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474 Finding TRUE BIBLICAL FELLOWSHIP, and Living Greater Christian Lives now. How do we do this, in these Last Days now

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Robert Breaker. Finding TRUE BIBLICAL FELLOWSHIP, and Living Greater Christian Lives now! How do we do this, in these Last Days now?

This message is now 474. It is the next part, after 3 5 3 and 4 7 3. Please read both the Pages, 3 5 3 and 4 7 3 first, before reading this page 474.

Being in Unity, and Together, in One Accord.

Basically, the First Church met together, with a goal – to achieve something. The impression you get, is that they were all interacting, with each other – much better then, than now. They were able to do this, more effectively, when they were of one heart – and of one mind.
Note, 2 0 0 0 years ago, the Church was in unity – and were all together, much more then, in one Accord.
The Problem of the Western Church, today, is that it is either Too Worldly and Social – or Too Full of Liturgy, and Too Ordered.  We need to redress, the Proper/Real importance, of TRUE FELLOWSHIP. This TRUE FELLOWSHIP, includes, doing these following things:
Praying Together More, with much better Loving hearts (than we currently have), and pray much more relaxed – and informal.
Maintaining Solid/Correct Teaching, and Praising God, in one Accord. This will lead us, to be FAR MORE Effective, in results of these:
1. Prayer 2. Teaching 3. Praise
When we also First Learn, HOW to Fellowship Informally together. This will help us, to REALLY get to know each other, and help each other – much better, in: Social Events. These are therefore, NOT to be ignored, but also to be Encouraged.
Let’s actually call Social Events. Friendship or Fellowship Events. These are also Spiritual, if those attending, are all full of the Holy Spirit. This means, that “If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with each other”. This is an example, of VERY Spiritual Events.
What is True Fellowship?
True Fellowship, in the light of everything discussed above, starts with – getting to know each other, very well. It includes stronger Companionship. 
Please read Acts 4: 2 3 – 2 4. This is a great explanation, of what True Fellowship, is. It says the following:
And being let go, they went to their own company (Companionship), and reported – all that the chief priests and elders had said, unto them”.
And when they heard that, they lifted up their voice to God, with one accord – and prayed joint TOGETHER, meaning totally what they said: “Lord, thou art God, which hast made heaven and earth – and the sea, and all that is in them
Jesus Chose these: Peter, James, John. These were as His closest companions, out of the 1 2 Apostles.
In Old Testament, David had Jonathon. In New Testament, Paul often said, he was refreshed – by the arrival of Certain Friends.
Please note, Fellowship is:
1. Friendship 2. Companionship 3. Being Bonded together. It includes:
– Being of One Mind, and Heart
– Working Together in Unity, to Glorify the Lord
– Spreading the Good News
– Building Each Other Up
– Encouraging Each Other, Daily
– Praying Together, Intimately
– Sharing Meals Together, every day
– Seeing Each Other, and Having Fellowship together, Every Day.
This means, we should live close enough to each other, so that we CAN see each other – daily. Even if you do not feel the need (yourself), to see your Brother and Sister daily, maybe they DO want – to be able to see you DAILY.
It also means, that we should support Fellowship events, as well as the “Spiritual Events” – so that TOGETHER, we may grow into unity. Fellowship Events say, that True Fellowship is “Laying down our life, for our Friend, or Brother”. I guess, there is MUCH TRUTH, in this.
Note: all scripture is quoted from the NKJV. That is, the New King James Version of Bible. Please see the following link. This is designed to: Help Best Minded Christians, to find each other, in their locations – so that they can Fellowship Together.
Please note, I am not saying, that WE MUST meet together every day in 2 0 2 2. I am simply trying to encourage us, to meet up far more often, than we do – and try to find a way to do this, through changing our lifestyles, to enable this.
We can see, by the disastrous days we have now been living in, since 2 0 2 0 – how crucial this actual extra meeting now is, with other Christians, in 2 0 2 2 onwards. We need to realise the importance, of CLOSE Fellowship. I am trying to point out, how close the First Early Church were, with each other – and how they managed this.
Basically, they used every possible opportunity, to be together – through:
– Equipping
– Edifying
– Encouraging
– Strengthening one another.
They used this, to be witnesses, in the midst of a hostile world. This is much, like things are now becoming. They helped each other, to grow in Faith etc. Christians now, need to start doing the same things, instead of BADLY – trying to become RICH.
During November 2 0 1 0,  I found excellent links, from groups across the World – who are teaching, much the same things, as this article.
But before I show the links, I need to thoroughly check them out. This is before I encourage you, to contact them. I will update you, about this later.
Connecting True Biblical Christians, Together In Fellowship
Section 1 2 Nov 2 0 1 0

Please note, I am not saying, that WE MUST meet together every day. But that we should try to meet more now, if we can. I am trying to encourage us, to realise the importance, of CLOSE Fellowship. I am trying to get us, to understand the difference, in how close the First Early Church were – with each other, and how they managed this.

In these following 6 Videos, you should be careful, how they are watched by you. As I have just learnt, there is too much error in them. However, I still leave them here, as they are a great example – of how some churches are BADLY operating, in this country, and what should be rejected.

They are all 1 0 mins long, and follow, after each other – as 6 parts. However, please see my 9 comments about them, in this colour – BELOW these red items, and below a few other items, in other colours.

I would welcome your feedback, on these Videos.

However, I have to admit, as I pointed out above the Videos – I still have a vast number of queries, concerns and reservations, about what they Discuss/Do etc. I have 9 questions on these things, lower down. Please see Section, in this colour, below.

Updated 2 4 Aug 2 0 1 1

I have contacted one of the guys, on those videos. The one from England.

I have written many emails to him, and also met him personally. I have spent time evaluating, what he/they are all about, and then consulted a Wise/Discerning Christian contact – about the things, that they are saying.

Through this other wise persons help, we raised some very important questions, about what that English Person believes/does.

Based on these things, I cannot approve the above 6 videos. However, I will still leave them here, for now. This because, I am keen for others to see this mess, and pass on their advice – but please avoid all the bad views/ideas.

These next writings, were our Observations/Findings, from the wise teacher – that I confided in. This was detailed above, about these next items: These are my concerns, about the Bad Teaching, of the person – who put together, the above 6 You-Tube videos.

1. I Cannot find any Biblical teaching given, apart from what the Bible teaches, on “being a Biblical Church”.  I am wondering, if you teach the whole Bible, in your meetings. That is, from Genesis to Revelation, on other subjects?  You also seem to be supportive, of Watchman Nee’s bad teachings, on fellowship?

2. No one leads the meetings,  no order or structure, but experience on feelings – with no systematic teaching?

3. You state, that Churches thrash things out ‘consensually’?  You say that Truth is truth, when the group decide it is. That is horrific!  This is Emergent talk.

So a little leaven, is allowed to leaven the whole lump, without being dealt with SCRIPTURALLY? Surely the Bible instructs us, what to do. It does not use “consensus of opinion”!

4. Yes Elders are ‘recognised’ by their gift, not appointed.  BUT an Elder, MUST be an able teacher, and lead by example in the Word.  You muddle the ministry of Elders, with the ministry of Deacon, the functional ‘carers’.

5. You say that the New Testament (NT) church, did not have the scriptures. Actually the NT Church DID have the ‘canon’.  In addition to the Old Testament (OT), the Epistles and Letters, were copied – and freely distributed.

The official canon, was merely to recognise, what was already known and accepted – and systemised, to root out the Gnostic writing, that had begun in the post NT era.

6. YES the Apostles and Prophets, did have a unique infallible anointing, by the Holy Spirit.  And yet, just like PD, you say it like it SHOULD be. Then you put in a codicil “There is SUBJECTIVE  revelation”. This is exactly what is wrong with Emergent.

If you do not hear, immediately from the Lord, you should STILL be led by His Written Word.  Subjective revelation is experiential.  The leading of the Holy Spirit is NOT subjective revelation. That is actually, a TERRIBLE Emergent way.

7. Trans local ministries, a role for the Apostle??? Sharing the ministries, with other groups, today? I find that highly suspect.  EVERY BELIEVER, DOES have a ‘hot line’ to God!  That Hot Line, is called The Holy Spirit.

8. Although you are opposed, to the heavy shepherding, of the house church movement – and the Latter rain way of apostolic ministry, you still believe in Apostolic ministry for our day. This despite that  Paul and Acts both state, that an Apostle, has to be an eyewitness, of the Life of Jesus.

Those Apostles you believe in, are NOT Eyewitnesses, of the LIFE OF JESUS.

9. Your focus of what church should be, seems only based on the book of Acts, but not on all the New Testament letters.

To use “Consensus of Opinion”, to determine truth, is totally wrong. Your example, is that it is okay for the children, to watch Harry Potter. This is the most serious error in your teaching.

If the majority of the church, is unspiritual, then their terrible chosen consensus – will lead the whole church, into this type of similar sin.

Posted by John Chingford at 7: 1 3 pm

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John Chingford

An important note now, re my writings, for you to read first. This helps us have more clarity, over my writings above.

Most of the original essence, has not changed. It is now, that some words may have been changed slightly, to make things easier to read. The essence, is still mostly there.

I have now changed the writing/detail, of all the above now. I now use wording, that is much easier to read, and be understood.

1 4 Comments:

Tony Cox said… 

This was truly a great post. I would like to share this with others. Thank you.

8: 5 0 pm,  March 0 5,   2 0 1 0 

John Chingford said… 

Thanks. Yes, please do.

1 0: 4 2 pm,  March 0 5,   2 0 1 0 

Tony Cox said… 

I live in the US in the Philadelphia, PA area. I am hoping there is someone out there who may be interested in contacting me so that I may share with and learn from you.

Please respond if you are or, if you know someone.

3: 4 6 am,  March 0 6,   2 0 1 0 

John Chingford said… 

As unadulterated biblical teaching, is hard to find in these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult – to have REAL Christian fellowship, and without mixed in leaven.

It seems that something needs to be done (differently), in order for true believers, to fellowship together.

As an experiment, I would like you to do, as Tony has done – so that we can find like-minded believers, in our local areas to fellowship with.

Please feel free, to advertise here, on this post.

Let’s see how this develops. Hopefully I will become inundated with replies. However, it may or may not become out of control. We will have to see, but I am willing to test it out.

1 0: 5 6 am,  March 0 6,   2 0 1 0 

John Chingford said… 

Is there anybody, living in Philadelphia PA area, who could recommend a sound church – for Tony?

1 0: 5 8 am,  March 0 6,   2 0 1 0 

kiwi said… 

Cheers John,

What a great post!

I feel exactly the same as you. I was brought up in the C of E and since 2 0 0 1 have not been to church because of the lack of true biblical teaching.

I can’t find a church nearby that isn’t tainted by new age or ecumenical links. I have been looking for a Messianic Assembly but have not been successful. I read the bible and thankfully have internet access to continue my studies.

Lately I have felt very strongly that I am led to start preparations of saving dried foods and water. Some may say wait on the Lord and some say God will provide manna for His own when the tribulation begins but I honestly believe that God is guiding people to retreat from the world and prepare.

There will be Christians who will be on the run and will need a safe place once the ac is on the rampage. Noah prepared well in advance in order to preserve his family and the world’s animals.

We should prepare to preserve Yah’s people as the time is growing short when the world will be suddenly stunned when Yahweh intervenes and orders the angel to throw down the censer. I follow Bob Mitchell’s blog and clicked from there.

I like your way of thinking about how Yahshua wants us to live and worship. Tony Blair has blood on his hands and this faith foundation is inspired by the evil one. I would like to stay in touch as events get closer.

I live outside of Cardiff in a fairly remote place but if you know of any church that I could fit into I would be very grateful.

1 2: 0 5 pm,  April 0 3,   2 0 1 0 

John Chingford said… 

Hi Kiwi

I do not know of any messianic fellowships, in Cardiff, but the nearest one I can find (recommended by Moriel Ministries) – is in Bristol as follows:

Keynsham Bristol (Misgav Ladach) Bristol, UK

Tony Lewis 0117-9405715.

Would this help?

If this doesn’t help, please contact Moriel direct MorielCarol@johnchingford2019

They may be able to recommend, a good church, or Christians within your area.

4: 4 3 pm,  April 0 3,   2 0 1 0 

kiwi said… 

Thanks John, I’ll certainly contact them.

Thankyou for the contact.

4: 5 8 pm,  April 0 3,   2 0 1 0

Expected Imminently said…

Hello John.

I noticed there have been no further comments here for close to six months. This may be a good time to consider the following and not get downhearted.

I heard theologian Bob Dewaay speak on what Biblical fellowship is, or rather what it is not.

This isn’t verbatum, but the gist of what he said was that – ‘Most think of Christian fellowship as what believers can physically ‘do’ together.

It isn’t that at all, it is the fact of who we are in Christ, we are in fellowship together because of the Blood of Jesus Christ – this is why we cannot be in fellowship with the world’.

Have a coffee or a game of tennis, even work with the world, but never the fellowship that is only through Christ.

God bless,  Sue

5: 1 2 pm,  September 2 4,   2 0 1 0 

John Chingford said… 

Hi EI, Thanks for that.

Before I respond, I just want to inform, that the continuation of the comments – to this article continued “Connecting True Biblical Christians Together In Fellowship”.

This is where, the continuation of this blog’s fellowship related comments, recommenced – i.e. from this article to that article. Although, feel free to use either from now on.

Having said that. Even on that article, it discontinued. Maybe because it became an old item, of about 4 months ago.

In response to your fellowship comment. You are right, that fellowship is with Jesus, and fellowship with one another – is through Jesus, as 1 John 1: 3 – 6 says.

However, much of 1 John, goes on to discuss the “how’s” of fellowship, like “loving each other”.

It is clear from the scriptures, that fellowship with one another, requires close communication. How can you love one another sufficiently, from a distance, or how can you meet their physical needs?

Example, when they need physical help, which they cannot do on their own, like if they are ill.

Paul said, how much he was refreshed, by having fellowship with individuals – he mentions them by name. The truth is, that we all need to be refreshed, by each other.

Even a cuddle or a smile, or hearing a kind gentle word, IS refreshing and encouraging. These things cannot be done, from a distance, or over the internet properly.

7: 5 8 am,  September 2 7,   2 0 1 0 

John Chingford said…

Hi Guys,

I have added some more information, within this article. Specifically, I have added some videos, showing the New Reformation of House Churches (NTRF of USA).

These seem to be addressing the issues, that I wrote about, within this article – and making real fellowship possible.

They are not part of the New Apostolic Restoration (NAR), but are those, who are trying to be a New Testament church, biblically. They are separated from that false organisation.

However, they use the term “doing church” which the Emerging church use, but I cannot find any evidence of “emerging church” within the videos.

I would appreciate any feedback you have, especially those of you, who are in the USA.

4: 0 4 pm,  November 1 2,   2 0 1 0

John Chingford said…

Hi everyone

Further to my last comment of 9 months ago, regarding those Videos. I have contacted one of the guys, on those Videos. The one from England.

I have written many emails to him, and also met him personally.

I have also spent much time, evaluating what he/they are all about, and then consulted a wise/discerning Christian contact – about the things they are saying.

Through this persons help, we raised some very important questions, about what they do – and what they believe.

We were shocked, by the answers we got from them. I will copy parts of our final email, which I never got a reply to, below.

Based on these things, I can no longer approve the videos. However, I will still leave them here, for now – because I am keen for others, to tell me their impressions, here.

Anyway, these were the crux of our final questions, on email. These were based, on our complete observations. These questions, will highlight their error, and why they could turn out to be dangerous.

Above, at the very bottom of my main pages, I wrote 9 items: on how bad this organisation is. Please now read these above, again, to see why they should never be trusted.

3: 3 1 pm,  August 2 4,   2 0 1 1

IntoHisFullness said…

Greetings John C in the name of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I thought this was wonderfully written. And it is exactly how I have been taught of the Lord on how the “True Body of Christ” must meet and to minister to one another.

Ministering to the Body of Christ is First, then the sinners in the world, as the Holy Spirit guides us. I Consider each day to be the Sabbath, in other words “His Rest” and as we are abiding in Him, we are at one in Him, and are Holy in Him.

We don’t need just one day to worship, we worship Him each day, and trust Him to guide us in our daily duties.

I just want to state that when the Lord saved me some 36 years ago, I being a babe in Christ was introduced to a community of believers, the name of this group was called “His Rest”.

I was only about 2-3 months into the New Birth of Christ when I was introduced to this group.

We lived together and supported the Leader who was a woman with her son. We were about 13-14 people living in one house. It was wonderful to be surrounded by other believers on a continual basis, but there was some major problems with such close contact.

We never had much individual alone time, always slept with other people, and there were other major issues such as being led by a woman, and I was taught “doctrine of demons”.

It was a cult, which I departed from back in the early 80’s. I won’t get into the details, but this I’ve learned “familiarity breeds contempt”.

Everything needs to be done and sanctioned through the Holy Spirit, persons private lives must be respected, and shepherding is not a biblical stance. No one person can have authority over the Lord’s sheep, we each are accountable to the Lord, boundaries are a necessity in such a situation.

I just wanted to share some of my experiences that I have learned by. I’m not saying no to any part of your findings, but it has to be approached with much wisdom, and patience.

Now I would like to state, in reference to Kiwi and your response to her. That I have had involvement with a number of Messianic groups here in Canada, and in the US. And there are major doctrinal issues that are wrapped up within these groups.

Most that I’ve been involve with are tied into other groups that are ecumenical, and their worship music is not of the spirit. They also do not follow the New Testament way of fellowship. It’s your typical status-quo of doing “church”, with tithing which is un-scriptural in it’s foundation.

I can give more detail if you so desire especially concerning the Moriel Ministries with Jacob Prasch. I do not support that group whatsoever.

You are the second web-site that I’ve come across that are revealing the true purpose of the “Body of Christ” and how it’s to function, I thank the Lord more are realizing this truth. I’ve been out of the “church” system for over ten plus years.

But I do manage to have fellowship with believers via Skype and some here in Montreal (brethren), but the pickings are sparse.

The Lord bless you abundantly…..

6: 2 1 pm,  October 2 8,   2 0 1 4

John Chingford said…

Thanks IHF

You may have noticed in my articles, over the last 2 years, how I have also become aware – of how many messianic Jewish organisations, are ecumenical. Some of these may be ignorantly ecumenical, but others are blatant, such as Jews For Jesus and Chosen People Ministries.

You may have noticed, that I no longer support Jacob Prasch, and Moriel Ministries – for a lot of reasons. Please read my article on:

6: 2 9 pm,  October 2 8,   2 0 1 4

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.