinosaurs:

What Creationists, have been pointing out for years, is now supported – by new research. But, this massive message about this, has now been removed. I will explain why. But first, please read this message, by opening:

I have deleted, everything else in this blog, as was too difficult to be understood – and written properly, by me. So best to remove it, and leave just the above page, for you to read the evidence – that Dinosaurs did not ever, turn into Birds.

The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations of Evolutionists. They never tell us the real truth, about life say 5 0 0 0 years ago, and what truly happened to Dinosaurs. They also, never tell us, that their Estimations – are just Theory, not Fact.

They always tell us everything incorrectly, including the timescales, as if they were Facts.  Note that deliberately Concealing/Withholding truth, is lying!

Every new discovery, about Dinosaurs and Birds, if declared honestly – reveal that the Bible is true, and is far more reliable in its details.  Let us consider, that men try to figure things out, using imperfect and Finite Minds.

When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in God far more.  God effectively dictated to men, the things that they should write about, in the Bible. Therefore they should realise, that God knows everything about His Universe, and infinitely more – than what we can ever think.

Please read this next article (and all 5 afterwards), which proves, why the Bible can be trusted, and why it IS indeed the Word Of God.

For more information, please open up these 4 or 5 pages, below. These are given to us, by the more trustworthy “AnswersInGenesis”.  They give fuller stories, including these.

Did Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds?

Birds Under Fire

Bird evolution: discontinuities and reversals

On the Alleged Dinosaurian Ancestry of Birds

Get Answers: Dinosaurs

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Friday, 2 6 February 2 0 1 0

Evidence That Global Conditions, Soon After Noah’s Flood, Led To Ice Age

What was the World like, after Noah’s Flood, in the very first year of 1 6 5 6 or 1 6 5 8 – after the creation? This Flood happened on Earth, about 4 3 4 4 years ago. This means, we are now very close to year 6 0 0 0.

To read more of this, relating to our very soon arrival of the year 6 0 0 0, please now check my next Blog pages – 2 1 8,   2 2 4, then 2 4 2. These can be Fast opened, on these next 3 pages below, to tell us vital things – related to the near year of 6 0 0 0.

The Flood of Noah’s day, was the Greatest Catastrophe, in earth history – at that time.  It involved much more water than rain.

The First Earth, was set in place by God. Then there was a very serious restart, of the WHOLE EARTH AGAIN. This VERY IMMENSE Flood, of very severe water, covered the whole Earth.

It totally reshaped the surface, of the Whole Earth, causing massive Volcanoes and Earthquakes to appear. These transformed everything, that was observed, in those times.

Such a tremendous Catastrophe, would have also massively altered the whole Earth climate, resulting in an Ice Age.

An Ice age,  is a time of such strong activity, that covers a large area with Ice.  During that Ice Age, of a few thousand years ago,  30% of the Earths land surface,  was now covered by Ice. This is much higher, than the 10% of now.

I mention this 30%, to 10% of now.  Please bear in mind, that in North America, an Ice sheet covered almost all of Canada, and the Northern United States.

The Glaciers of the Ice-age, left Features on the Landscape, similar to features we observe around Glaciers today. They left a “Lateral Moraine”. This is a mound of rocks, of varying sizes, deposited to the side of a moving Glacier. A “Terminal” or “End Moraine”, is a mound of rocks, dumped in front of the Glacier.

Two particular aspects of the Flood, were instrumental, in causing – the Ice Age:

1) Extensive Volcanic Activity, during and after the Flood

2) Warm Oceans, following the Flood.

To learn more about the cause, and extent of the Ice Age, see  Setting the Stage for an Ice Age.

The Worldwide Flood, would have caused upheavals, and Tremendous Volcanic Activity.  As a result, a shroud of Volcanic Dust and Aerosols, would have been cast into the Stratosphere. They would have been Trapped there, for several years, following the Flood.

By the way, the above is referring to a Layer of the Atmosphere, from 12 to 21 miles – above the Earth’s Surface. Think about how serious, this size really is. These Particles, would have reflected some sunlight, back to space – and caused cooler summers. This would mostly happen, over large landmasses.

The rapid Flood Currents, would mix the warm water, so that there would be no Sea Ice. There would be a much higher evaporation, of the sea. The result would see Heavy Snow, over the middle Latitudes, and Polar regions.

The Flood-Caused Ice Age

Two particular aspects of the Flood, were instrumental, in causing the Ice Age.

Those already mentioned above, were:

– Extensive Volcanic Activity

Warm Oceans

The opening of the “Fountains of the Great Deep”,  and the resulting worldwide Flood, would have caused upheavals – and tremendous Volcanic Activity. A collection of Volcanic Dust and Aerosols, would have been cast into the Stratosphere, and been trapped there – for several years, following the Flood.

These Particles, would have reflected some of the sunlight, back to space – and caused cooler summers, mainly over Large Landmasses. Extensive Volcanic Activity, would have continued for a number of years, after the Flood. This would have Gradually Declined, as crustal magma solidified, and crustal movements lessened.

There is Tremendous Proof, of amazing Volcanic Activity, during the Ice Age – which would have replenished the Dust and Aerosols, in the Stratosphere. Ice Cores Taken, from Greenland and Antarctica, also show abundant Volcanic Particles – and acids in the sections associated, with the Ice Age.

An Ice Age, also requires huge amounts of water, in the Atmosphere – which then falls as Snow.  But where would the tremendous amounts of water, necessary to Saturate the Atmosphere, have come from? The Genesis Account, informs us, that the “Fountains of the great Deep” – did burst forth, during the Flood.

Evidence That Global Conditions (After Noah’s Flood), Led To Ice Age

The purpose of this article, is to show, that you cannot trust the Lies/Exaggerations – of Evolutionists, who never tell us, that their Estimations are JUST Theory. They always tell us these things, including timescales, as if they were Facts.  They deliberately conceal/withhold truth. This is actually lying!

With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is True – and far more reliable.  The Bible can be trusted more, than from mere men, who try to figure things out – with imperfect and finite minds.

When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in God.  God Effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible, and therefore we realise – that God knows about His Universe.  He knows about it, infinitely more, than what we think.

Please read this Article, which proves why the Bible can be trusted, and why it IS indeed the Word Of God.

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Friday, 7 May 2 0 1 0

See earlier Blog 4 0 1 and 4 0 9, and how those Blogs, fits in amazingly – with this one.

Answers In Genesis, Cautious Report. Alleged Noah’s Ark Finding

Following on from my last post, I copy what these have to say, about the Noah’s Ark finding. Please now, also read through, the amazing new improved Blog 4 0 1 and 4 0 9.  As shown below here.

Answers In Genesis

They are asking us to exercise caution, until, more conclusive Tests and Examinations – have taken place. At the present, they are suspicious on the claims. Here is what they wrote:

National Geographic News. Noah’s Ark Found in Turkey? Has Noah’s Ark, actually been Found, on top of Mount Ararat?

The Affirmative claim this week, from a team of Evangelical Explorers, made headlines. But it isn’t the first time, that’s happened.

The Team represents: Noah’s Ark Ministries International. They are part, Hong Kong-based.

The Media Evangelism

These describe itself as:

“A Charitable Christian organisation, committed to building a Christian media presence, by using every modern means of communication – to promote the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

We are aware, that many in the Group, Espouse a Biblical Creation, and a Global Flood. They see the connection between the reality of Genesis, and the preaching of the gospel, of Jesus Christ.

What makes us wary, even before analysing the news, is that – this isn’t the first time, that Noah’s Ark has been found.

This has been revealed to us, in the past, in one way or another. Just a few years back, for example, a team led by Bob Cornuke – discovered:

Mysterious Structures

In northern Iran, there was something, that looked like wooden beams. These were related, totally to Noah’s ark, but could not be clearly made certain – though.  But there was some sort of evidence, that we do need to consider.

I have just seen a message, from a Friend, which we also need to consider. It said:

Are you aware, that the late Ron Wyatt, has been exposed as a Fraud? He and his widow, were/are 7th Day Adventists, with an ‘Agenda’. Several sites, who ran this story, have now deleted them.

This could be a scam, to bring ridicule, to the Christian communities – who have accepted this elaborate Fraud.

This latest ‘find’,  involves the Chinese, who have allegedly Defrauded Randall Price – of a great deal of money, granted toward the Exhibition.  Dr. Randall Price’s statement, and communications with the Chinese, can be read here.

1 1: 2 5 pm,  May 0 7,   2 0 1 0

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John Mackay. First Bible Book Genesis, shows REAL TRUTH, of Adam and Noah – Living longer lives. Their Ages of greater than 9 0 0, was BEFORE, the GLOBAL FLOOD reduced life. It also shows, why Methusaleh was possibly the greatest ever man. He died, immediately before the Flood started.

See Genesis chapters 5 to 7, and Chapter 1 8 verse 3 2

First Bible Book Genesis, shows Adam and Noah, clearly Living longer lives. Their Ages, of being greater than 9 0 0, was BEFORE – the GLOBAL FLOOD reduced life dramatically, to ages 7 0 to 1 2 0.

Wednesday, 2 4 February 2 0 1 0

Evidence, That Adam and Noah, Really Did Live – as long as 9 0 0 Years of Age

This Blog message, also shows, that Methuselah Died – immediately before the Flood started.  That is, in the same year, of 1 6 5 8 – which is 4 3 4 2-5 years ago.

A first Third of this message, from here, reveal God’s initial Pre Flood plan – for the last Great people on Earth.  That is, 8 people.  This plan was revealed, even more so, immediately after the Flood.  That is, in  Genesis 1 8: 3 2.

This plan, first came into operation, at the Pre-Flood death – of Methuselah and wife.

God promised later, in Genesis 1 8: 3 2, that there would be no disaster, if 1 0 good people remained.  This latter known revelation, of God’s saving power of Good, not Bad – was probably already being used, before the Flood came, and certainly was true afterwards.

After Methusaleh, and his wife died, only 8 remained –  NOT 1 0.  That is why Flood, could now start.  All this will be shown, a Third down, in this Blog message.

But this article now, will show through many sources,  why it is Reasonable and Scientific – to see how long Adam (and 1 0 other people) lived.  They did almost live, as long as, 1 0 0 0 years.

Adam actually Lived, 9 3 0 years.

But this will never match, the Perfect Full count of God – equals 1 0 0 0 years. This actual 1 0 0 0, is only mentioned, in the Bible book of Revelation.  Please also note, that the longest ever life, was Methusaleh –  9 6 9 years, which still had to be less than 1 0 0 0.  That is because, 1 0 0 0, is the number of PERFECTION.

No man, could ever reach the number of perfection, although number 9 6 9 – does indicate, near perfection.

All People, from Adam to Noah, did really Live 9 0 0 plus years. This was until the Whole World was Flooded, by God, in Noah’s time.

The Flood, really messed up the life of Earth, in those Longer Living Times.  These Longer Living Times, BEFORE the Flood, were then later reduced Greatly – after the Flood.   Afterwards, Life Times completely changed.

Methusaleh.  He lived 9 6 9 years.  He was the oldest ever person.

Please now read through this next page, which proves much more, about all this – as given here, in Answers in Genesis.

Along with False American composer, George Gershwin, many people find it difficult – to believe the truth, that Methuselah, lived to be age of 9 6 9.

Nevertheless, the Bible Teaches, very plainly – that nearly all of the Earliest Patriarchs, definitely did live, to age of nearly 1 0 0 0 years old. They also still gave Birth, to multitude of children, even when they were several hundred YEARS OLD!

Please see my list below. This informs us, of many people, living so old. Similar claims, of long life’s, are found in the secular Lives – of many ancient Peoples. These long life’s, can be seen, here:

– Babylonians

– Greeks

– Romans

– Indians

– Chinese.

But even a Life span, of nearly 1 0 0 0 years, should be longer – but was shortened, because of sin.  Man could never, ever, reach 1 0 0 0 years old – because of Sin and Imperfection.

As I already said, the age 1 0 0 0, represented perfection.  No-one was perfect, so had to die before age of 1 0 0 0.  Also, the later PERFECT Heavenly time of 1 0 0 0, could not be matched, because of imperfection.

God did actually, first create us, to live Forever.  But sin ruined everything.

According to the Bible, God Created the VERY FIRST Humans (Adam and Eve), to be without sin – and with the ability to live Forever.

But they allowed Sin, to enter their bodies. This Sin, greatly reduced the Length of their Lives, from 9 0 0 years – to 1 0 0 years.  This Sin, really messed things up.

They then received incomplete Bodies, which were then covered in Imperfection, and with Weakness. Their Living Age, was now Greatly reduced.

God gave the First Human Couple, Perfection, at the VERY START of All Life 6 0 0 0 years ago. Adam and Eve were given everything they needed, for their Eternal Health and Happiness, in the Garden of Eden.

The original Plan, was that they would live Forever, on the Earth. This was, as long as they did, what God wanted of them.  But they did not.  There were things, that God warned them against.  He warned them Not to Eat Fruit, from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – or they would die.

This would happen, to all their descendants after them. Eating this Fruit, was a very seriously bad thing to do, which would mess things up so much.

The Bible teaches us the following, things:

Genesis 2: 1 6 – 1 7.

‘And the Lord God commanded the man:  “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat, from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – for when you eat from it, you will certainly die.” ‘

Satan prompted Eve, to disobey this command, and then Adam followed Eve, in disobeying. This disobedience, caused their minds and bodies, to dramatically change.

The Bible also teaches us this:

Genesis 3. 1 – 5

‘Now the serpent was more crafty, than any of the wild animals, that the Lord God had made.  He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?’ ” ‘

‘The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit, from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it – or you will die.’ ” ‘

“You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.

“For God knows, that when you eat from it, your eyes will be opened – and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

By badly submitting to evil like this, they could no longer understand the real truth, but became subject – to now believe serious Evil as true. This took over them, and started to shorten their lives, leading them to a new EARLIER time of death. This death, was first, just after 9 0 0 years.

After Adam and Eve, we then can see, an example of this new evil.  Man’s Firstborn Child (Cain), became the World’s First murderer. Truly, the wages of Sin is death, Naturally and Spiritually.

Life on Earth, has been much shorter, of 6 0 0 0 Years. This is much shorter, than most people accept.  But where is MAN’S actual, real incorrect Proof, that life has been around – for Millions of Years?  Where is the proof of this?  NO-WHERE!  That is because, it is not the Truth.

The Bible gives very clear proof,  of Man’s  Fall into Sin, and imperfection.

That act of Man, was so serious. It really messed things up. But the undeserved love of God, found a way later, to enable our Salvation.  He revealed how we could still live, but through a shorter LIFE TIME.

Later, God gave and sent, the Messiah Jesus – to save us from Sin, and Death. The Bible also teaches, the following passages:

Genesis 3: 1 5

“And I will put enmity between you, and the woman, and between your offspring and hers;  he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

Isaiah 2 5: 8

“he will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove his people’s disgrace from all the earth. The Lord has spoken”.

Psalm 4 9: 1 4 – 1 5

“They are like sheep and are destined to die; death will be their shepherd (but the upright will prevail over them in the morning). Their forms will decay in the grave, far from their princely mansions.  But God will redeem me, from the realm of the dead; he will surely take me to himself”.

1 John 5: 1 3

“I write these things to you, who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know – that you have eternal life”.

For 1 6 5 8 years, after Creation, men lived very long lives. Most either lived at the same time as Adam, or personally knew someone, who was also living – at this time!

The Births and Lives, of all these early People, at that time – resulted in greater multitudes of lives, on the Earth. That was because of Longer lives.  The Numbers living at that time, was immense.

The Ten Patriarchs (listed below here), lived BEFORE the Great Flood. They lived an average of 9 1 2 years.  Enoch the specialised 7th, was taken to heaven, before his Death – at the earlier age of 3 6 5.

The others died as normal, with the youngest dying at the age of 7 7 7.   But Methuselah lived to be the oldest person, at 9 6 9.  Below, I give incredible news, of Methuselah – that he died at the time, just before the Flood started.  In other words, His Death, started the Flood.

These are the Age Details, and Bible appearances, of the very First People who lived on the Earth.  We can see how long they lived, and how long they waited, for their first chosen children – by God. These add up the time, to the Flood.

Remember, that more other people were born, beyond these people.  These are the major names, that we need to remember.  But please remember, that there were many births of these, who lived about 9 0 0 years.

Imagine in reality, how many were actually born, for say Adam – during 9 3 0 years.  He probably had multiple Births, between first Births Cain/Abel, then to Seth – for the 1 3 0 years.  What about, from year 1 3 0 to 9 3 0?

These MAJOR people here, ALL LIVED Before the Flood:

 PatriarchDeath Age, age next birth Bible Reference
1Adam9 3 0 Seth        1 3 0Genes 5: 4   1 3 0
2Seth9 1 2  Enosh     1 0 5Genes 5: 8   2 3 5
3Enosh9 0 5 Cainan       9 0Genes 5: 11  3 2 5
4Cainan9 1 0 Mahalalel   7 0Genes 5: 14  3 9 5
5Mahalalel8 9 5 Jared          6 5Genes  5: 17 4 6 0
6Jared9 6 2 Enoch      1 6 2Genes 5: 20 6 2 2
7Enoch3 6 5 (did not die)Genes 5: 23 Still
8Enoch Still0    Methuselah   6 7Genes 5: 27  6 8 9
9Methuselah9 6 9   Lamech  1 8 7Genes 5: 31   8 7 6
1 0Lamech7 7 7  Noah Born 1 8 2 laterGenes 9:29 1 0 5 8
Later events, after these people, given below.
Noah was born, in 1 0 5 8 years.  The flood started 6 0 0 years later, in 1 6 5 8.  But another calculation, does add up to 1 6 5 6.  That is 2 Year difference, in the calculations?
Maybe the 2 year difference, is because I have added whole years, but actually – some may not be full years.  The difference in these, may be the 2 year difference. It looks like, all 9 died, before the Ark was closed by Noah.
Let us now look, at the people listed above, which lists the deaths – of these first people. For example,  Adam died in the year 9 3 0.  But Cainan died in the year 3 2 5, plus 9 1 0 equals 1 2 3 5.   Notice the death ages of Methuselah.  He was 6 8 9 when born, plus his lifetime of 9 6 9, equals 1 6 5 6 to 1 6 5 8.
Year 1 6 5 6 or 1 6 5 8, is the year of the FLOOD. Notice my explanation of these 2 years difference, above.
1 6 5 6 or 1 6 5 8, was the year, when the Flood started.  That is, 4 3 4 2 Years ago.  All the above listed people, had to die, before the Flood started.  This means, that Methusaleh had to die in year 1 6 5 8 – just before the Flood started.  It is amazing, that Methusaleh death represented, the time when Noah’s Flood – had to start.
This all means, that Methusaleh was a VERY Special MAN of GOD.  He was the Oldest ever person, to live. He died the closest, to the Perfect life of 1 0 0 0, when he died at 9 6 9.  His death also started, the Global, and most massive – Flood ever.  Both happened, in the same year, of 1 6 5 8.

I also revealed, the later massive promises of God, for the last good people on Earth – 8 people. This promise was given, after the Flood, in Genesis 1 8: 3 2 – but was probably still in the mind of God – at the Flood time.

This Flood came, after the death of the last 2 great people, Methusaleh and (wife?).  Remember, God promised no disaster, if 1 0 good people remained.  After Methusaleh and wife died, only 8 remined.  That is why Flood, could now start.
Those mentioned below here, were the very Next People, to be born on the Earth, AFTER the Flood. These people ALL LIVED, during the next 1 0 0 0 years, after the Flood. This latter time, AFTER THE FLOOD, reveals a constant reduction – in the length of Life, that these people lived.
Everything mentioned above, is all shown very clearly in the Bible, and measures up totally – to the time of the Flood and Ark, and the shorter life Afterwards, of those born later.
The NEW re-start Lives, were born on the Ark, and were started by Noah.  He stayed alive on the Ark, and then carried on his life (AFTER THE ARK), to be 9 5 0 years old.  Everyone else, who remained on the Ark, lived longer lives too.
The First Later life, after the Flood, still continued on. Then the First Major Man of God, afterwards, was then born. This was ABRAHAM. He died at earlier age of 1 7 5. The FLOOD really changed things, incredibly, on the Earth.  It affected, how long people could now Live. It gradually now, reduced life, to 7 0 or 8 0 Years.
As their lives became much shorter, it meant they had less time, to get everything done. This then affected, how they lived. See the above, BEFORE the Flood. Then below, AFTER the Flood.
In fact, Moses was unusually Old, for his Latter Time. His time was much Later, than normal, after the Flood. He also came along Later, after Abraham.  He was 1 2 0 years old, when he reflected, on the Brevity of life – and then, he was removed from the Earth.
Much later, we were told in: Psalm 9 0: 1 0.
“The days of our lives are Seventy Years; and if by reason of strength they are eighty years, yet their boast is only labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away”
These below here, are the ages, AFTER the Flood. These show a gradual deduction, of complete life, from highest 9 6 9 above – down to 1 4 8 Below. Then finally to todays age, which is mentioned as 7 0 and 8 0.
This age 7 0 – 8 0, came into place, after the great Bible Leader – Abraham, was born.
These people here, ALL LIVED AFTER the Flood:
 PatriarchAgeBible Reference
1 1Shem6 0 0Genesis 1 1: 1 0 – 1 1
1 2Arphaxad4 3 8Genesis 1 1: 1 2 – 1 3
1 3Shelah4 3 3Genesis 1 1: 1 4 – 1 5
1 4Eber4 6 4Genesis 1 1: 1 6 – 1 7
1 5Peleg2 3 9Genesis 1 1: 1 8 – 1 9
1 6Reu2 3 9Genesis 1 1: 2 0 – 2 1
1 7Serug2 3 0Genesis 1 1: 2 2 – 2 3
1 8Nahor1 4 8Genesis 1 1: 2 4 – 2 5
1 9Terah2 0 5Genesis 1 1: 3 2
2 0Abraham1 7 5Genesis 2 5: 7
Extra-Biblical Evidence, to support the Long Lives, of the people in Genesis – is found in the Sumerian King List. This list mentions a Flood, and gives the Length of the Reigns of Kings, before and after a Flood.
How True/False is this list?
There are many striking Parallels, between the Sumerian King List, and Genesis. Such as the following:
– A Flood Event
– Numerical Parallels, between Pre-Flood Biblical                Patriarchs
– Ante-diluvial Kings
– Great Decrease in Life Span, of People living after            the Flood
One Author on this subject, uses these words: “It is highly unlikely, that the Biblical account, was derived from the Sumerian.  Therefore, I will not look at this now.
Today, man’s maximum life Age, is now about 1 0 0 years. Our Average life expectancy, is still only 7 0 – 8 0 years. This is just as it was, when the 9 0th Psalm was written, during 3 4 0 0 years ago!
The enormous shortened and lesser life, after the Flood, suggests that something dramatic – happened to human life at that time, to grant them this lesser time. A very strong death rate, then started. This is often, observed in nature.
For Example.  Let us consider the decay curve, that we see, when living organisms are exposed – to lethal doses of toxic substances, or radiations. These start, when we Face a change, in Earth growing times.
People living in the times, before the Flood, were not familiar with increasing decay curves. Longer lives before the Flood, were true, and not made up. The much lesser Lives, AFTER the Flood, were also very true.
Fossil Record
This reveals, that before the Flood, most of the earth – appears to have had, a much better type of environment. Following the Flood, there was clearly a change, resulting in an ICE AGE.  This Ice-Age, covered nearly 3 0 percent of the earth. It covered the Northern Latitudes. Other changes, that Followed the Flood, may have badly affected the size of Life.
Biological Causes of Ageing
What Exactly, causes this Process of ageing, in our Body? Although the way people Age, and the prevention to this ageing, has long been an object of research – science still has no clear answer, to this ageing question.
Around the Turn of the century, it was believed, that ageing – didn’t directly involve the Living cells of our body. It now believed, it affected things, outside the cells of our body. It was believed, that our normal living cells (if properly nourished), could grow and divide indefinitely – outside our body.
I will now, stop discussing all this, as it is very difficult to follow very well. I will now, go to next point.
A Bottleneck occurred, at the time of Noah’s Flood, when the human population – was reduced to just Eight People. Genesis 6 – 9, discusses the time of Noah’s Flood. Other Smaller bottlenecks occurred, following the Tower of Babel dispersion. These events, would have resulted, in a major reduction – of genetic variety.
Genesis 1 1 discusses, the new life time, after the Flood.
Although Noah lived 9 5 0 years, and most of the early people, also lived 9 0 0 plus years – Lamech himself, lived only 7 7 7 years. Granted, we do not know, if he died from old age. We do not know how long Noah’s Wife lived. But Noah’s son Shem, only lived 6 0 0 years.
The Longest recorded life, of someone born after the Flood – was Eber at 4 6 4 years.  It is hard to know, why he lived so Long, after the flood – though. It is probably because, first Lives after the Flood, first started with a slightly older age but then next births afterwards, led to much shorter lives.
We may conclude, that God’s involvement, not science – has the complete solution to the problem, of death older age, and death younger age.
The rest of these thoughts, are covered at the very bottom of this message. I now conclude this part, by saying, these last things first. “Only Jesus Christ, who was victorious over death, can promise Eternal Life and Salvation – to all who believe”
2 Timothy 1: 1 0. “Revealed by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who now abolishes death, and brought life and immortality – to light through the gospel”. Both Romans 6: 2 3, and 1 0: 9, confirm this.
Romans 6: 2 3: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”.
Romans 1 0: 9. “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”.
By the way, our red blood cells, are entirely replaced – every ninety days. Our white blood cells, are replaced, almost every week. Even cells that never (or rarely) divide,  turn over molecule by molecule.  It is believed, that little or nothing in our body, is more than about 1 0 years old.
Most of the organs in the body, of a 9 0 year old man, are perhaps no older – than those of a child.  Indeed, you might say, our body never actually grows older. At this point, we might be inclined to ask, why did Methuselah – die so young, at 9 6 9?
How is it even possible, for anyone to age and die, if the body constantly repairs and replaces its parts? Surely, if these parts could do this, we would expect it to last forever. Part of the answer may be, that certain key parts of our body, fail to repair or replace themselves.
Our critically important heart muscle cells, for example, Fail after Birth – to do these following things, although muscle cells can increase in size:
– Multiply
– Repair
– Replace Themselves
This is why, any disruption in the blood supply, to the heart muscle – during a heart attack, leads to permanent death, of that part of the heart. The nerve cells of our brain, including those of our eye and inner ear, also fail to multiply – or repair themselves.
From the time of our Birth, to the end of our life, we loose thousands of nerve cells – every minute. This from our central nervous system, that we can never replace.
As we get older, this causes a progressive loss, of these: Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Tasting. The important point is, that science offers no hope, for Eternal Life.  Nor even, for the significant Lengthening of life.
It has been estimated, that if complete cures were found, for the three major killers – the maximum life of man, would still not increase. The 3 major killers are:
Cancer, Stroke, Coronary Artery Disease.
With every new discovery, if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true – and is far more reliable, in its details. When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us, to trust in the God – who effectively dictated to men, what to write in the Bible.  He told us this, so that we could realise, that God knows about His Universe – infinitely more, than what we think.
Please read this, which proves why the Bible can be trusted, and why it IS indeed the Word Of God.
Posted by John Chingford at 6: 3 5 pm
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Page 4 2 3 (9)

John Mackay. From where Noah’s Ark Landed, how did Animals manage to Spread all over the World? Bible Truth given, of the Flood, with Dates. Also, Recent Flooding in July 2 0 2 1, and no rain weather – in 2 0 2 2, in London.

Wednesday, 3 1 March 2 0 1 0
How did Animals manage to Spread, All over the World, from Where the Ark Landed?
John Mackay.  He has written much, about the same writings, I now give.  I may give, other recent revealing things, but the bottom line of this message – is the same, as his thoughts.
Opponents of Biblical Creationists, often try to present their own views.  These try to change the Truth, by making up different, unproved stories.  Bad False Critics, try to wrongly prove, that there could never have been a Global Flood or an Ark.
I will now reveal the True story, of what really happened.  I will now talk, about the actual Worldwide Distribution of Animals – after the Flood. This Distribution, will Back Up the Bible. Here now, is the massively revealed evidence, of the TRUE STORY.
If the Ark, finally Landed somewhere, in the Middle East – then all the Animals would have disembarked, at that point. All these Animals, would have left the Ark, in the Middle East. BUT, we do not find them in the Middle East today.  Nor are these found, in the Fossil record, in that Area.
So what happened? How did they move to all the places, of the entire Earth?
– How did Kangaroos, get to Australia?
– How did Kiwis, get to New Zealand?
– How did Polar Bears, get to North America?
– How did Penguins, get to Antarctica?
These are just 4 Examples, of many, many others. Please read on, for the Answers.
Skeptics often claim, that the Bible is not a Science Textbook.  This of course is True, because Science Textbooks change every year.  But the Bible, never changes.  Only the Bible can be trusted, as the UNCHANGING WORD OF GOD.
The Bible Describes God.  He cannot Lie. The Bible can always be relied upon, as always Reliable and True. This is so TRUE, even when it touches, on every Scientific Issue – including Ecology.
It is the Bible, that gives us the TRUE Picture.
Within this Big Picture, we can lightly use scientific models, that help us explain – how some past events, may have happened. The Bible, has always been proved much more accurate, than science ever has.

With this in mind, this question needs to be asked:

“Is there a Bible-Based Model, that we can Faithfully and Trustingly use, to help explain – how Animals might have migrated, from where the Ark Landed, to where they live today?”  The answer is:  yes!  There is a Bible Based Model.

The Hard Facts.

A Biblical Life of Animals, and their behaviour, can obviously be explained – with the Bible, and be observed. From the FIRST Bible Book Genesis, we can discover example, of Animal Life.
Genesis 6: 1 9 – 2 0 says:  “And of every living Animal flesh, you shall bring two (of every sort) into the ark. This to keep them alive with you. They shall be male and female. Of the birds after their kind, of animals after their kind, and of every creeping thing of the earth – after its kind. Two of every kind will come to you, for you to keep them alive”
The Bible is clear, that Representatives of all kinds of air-breathing Land Animals, and birds – were present on Noah’s Ark.  Most vitally, it also included Jesus.
The Ark came into full action, 1 6 5 6 years, after God Created the Earth. This was about 2 3 4 8 years, before Jesus Christ lived on the Earth.  Adding this together, Jesus arrived on Earth, in year 4 0 0 4 – not 4 0 0 0 years – which Catholics, falsely tell us.
We are talking about latest years 3 to 4 BC, through to year 0 0 2 9 AD to 0 0 3 0 AD.  Remember, JESUS died 3 years later, when He was 3 3.
Those earlier 3 to 4 years, bring the date of JESUS death, to about 4 0 2 9 old times – or 0 0 2 9 to 0 0 3 0 New Testament times.  The 0 0 3 3 times, we have previously been informed about, are not correct.  They have been badly revised and controlled – by the Catholics.  Updated, we are now in a time of 2 0 2 2 years.
We have wrongly learnt, from Catholics, that Jesus was born in Year Zero.  Truth is,  He was First Born, about 4 years earlier – before Zero. It is now 2 0 2 2. JESUS would have been 2 4 to 2 5, during 2 0 0 0 years ago. This all means, that Jesus died at 3 3, about 4 years earlier – in actual year date 0 0 2 9 – not 0 0 3 3.
Jesus Complete, Final, and Total last start of the 7 years Salvation – will probably be 7 years earlier, between 2 0 2 3 to 2 0 3 0. Or, maybe earlier, between 2 0 2 2 to 2 0 2 9.  We are now in October 2 0 2 2. If we deduct those 7 years from 2 0 2 9, it will then give us, YEAR 2 0 2 2. 
Jewish year, always starts in September or October.  That would probably make it, Sept/Oct 2 0 2 2 or Sep/Oct 2 0 2 3.
Maybe, this tells us, that Christians will first be taken to Heaven – very soon, between September 2 0 2 2 to Oct 2 0 2 3 (equals just 1 year now).   If you are not yet convinced, when it will happen, that estimate should be enough for us ALL – to realise, it will probably be very soon now.  We all, NOW, need to be ready.
I will now return, to the Previous Discussion, related to the Animals on Earth.
A Technical Term, used by some Creation Scientists, for these kinds of animals  is Baramin. This was derived, from the Hebrew words, for Created Kind.
Within these Baramins, is all the information necessary, to produce – all current species. For example, it is unlikely that the Ark contained, TWO Lions and TWO Tigers.  It is more likely, that it contained TWO Feline Animals.  From these Felines:  Lions, Tigers, and other Cat-Like Creatures – have developed.
Another lesson from Genesis 6 :2 0, is that the Animals came to Noah.  He did not have to go to them, and catch them.
Therefore, this Preservation of the World’s Animals of a particular region, was Divinely controlled by God.  It was God’s intention, that the Fauna be Preserved.  The Animals’ small changing of themselves, and the Continents, was therefore Determined by God – and not left to chance.
Genesis 7: 2 4:  “The Waters Flooded the Earth, for One Hundred and Fifty Days”.  That is, about 5 months.  The Rain continued Flooding the Earth, very heavily, and without stopping – for a complete 4 0 days.
This is told in Genesis 7: 1 7:    “For Forty days the Flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased, they lifted the Ark high above the Earth”.
As said, this was for, 5 whole months.  We are told, that the Flood started in the Second Month.  We were also told, that life could restart, by walking outside the Ark – in the Seventh Month.  Was that Feb to July? This Bible Verse, discusses the actual 7th Year.
Genesis 8: 4:  “Then the Ark rested in the Seventh month, the Seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat”

I will now Discuss, London’s Recent Flood in  2 0 2 1.  These cover, likewise Facts, that you need to be aware of. In  year 2 0 2 1, London had Amazing Water Floods. The water was the most severe, that I have ever seen.  I am now 6 4,  but have never ever seen, this Flooding affair before.

Where I live, we had about 5 hours, of non stop very heavy Rain. The result was, that our house was almost Flooded, with water rising 2 feet – up our outside door. The door was 2 feet off the ground, so the water almost got into the house. Other people, may have suffered worse.
This was just about 5 hours, which had an effect of 2 feet.  If it rained 2 4 hours like this, the result may have been 8 feet, or worse.  But what if it rained, without stopping, for the 4 0 days mentioned above – at the time of the Ark?
If we multiply 8 feet, by 4 0 Days, we get 3 2 0 Feet – or much more. Lets say 4 0 0 Feet.  Remember, time will make the Earth worse, and more likely to receive worsened Floods.  Let us consider, that in likewise, we could have got 4 0 0 Feet – which would have been, as high as the Ark Flood really was? This shows me, that the Ark Flood, really did happen – using the evidence, that we now have seen, with our own eyes.
But be Glad. God has Promised, that we will never suffer the Ark Flood again. That is why, when the Flood got up to 2 feet on our house, I reminded the Lord – of His Promise, that we will never, suffer a World wild Flood  again. Not after, the Noah experience.
As soon as I prayed this, the Raining stopped, within the next 5 to 1 0 minutes.  This stoppage was incredible, to happen as soon as I prayed, after seeing NON STOP VERY HEAVY RAIN for 5 hours.  Even more so, was how very fast, the Floods disappeared.
The Bible is clear, that the Ark Landed, in the region of Mount Ararat.  But much debate has ensued, over whether today’s Ararat, is still the same place today.  Is it the same place, as the Older Ararat?
This issue needs to be investigated, so that we can all understand, the Purpose – that God had for the Ark, and its Future. I am now told, that the Bible’s given GREAT measurements of the Ark, and occupation – have now been properly found, very recently. How true, is all this?
The Bible uses the Plural “Mountains.”  It is unlikely, that the Ark rested, in an easy to find resting place – because it was only Designed, for one Specific Task.  At that time, it’s purpose, was over about 7 Months.  Once the Task of the Ark, was completed, then there was surely – no longer any use for it.

If the Ark still Exists, the question is, Why does it still Exist – and where? What can we learn from the Ark, if it still Exists?  What can it show us?

The Landing of the Ark, was not in an easy to find place.  It would have been, among the Mountainous Areas, of Eastern Turkey – where Present-day Mount Ararat, is thought to be Located.  And including Western Iran, where the Range Extends.
It was God’s Will, to Reshape the Earth. This Reshaping afterwards, made it very difficult to know, exactly where the Ark Landed – and to find it.  We will now,  just put the Landing in context, First.  Also, we show how the end came about, and how the people left the Ark.
Please now read, this applicable Bible Passage, per: Genesis 8: 1 5 – 1 9.
“Then God spoke to Noah, saying:  “Go out of the Ark, you and your wife, and your sons – and your sons’ wives, with you.  Bring out with you, every living thing, of all flesh that is with you – birds and cattle, and every creeping thing, that creeps on the earth. This, so that they may abound on the earth, and be fruitful – and multiply on the earth.”
So Noah went out, and his Sons and his Wife, and his sons’ Wives with him.  Every Animal, every creeping thing, every bird – and whatever creeps on the earth, went out of the Ark ”.
Before Noah’s Global Flood started, while the 8 were on the Ark, there was a New Plan of God – to restart a new Earth, by using the 8 People, who stayed on the Ark. These were (Good People), as a New Starting Point, on the New Earth. These 8 Flood People, were used, as much better people – to be able, to restart things on Earth.
This change, would include a newer, but shorter living Life.  It also includes, an Ecological Reconstruction, of the World and Vulnerable New Animal Kinds. The Animals must have spread out, from a Mountainous Region, known as Ararat. Then the reshaping took place, soon later. The Abundance, and Multiplication, of the Animals – was also God’s will.

I now complete the end of this message, 4 2 3. The Page 4 6 1, will continue this message.  Also relevant, is page 4 4 8.

The Bible is amazingly inspired, but our scientific models, may not be perfect.  Also, there is still so much Evidence in the World, that if we look at this EVIDENCE, we should still see the MIRACULOUS POWER of GOD – working amongst us.  As an Example, let us look at the Following.
Multiplication of Dogs, is an example, of how Animals could have quickly repopulated the Earth. Two Dogs came off Noah’s Ark, and began producing more Dogs. Within a relatively short time period, there would be an incredible number of Dogs, which have all sorts of different shapes and sizes.
These Dogs, then began to spread out, from the Ararat region – to all Parts of the Globe.  As these Dogs, spread around the world, variations within the Dog kind – led to many varieties, that we find today.  But it is important to note, that they are still, the same creature, DOGS.
This multiplication of variations, within one kind of Animal (example DOGS), works the same – with other types of Animals or other creatures.
One Fault assessed, of Biblical Creationists, is that Kangaroos – could not have hopped to Australia.  This is because, there are no fossils of Kangaroos, on the way. So how did they arrive in Australia, from the Middle East?
It is known, that Fossils form Gradually, and inevitably, from Animal Populations.   In fact Fossilisation, is by no means certain.  It usually requires, sudden, Rapid Burial. Otherwise the bones would decompose, before other needed things, could happen.
One ought to ask, why it is, that despite millions of Bison used – to roam the prairies of North America, hardly any Bison Fossils, are found there.  Similarly, Lion Fossils are not found in Israel, even though we know that Lions once lived there.
Six months, after the Eruption of a Volcano, on the Island of Surtsey – the Island had been Colonized, by a Few Bacteria.  This was off the Coast of Iceland.  It was in the year, of 1 9 6 3, just 5 8 years ago.  This included:
– Molds
– Insects
– Birds.
Within about a year, there was another Eruption, of another Volcano – on the Island of Krakatoa.  It was first found, in Tropical Pacific in 1 8 8 3.  A Few of these, had been used:
– Grass Species
– Insects
– Vertebrates
I now explain, how animals etc, managed to move across the whole world – and end up in Unexpected Countries.
On Both Surtsey, and Krakatoa, only a Few Decades were completed – before hundreds of species, reached the Islands.  Not all species, were able to become permanently established, in those countries.  But eventually, the Island communities, changed into a dynamic balanced state. 1
There is Little secret, how some non-flying Animals, may have travelled to the outer parts of the world – after the Flood.  Many of them could have Floated, on Vast Floating Logs. That is, left-overs from the massive Pre-Flood Forests, that were ripped up – during the Flood. These were likely remained afloat, for many decades, on the World’s Oceans – transported by World Currents.
Others could later, have been taken by People.
The following people “Savolainen et al”,  have suggested, that all Australian Dingoes – are descended, from a single female domesticated Dog, from Southeast Asia. 2
The following, is a THIRD explanation. All Three are written down, so that we can see all things, but there are Faults – with the thinking of some of these.  This 3rd one says: Animals could have crossed Land Bridges. This is how it is thought, by evolutionists, that many Animals and people – migrated from Asia to the Americas, over a Land Bridge, at the Bering Straits.
For such Land Bridges to have existed, we may need to assume, that:

Sea levels were lower, in the After-Flood Period.

This is an assumption, based on a Biblical model, of the Ice Age.

The Rest of this Blog, will be found, on the Pages 4 4 8 and 4 6 1.

4 6 1 will start, with the next point, related only to:  Ice Age.

The below 9, of 1 0 to 1 8, has now been transferred – to the Page 4 8 2.

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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