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349 Bob Mitchell’s Blog, Shofar and Enoch. Bible teaches, that his beliefs in Post Tribulation and Enoch, are wrong

Page 349

Bob Mitchell’s Blog, Shofar and different Enoch belief are all wrong. His Post Tribulation belief are also wrong. This message, and whole Blog reveal, why they are seriously WRONG.

Monday, 8 March 2 0 1 0

Bob Mitchell’s Blog “Shofar”

Edited 2 6 Jan 2 0 1 1. Now changed in 20 2 1.

See the emboldened section at the bottom, for the edited part.

Originally I badly recommended, Bob Mitchell‘s website.
Now I have to write, that I cannot recommend Bob Mitchell’s discussions anymore, because of the Wrong direction, that his Blog is taking.
We are not just talking about, Bob’s wrong discussions, on Post-Trib.  But we are talking about, many other bad Teachings, that terribly abuse the Bible – such as using Bad Shofar etc and  False Enoch Teachings.  These awful lessons, also use Post-Tribulation wrongly.
Please see my special notes, at the very bottom of this article, on why it is so bad.
Bob first inspired me, to set up my own Blog Site. This was in 2 0 1 0.  This was after I spent some time,  joining in, with some of his excellent Blog discussions.
However, I now know, and have seriously gathered together – the real Facts. These include:
– Much more Facts, of the real Bible truth
– Why things were written
– Why Pre-Tribulation, has been proved as correct.
This is for those, who want to learn the real truth, about how recent events – fit in with Bible Prophecies. They surely want general information, about these Prophesies?

Do I recommend, Bob Michell’s Blog?

I do not need to agree, with all his views, to realise – that he is a lovely man, with a very informative Blogsite.  But there are some faults, with his views.  Like his views on Post-Tribulation, and not Pre-Tribulation.
Bob is a Post-Tribulation, itinerant Teacher/Preacher, but at least – is very tolerant of other views, like Pre-Trib.  He discusses these issues, in a very loving way. But I do wonder, about the Falseness, of some of his preaching.
Although his leaning, is very much supportive of Post-Tribulation, he still publishes every comment (not just Post-Trib) – which gives opposite views. Why?  Well, at least this shows, a better balanced person.
I myself, am certainly not of Post-Trib.  I now VERY strongly, firmly believe, in the Pre-Tribulation Position.  This position, has strongly grown, since 2 0 1 4 to 2 0 2 3.
My aims of spreading out the best messages, to people, relates to what is actually happening now.  I also, try to help believers to Face THESE present days, in the best way. This should be considered, in the light of, the Pre-Tribulation Belief.
Pre-Tribulation, is the best way to live, anyway. It is:
– Correct and Right
– Best for us
– Strongest belief
– Makes Christians more ready, to go to Heaven now
– Gives Christians a better complete understanding, of what we should be doing right now, and not in seven years time
As Jesus said, we should be doing the work of Jesus now, and not seven years later.  If things happen NOW, which now open up hidden Prophecy, then I am glad to publish it NOW.
Please note, that there are developments now taking place, which true believers – need to be aware of.
Edited 2 6 Jan 2 0 1 1.  Special Notes Regarding Shofar
Please observe these comments/discussions, within the 2 recent articles below here. These you can open, by clicking on:
But actually, the above pages, do not seem to open anymore. Can they be opened, in another place? Anyway, the following contains some information, that were covered before.
Please observe the next discussions.  This is now, Bob’s terrible False endorsement, of Book of Enoch.
The things Bob has written,  regarding the Book of Enoch, have actually gone too far!  I cannot endorse a Blog or man, who extols, and gives credibility – to the virtues of a False, and Heretical Book.  This is a newly added Enoch, and is not the real book, from the real Enoch.
Too many people, do not realise how false it is, and now want to apply it, to their lives.  Especially, they want it applied, because they believe, we can use it alongside the Bible – as a reliable Book.
Bob correctly stated, that we should not formulate, doctrine from Enoch.  But he then states, that we can still collect from it, what we need.  That is nonsense, as this would definitely badly endanger us, to believing in lies
It is inevitable, that we would still use Enoch book, to help us interpret wrongly – the difficult passages of the Bible. That is, if we are encouraged to read Enoch.
If we trust Enoch’s reliability, we WILL be influenced by what we readIt WILL change the way we interpret Bible passages, like the Fallen Angels, Nephilim etc.
So that you can see for yourselves, the Falseness of the Book of Enoch, please check out these 2 links. These two links, are of many, that I could have listed.
The first page, has again the same problem, that I just mentioned above – of opening problems.  But I have a bit of new information.
The page, www.gotquestions.orgcan still be opened.  But when you open it, you then need to type something else in, to find appropriate page. It may be difficult to find exact page, though.
But you can open this page, easily.  It is entitled:  What is the book of Enoch, and should it be in the Bible?”
It is very upsetting to me, to have to write these things, because I used to hold Bob – in high esteem, and believed him to be a trusted teacher, of God’s Word.  It is now shocking to me, that he believes those things.
Posted by John Chingford at 4: 3 9 pm
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John Chingford
An important note now, re my writings above, for you to read first. This helps us have more clarity over my writings above.
Most of the original essence has not changed, it is now, that a few words have been changed.  But the essence is still there.
I have now changed the writing/detail of all the above now. I now use wording, that is much easier to read and be understood.
John Chingford said… 
Somebody wrote to me, suggesting I should publish “whole” comments or none of it – not “edited” comments.
I appreciate and value what they are saying, but need to explain, what I am doing – and why I do this.
When I publish slightly edited versions, I do not change what the person has said.  I may tone down the wording a bit, so that it sounds less emotive, and friendlier – but I do not change the Essence, of what they are saying.
At least, I do not mean to.
If you feel, that I have misrepresented your point, please write again – explaining how I have done so.  I will then edit it again, to ensure it says, what you want it to say. 
This will be done, as long as what you write is correct and helpful to people.  I will not save anything, that I believe, may be harmful.
The reason I want to be careful, is because I have bad experiences, of other Blogsites or Forums (Christian or secular) – where it becomes very abusive, and side-tracked.
The reason I set up my Blog, was mostly, for the purpose (as stated on the heading, mission statement) – of my Blog being informative etc, and “keeping” to the point.
If anyone has something to share, which helps improve the information, and is complementary (and complimentary) – and it helps in the Mission Statement, I am happy to publish it.
Please bear in mind, that the main aim of this Blog, is NOT to follow discussions – but to equip and inform and edify. Although, I am happy to get into edifying conversation.
I am trying to keep focussed, and not get side-tracked, into irrelevant issues.  If I did, this Blog would become like all others.  I set it up, because I believe (as led by God), that there is a need for something different.
If it becomes like all others, I may as well stop.  So I am trying to prevent it, from becoming like all the others.  I desire to Bless the readers, and retain the Focus!  I hope you can understand what I am saying, and what I am trying to do.
God bless.
2: 2 9 pm,  March 0 9,   2 0 1 0 
John Chingford said… 
Someone wrote personal advice to me.  As I do not have her email details, I can only respond on this page, here.  Also, as I am unsure, whether her name should be published (in light of my previous comments) – I will simply refer to her, as: “Somebody”.
Thanks so much “Somebody”.  I do take your suggestions, and advice seriously.  I will consider what you are saying.  I do take your point, and will evaluate things.  As I stated in my Blog, these are early days, and at the moment – I am experimenting, learning by experience.  I do value your suggestions.
6: 2 9 pm,  March 0 9,   2 0 1 0 
John Chingford said… 
This is for those, who get my automatic updates.  I have added something, to this article.  Something, which concerns me deeply.  I would appreciate your feedback, on these points.
I will not publish your feedback comments, unless you expressly ask me to, and if I consider it to be appropriate. I just want confirmation, to know if I am right, to feel this way – or not.  And whether I am correct to publish my thoughts, about the possible Heresy developing.
8: 2 0 pm,  January 2 5,   2 0 1 1 
John Chingford said… 
Hi Guys, I have made some changes, again to this article. I now give more clarity, and evidence, why we should reject the Book of Enoch.
1 2: 0 8 pm,  January 2 6,   2 0 1 1 
John Chingford said… 
Hi,  I notice that Bob Mitchell’s blog, has been removed – for several weeks now. Does anybody know the reason, why?
4: 0 6 pm,  November 1 9,   2 0 1 4
Anonymous said…
Hi there John; it hasn’t been removed, but has just gone through a name change that is all. His new address is:
This address, has also now been removed. This, as per April 2 0 2 1.
I have a very strong tendency, to agree with your estimation of BM.
There was also a time, when I held him in quite high esteem, but that is not the case at the moment. Regards
3: 5 8 pm,  December 1 0,   2 0 1 4 
John Chingford said… 
Bob Michell’s new Blog, looked like a completely new starting Blog, because there are not many hits yet. Clearly his last Blog has been closed down. I wonder why?
Could it be, to hide the worrying content, of some of his beliefs – or maybe to change the dynamics and wrong beliefs?
My main concern was his health. I wondered if he closed it because of ill health. As he has opened a new one, then hopefully, he is back to good health.  However, this has also now been closed, so how is his Health?
I was also hoping, that the Lord had spoken to him, about some of his Heretical views – and wanted to remove it, from public gaze. Time will tell, on that point.
I always like, to give the benefit of the doubt, and allowance – for God to change people.
5: 2 6 pm,  December 1 0,   2 0 1 4

By John Chingford

I am still a born again Christian, after my very serious, expected Death. I always have been one, since I was 18.5 years old. I had a serious car accident in 2017, which almost killed me.

I was in hospital asleep, for a full 4 months or so, and still find it very hard to remember - many things, which happened before my accident. However, the major thing is, that God has revealed Himself to me very specially. He has awoken me to remember my trust in Him.

It is amazing, that the only things I really remember, is that I used to run this blog - and I do remember much about it, and will continue it. Many things have left my memory, but I do remember my salvation and how to serve Jesus/God. I also remember Him, and His needs for me to serve Him, and win others to Him.

God has now enabled me again, to be able to write very strong messages.

I now write messages that I want you to read. They are clear messages from Him, that should be very easy to read, and lead you all more towards God. Please now read all my 350 blog messages, or so. These blog messages have been written in here, up to Feb 2021.

You will see that they are real and true messages from God, and therefore cannot and should not be ignored. These should open our eyes to what God wants us all to learn in these days.

I hope you can use my blog and read it properly. I desire that what God has spoken to me seriously, during and after this accident etc will be revealed to many people.

I especially want you to know the truth of His free eternal salvation. This cannot be ever lost by those who trust Him, as He Himself gives us all the power to trust in Him. It is His power He gives us, that we can never lose. This is because, this power is retained by Him - not us.

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Thanks for reading this blog.

I desire to hear much more from you. This will happen if you now open up these blogs (before my near death accident written blogs) and then reply to them.

This was the much earlier message I sent:

“8 March 2010 Bob Mitchell’s Blog ‘Shofar’ ”

Please reply more to this, if you are able to. Thanks.

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I now post this message using the word REPLIES (as immediately above here) to give my first reply to this blog message.

The original message I reply to was saved as “”. I have started adding to my older wordpress messages, which were first written before my accident.

These older messages were from 301 to 446. I have presently made a lot of changes between 301 to 379. I will now continue working at making changes to 360 to 446 to get to change them all.

Please now go to 001 blog1 to 001 blog6, to see all the changes. Once finished blog 6, I will complete from 001 blog6 to 001blog10. This will be when all things have been completed.

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