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351 Riots in UK in 2 0 1 1. What happened, and why. We now have more details, during 2 0 2 0 to 2 0 2 2, regarding why events like this happened

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Riots in UK in 2 0 1 1. What happened, and why? We now have more details, during the Years 2 0 2 0 to 2 0 2 2, regarding why events like this happened

Tuesday, 9 August 2 0 1 1

Riots In UK. Why?

In 2 0 1 1, Britain experienced an event, which became a Global – major news headline. This was during the time, that David Cameron, was Prime Minister of Britain.  See his picture above.

There were  mass countrywide riots.

It is said, that the cause of the riots, was the killing of an Innocent Civilian – by the Police.
The people believe the Police, are looking after the country.  So when examples happen, that prove the Police are not looking after the country, by killing innocent people – it is easy to understand, why the people would get VERY ANGRY.
But, is that really what happened, and was it really the reason – for the Anger show?
The fact of the matter, is that riots, are normally not so well planned – as this was.  In reality, these were clearly, more well organised – and well orchestrated.
It looks like this riot, was actually well organised, long in advance. Some say, that there was much earlier planning, on Facebook – and/or on Twitter activity.
This riot was well planned, in advance.  It is not possible, to get the result that it got, of Riots happening on such a large scale – by not properly planning things, well.

So, is it really true, that it was just an isolated incident?

What is also clear, is that many were already angry, because of the Global Economic Meltdown.  It must have actually, been well planned much earlier,  to become so powerful – and successful.  This is the Truth, of how things were, at that Time.  Many in the UK:
– Became Redundant
– Lost their Properties
– Became Poor.
The Situation had been Worsened, because of the Government Policy, to Reduce Benefits to the Needy.
Possibly, this Terrible  reaction to the killing of an Innocent Civilian, was actually because – of widespread anger, at other circumstances.
For a long time, schools were teaching, False Evolution Theories – that resulted in, new generations of people, without hope.  If they believed, that there was no God, and that they have descended from Monkeys – it is no surprise, if they behaved like Animals/Monkeys, anyway.
Then, there is the media, that proclaim that Sin is Good – and to be Encouraged. The Media, Terribly and Wrongly, Glorified the:
– Occult
– Homosexuality
– Sex
– Violence.
Our children, have been influenced, by a Culture – which Glorifies these things.  It is no wonder, that Sinful practice, seems okay to individuals.
There are those, who used to be fairly rich, but have now become poor – because of Government policies.  These may now think wrongly. They may now believe, that it is their right, to steal back what has been stolen from them. They also now believe, that this is what television films, glorify?
I DO NOT ACCEPT, that they are within their rights, to steal back.  But it is understandable, why they are angry.
It is the powers that be, that has produced such an environment. The public is simply now, reacting against these things, wrong though it be.
So what is happening, is now opportunism.  It is a snowball effect.  The public is now taking this opportunity, given to them by the riots, to join in – and steal from stores. They have now realised, that there is safety, in numbers.
So the Greater numbers who riot, use the greater opportunity, for others to join in – and for them to steal, and get away with it.
Many people in the past, would never even consider, taking part in this criminality.  But now these people, in our day now, do participate – because they can easily now, get away with it.
What this shows, is that at the heart, of every single human being – is the tendency to sin.  And this human being, does yield to temptation.  Please now read these 2 scriptures:
“All have sinned, and fallen short of the Glory of God”.
“The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God, is eternal life”.
I believe the riots, could snowball even further, across the whole world – unless serious measures are taken. Problem is, that Britain, and the rest of the World – may not be financially strong enough, to tackle this anarchy successfully, on a long term basis.
The Global Economic Crisis, puts every country at risk. This may not sound very encouraging, but there IS encouragement. The encouragement is, that God is in charge.
Now think about the most recent, far worse, serious NEW Global Crisis – that has now hit the World,  since Covid 19 in 2 0 2 0.  Eventually we will all learn, and seriously suffer the vast expense, it has now cost the whole World.
This Blog has revealed, that this is now the start up evidence, of the very last 7 Years.
God new about, and told us, that TERRIBLE TIMES would hit us – in the last days. This means, that things are not outside God’s control.   Jesus/God, told us, that this would happen.
God is always in total control, of all bad things, and will always intervene – before things get too bad. This will always be the case, while we Christians are still on the Earth.  His control will continue to happen, and will be on the Earth, all the time – until the very last 7 years start.
2 Timothy 3: 1 – 4 says:
“There will be terrible times in the last days.  People will become:
– Lovers of Themselves
– Lovers of Money
– Boastful
– Proud
– Abusive
– Disobedient to their Parents
– Ungrateful
– Unholy
– Without Love
– Unforgiving
– Slanderous
– Without Self-Control
– Brutal
– Not Lovers of the Good
– Treacherous
– Rash
– Conceited
– Lovers of Pleasure, rather than Lovers of God
They will have a Form of Godliness, but Deny its Power!
The Bible, then goes on to say, that these times – will be like, the days of Noah.  It says:
“Everyone did what was right, IN THEIR OWN EYES”.  That is, there was Anarchy!
The Bible tells us, that there will be terrible days.  Jesus will return, and set up His kingdom, at the end of the 7 years. Please read my details, I have written many times, about the last 7 years.
God WILL step in, but for a time, there will be terrible days ahead. Let us take comfort, in knowing, that God IS IN total control.
He has already told us, in advance, that these things would happen. So, when it does happen, we can look upwards.
Posted by John Chingford at 7: 0 9 pm
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John Chingford
An important note now, re my writings above, for you to read first. This helps us have more clarity, over my writings.
Most of the original essence, has not changed.  It is now, that some words have been changed, in small measure. This to make things easier to read,  but the essence is still mostly there.
To confirm.  I have now changed the writing/detail of all the above.  I now use a few words, that are much easier to read, and be understood.
John Chingford said… 
Here is an interesting news item, from yahoo News, entitled “UK riots: What turns people into looters?”
I believe it explains, accurately, why riots spread so quickly.  As I said in my article, “Safety in Numbers” shows the capabilities, within everyone (given certain circumstances) –  to yield to sin. We all need Jesus to save us, from our sinful natures.
This is the article:
1 0: 3 7 pm,  August 0 9,   2 0 1 1 
RomaLynn said… 
Mob mentality got Jesus crucifed too. There are some types of people who are just waiting for anything to get started so they can go out and do damage, no matter what the reason.
6: 4 4 am,  August 1 0,   2 0 1 1 
John Chingford said… 
God is always in control!  He may allow evil, on a short leash (for a period), but God will always intervene –  specifically in protecting His people, according to His good purpose for us.
Especially, if His people are abiding in Him.
Romans 8: 2 8 says:
“Abide in the Vine, for without me, you can do nothing”. 
Jesus also said: All things work together for the good, for those who love God, and are called according to His purpose”
Here is a wonderful example, of God’s protection, and His provision – during the riots, as follows:
9: 3 5 pm,  August 2 0,   2 0 1 1

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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